My imaginary diary 19/01/19

Hi guys, who knew keeping up with ones diary would be this impossible?

I’m sorry for my absence but y’all have got to understand… life has just always brought me different things.

So, I took the job and my life really has changed since then.

The other day after days of briefing and you know, getting to meet the staff and learning the rules and all the stuff, I had a meeting with some guys that wanted to do a deal, turns out the guy that always mocked me back in school was their chief marketing director… he didn’t recognize me instantly but we all remember the face of the devil don’t we?

At that point it’s always hard to keep personal agenda away and be as objective as possible but then, we got to do what we got to do…

Sorry I can’t say much more today… my house is a mess because I haven’t even had time for it… this weekend is everything… Talk to you guys later… probably tomorrow I hope.


My imaginary diary 11/01/19

So guys, I think I probably shouldn’t be telling you that we’ll see tomorrow because this year has pretty much been rather spontaneous… it’s unbelievable.

So let me update you… last time I had 2 jobs looking for me with unbelievable packages right? Guess what?

My old friend whose dad I’m kinda friends with called me that night and asked me to see him yesterday… is why I wasn’t available.

So I got to his office looking all shiny and sharp ready to go to work. I mean, I had made up my mind to choose a place afterwards. And the biggest shocker of my life came!

This man sat me down and told me how he built his empire… actually one of his companies… then he said he was retiring and he had put my friend in charge and that he wants me to head that specific company.

I know right? Imagine my shock. I had to refuse because I don’t have experience and I’m not ready to destroy what someone else had built not even after hearing the gist on how the company came to be sef

I know you think I didn’t do the right thing given how my life is but please… don’t be judgemental… he asked me to go think about it… I’ve been home since. I need your advice guys.

My Imaginary Diary 9/1/19

Hey guys… been a while. I’m really sorry about all of the days I wasn’t here.

So last time I know I said I’d be back but things changed. I lost my nephew.

Apparently her parents had neglected her incessant cry of belly pain and frequent urination. There were other things they confessed to the doctors that went on but they just were too busy looking for money that they didn’t notice their daughters kidney was failing.

She died that day. Sad story I know. I’m past it.

In fact I had to… it was like she loved me so much for the attention I gave her in her life. I was her best uncle… she began to make wishes in death that favored me.

The next day as we were preparing to lay her to rest I got calls from firms I had applied at for years… this was different. I didn’t get the jobs I applied for, I got jobs in positions a level higher that I’d have been if I had gotten the job back then.

Now my worry is which one of them to pick.

Heaven does smile on those who love.

I have to make a decision before Monday… I need advice… see you tomorrow


So… guys there’s really not much to talk about today.

My nephew was sick and I had to take her to the hospital. Her parents were unavailable because of work.

It has become a thing that I’m the family babysitter. I love having my nephews and neices around but, its more like they just capitalise on the fact that I do not have a job.

Certain things are just in excess.

For over 48 hours this young girl has been having stomach ache and her parents couldn’t even take her to the pharmacy let alone a hospital.

Since yesterday that Ive been here, they havent even put a call through and yet they’re the parents.

I’m so pissed.

My dreams are out there for me to be chasing but I have a responsibility to take care of my family. Not because I have to but because I love them…

This is my resolve this year. To do things because of love not out of compulsion.

See you tomorrow and please pray for my nephew… she’s in very bad shape.

My Imaginary Diary 02/01/2019


Good day sirs and mas

There’s a lot of fuming today.

Its the second day of the year and already it feels like its not whatever I thought.

Yesterday I made an effort. An effort in the direction of my goals. An effort to get my resolutions off paper but guess what? I failed.

I failed.

I was at this place to get a job they said no.

I had to write this book yesterday but I just couldn’t because I was too depressed.

So I thought… let me get around family to help liven the day but everyone kept asking about my wife and children as though it wasnt obvious I was single.

So it was picture time and it was me who was asked to takethe pictures and I didnt have a problem with it at first until no one agreed to takea picture with me in it. To top it off, big aunty came and whispered to me that I wasnt a fit in the family.

The okada man that took me home last night wouldnt even be respectful to me.

Why is the world this way? Too much negative energy.

But I choose happiness and love. Thats my focus because yesterday my nephew brought me a piece of cake.

Because yesterday I finally got a title for my book.

Because yesterday I made my first bucks from my online business.

Because last night while we walked. That beautiful lady just dropped hints that she might say yes this year.

See you tomorrow dear friends.

Whilst I thought: My Imaginary Diary 01/01/2019

Seven years of anguish and pain had passed. Every ticking second just seemed to me as though they were light years. It wasnt the speed with which the years passed that kept me rooted to the spot, it was much more. I knew it had to be.

I had dreams. Lofty Ideas. I was even awarded as the student who had the brightest future amidst my graduating class.

They always said… “never settle for less.” So I stayed. I stayed for seven years. Chika who took the low road, worked all the jobs we said shouldn’t be done by graduates let alone graduates of my calibre was just inviting me to the house warming party of his 3rd house and he loved them huge and spacious. I can’t even begin to think about how many cars he has used. And his family… brilliant set of children you could never have believed that Chika would always need me to teach him before an exam so he’ll pass… he always failed the ones I didn’t.

Folake was my rival in class and I loved her… she was my crush (or something much more) she had mutual feelings but then, she got married 3 years ago and now has a set of twins. Top manager in her firm… I think she didnt have it as bad as I believed she would for leaving me.

You see, Ive had options to choose from but I know what I want and I wouldn’t settle for less… that’s all Ive kept on saying as I’ve watched my future move from brightest to dimmest.

I watched me fade from the possibilities only because I held on to them… perhaps too strongly.

You see, It took me 7 years to find this out so I chose to write it for you.

My stagnation wasn’t because I didnt have any dreams or because I didn’t take them seriously but because I despised little beginnings. Because I threw my opportunities away.

Its a new year and my resolution is simple. I’m going to aggressively take mu opportunities and build towards the dreams I have. No more saying NO… but I’m going to be building.

PS: I’m going to be telling you how it goes daily

Enìtàn Episode 5

Àjàyí’s course deviated a great deal. He has succeeded in ditching his brother so that his agenda on the journey could be fulfilled.

He had often time encountered the forest goddess of the village he had most times sold his goods…. Now he needed her help.

Àjàyí’s plan was for her to help remove his sister-in-law’s pregnancy.

He stood at even time in the forest where he had encountered her on his last trip. The wind blew gently whistling as it swept through… Àjàyí could feel his heart pound against his chest strongly. He had encountered the goddess unexpectedly on his last trip and she had given him blessings for his honesty and reverence… now he needed her.

The wind kept flowing but yet no sign of the goddess. Àjàyí became uncomfortable, his legs were getting weak and so he sat. The wind became stronger moving the earth dust violently. Àjàyí’s heart was pounding harder… patiently he sat expecting the goddess.

He must have sat there another few hours of violent windy conditions with his mind racing through every possibility that the goddess could help him with… he was sure she would remember him and be kind enough to help him so he waited.

Just then he remembered her name… her beauty but not her face… she had bestowed him an honor of the same caliber as Bàbá Làkókù in his native town so he was confident he could call out to get without much of a problem after all, she would have killed him if she didn’t want him in get presence.

“Aníní!” he called out through the turbulence.

A huge wave of wind blew through the forest and swept him off his position. He smiled cunningly…confident she was coming.

“Aníní!” he screamed again… this time the trees began to move violently. One branch swung violently at him and hit his head.

Àjàyí was unconscious.

Enìtàn Episode 4

Three months gone and the signs of buldging bellies amongst the wives had begun to be evident. The women that were yet to be with child began raising eye brows about their husbands willingness to be off royal lineage.

Moréniké had been on Àjàyí’s neck to get a way to ensure that she had her child before his brother’s wife… only 3 women in the Gbádébò clan were visibly pregnant and the question was, who would be first to deliver.

Àjàyí knew something had to be done. If anything he was sure Àjàlá would try something. He knew Bàbá Làkókù wasn’t going to do anything to help out… Àjàyí was a traveller, he was vast in his trading and he knew more options to help than his brother. He reassured Moréniké that he was going to get help… he was definitely not going to make it obvious and so he sent to his immediate family as he usually did when he was set for a journey and bade farewell having given a destination.

Àjàlá who was a hunter by trade had been searching for an expedition into the forests of other lands and now asked to follow Àjàyí on the journey.

Àjàyí refused vehemently but Àjàlá was insistent until he finally agreed to have him with him…

Three nights journey and the envy between the brothers was definitely evident… they would journey for hours without a word to themselves and when they did speak it was about the throne or path.

Enìtàn Episode 3

Àmòké had just had two extreme experiences in such little time in her life. It was ecstasy for her and a lot of pain too. She was about to join the leaving queue when Òsàn Ìrètí’s voice echoed from the inner chambers.

“The one who set her eye on me shall stay!”
Àmòké’s heart began racing… she had many uncertainties… no one had really explored the personality of their goddess. No one broke the set laws and for everyone, there was a set consequence meted out as dictated by Òsàn’s law.

As long as Àmòké had lived, there had not been anyone who set their eyes on the goddess and she had no idea what consequences awaited her.
Fálékè looked at his wife as she waited behind… his jaw dropped wide as he dropped his cap to the ground. He remembered the stories his father told him about the days when Bàbá Làkókù was selected at the shrine of Ìyeri Ìrètí; the goddess of the river. How men died at the presence of the goddess… his chances of having a son that would rule were gone. He let the read drop.

Bàbá Làkókù shook his gourd to indicate the coming of the goddess… “E bode!” he ordered.

Fálékè ran out forgetting his cap on the ground as Òsàn Ìrètí stepped out with a Calabash in hand. Àmòké knelt there but her knees felt like there were soon too collapse… the gear in her bones could almost be heard.

Òsàn stretched the Calabash to her. “Drink woman.”

That was it. Àmòké knew it… like Fálékè had thought she was set to die… she had no children to mourn for… she just wanted to have one that was why she agreed to marry Fálékè who already had 4 wives that had produced a good number of offspring. She had transgressed once she wasn’t going to anymore by letting the deity repeat herself.

She took the calabash and looked upon it’s content; plain water… slowly she brought it up to her nose… it sure smelt nice.

Sip after sip, she was drinking the water of her death… Òsàn turned and left her there and so did Bàbá Làkókù. She poured the rest into her mouth quickly to get get life over with at once.

She laid there still waiting for her death.

To be continued…

Enìtàn Episode 2

Episode 2
It was one of those meetings where envy was the order of the day. It was a summit of the highest ranking houses not only in wealth, power but also in politics. If anything, it was certain that either of them was to be the ruler of the kingdom.
The hut where Òsàn Ìrètí lived had no furniture and each member of the whole family sat awaiting the entrance of the village goddess. At that point, no one knew what the criteria for selecting the next Baálè was. All they knew was they were principal candidates to be chosen. The envy was not just between the two houses, each sibling, each parent in the house envied the other. Bàbá Làkókù stepped out and behind him the ever young body of Òsàn Ìrètí. Everyone bowed in reverence at the sight of Bàbá Làkókù so that no eyes beheld her.
She sat elegantly on the only piece of furniture in the house; a wooden stool. Her eyes scanned through the congregation of aspirants as though searching their souls and then she spoke. “Every man or woman above 60 years cannot rule.”
There were slight shrugs and movements of discontentment amidst the concerned few but no one dared challenge her decision.
Àmòké; the wife of Fálékè Gbádébò became uneasy. Having to bend all the while was not necessarily what she needed at that time. She had just recovered from an almost fatal accident on the farm the other day.
She kept squeaking in pain from her aching back and then it got so unbearable she looked up..
There she was, right in front of her stood the wholeness of the village goddess… Òsàn Ìrètí. She motioned to quickly put her head down but Òsàn grabbed her chin.
“Look on me mortal… the next son born into this any of the families is ruler.”
Àmòké’s eyes were teary… she had looked upon the face of a good and lived… no one except the Bàbá Làkókù had such privilege… she was about to beg for mercy when Òsàn Ìrètí disappeared from before her.
Bàbá shook his gourd to inform the others that the goddess had left.
Only one question filled the minds of all present… who gives birth to the Baálè