Tunde sat behind the bar gazing into his bottle of beer with his mind totally off the bottle. “Bro.”he suddenly popped off his thoughts as he turned to his friend who had joined him at the bar. “I’ve been calling you for about aminute now. Whats wrong?” James asked. “James,see me I’ve graduated from the university, today makes it the fourth year and I have no job, I’m squatting with you here at the barracks,risking my life.” Tunde remorsed. “I have told you times without number, you have no problem here and life just has its toll on you.” James said pushing another bottle of beer towards his friend. “at least, you said you have the best qualifications for the job at the ministry of works. So there’s notjing to worry about.” James concluded sipping his beer. “But I am the only one in my set yet to get a job.” Tunde cut in still concerned about his state. “look at you, working in the medical department of the army.” Tunde said bringing his friend to a halt in his beer drinking marathon. “Tunde…” James started. “Check yourself and see whats wrong” He said. Tunde looked at him scornfully. “Nothing. You just have a setback thats all.” James said sipping his beer. “all will be well.” he said as he finally finished his drink and slammed the bottle on the table. “wanna go watch how chelsea will trash man. United today?” James teased. “you guys surely cant win” Tunde replied. “wanna bet?” Jame teased. “your next salary.”Tunde replied as they walked off to the viewing center.

***** ***** *****

“Dad, I need one maid here please!” Jemimah called out as she scrambled through her messed up room. There was a sharp knock on the door. “Come in.” she replied the knock. “Arrange this room, I have a meeting to attend with Dad.” she ordered as the maid entered. “nothins should go missing.” she warned stepping out of the room. “Dad, where are you we’re running late.” she shouted as she walked through the hallway. “He is at the car already madam.” one maid answered offering to help with her hand bag. ” would you get your filthy hands off my bag.” she retorted. “I’m sorry madam.” she managed to mutter stoned as she walked away. “There you are m beautiful angel.”the senator complimented as she walked onto the car. “At least maybe you’ll soon stop calling me that.” she teased “why?” her dad asked pretending to be lost. “when mom returns dad!”she replied with agrin on her face. “To the ministry of works.” He ordered the driver as they linked up with the express way. “why the grin?”he asked. “That monster of a sister is going to return.” she replied with a very angry face. “It’s been twelve years since you last saw her. She might have changed.” he said calmly. “you’re gonna take sides with her?” she jabbed back. “No! My little angel.” he replied “Now who wants a job at the ministry of works.” He said resting his head on the chair. “Thanks Dad.” she said picking up her I phone 5

***** ***** **

“guy,wake up!”James called “you dont wanna be late for your interview do you?”James continued. “wha…what is the time?” Tunde asked yawning from his sleep. “Its 7:00 am.” James said. “what? Are you serious?” Tunde asked rhetorically as he jumped out of bed and right into the bathroom. “you didnt even wait for my answer.” James said mockingly. “This boy can kill himself.” James thought loudly as he picked a knife Tunde had carelessly dropped. “sorry I was in a hurry thats why it fell.” James looked behind him and saw tunde towel drying himself.”so fast?”James teased. “This thing is my life.” Tunde said umping into hus best and only suit and tie.”Jamie, please lend me some cash to get tothis ministry.”Tunde begged as he began to knot his tie.”Actually I have this 5000 bucks but I dont think…”James was saying before Tunde yanked the money out of his hand and threw 2000 bucks at him. “This would do.” Tunde said as he left the room.

***** ***** *****

“Hello our Honorabl minister for works and infastructure.” The senator greeted entering into the office with jemimah following closely behind. “Good morning senator Davies.” “how are you.” senator Davies replied. “very fine thank you sir.”the minister replied. “what may we offer you sir?”he asked grabbing his land phone. “nothing precisely your honor.” the senator teased. “so, whatmakes you graceus with your honorable presence this morning senator?”he asked taking his seat. “Honorable, this young lady here is a graduate of the university of Hawaii in mechanical engineering and a masters degree holder from the Lancaster university in mechanical engineering.”the senator started. Jemimah nodded as she slipped her credentials over to the minister. “and she is my daughter .” he continued. “I actually found that out just now.” the minister said flipping a page of her certificate towards the duo. “minister Nasir, I want my daughter to work here, so get her a befitting job.” senator Davis said as he rose to his feet. “I’ll resume on monday.” Jemimah said leaving.