Episode 4

“Good afternoon to you all.”Jemimah said as she rose to give her verdict on the contributions and reports all the primary officers had relayed through out the season.”Here, we all are at the beginning of a new leadership and new rules and standards.” she said as her eyes scrolled across all the officers there.”you!”she said pointing at Tunde.”Mr Tunde. What a nice contribution from a mere consultant.”she moved closer to him and looked him in the eye.”Remember there are superior officers here learn to keep your mouth SHUT, in gatherings like this.” she said moving her head so close like she wanted to kiss him.”Mr Tunde’s suggestions will be taken into consideration and since that mere consultant has more useful ideas than a bunch of block heads who call themselves managers.” she ranted as she walked up to the front. There was a loud mumur.”what was that?”she asked with her usual authorirative voice.”ma’am you have a call.”Janet walked up to her with Jemimah’s I phone in her hand”who?” she asked not really interested.”your sister.” she said as Jemimah yanked the phone from her.” Hello,… You’re what?… Why would you do that… Ok fine you can hang around here till I’m done.”she said as she was confused.”my sister is around make sure you take good care of her.”she said as she passed the phone back to Janet. “Construction officers report on the project and full assesment should reach my my table in an hour.” she said as she wrapped up the meeting. The meeting with the minister is in 2 minutes.” Janet said running behind Jemimah


“Drop the files on my table.I’ll report them to the Director.” Tunde told the lady who came with some files to his office as he took his leave.”Dude, where to?”James called out from the blind.”Hey bro what are you doing here?”Tunde asked schocked to see his friend.”you left since yesterday and didn’t even call, just came to check on you.”James replied.” well, now you see I’m cool.”Tunde said as they went down the stairs.”this suit is new right?”James teased.”Trust me bro, things don’t get any better.”Tunde replied.”well,I guess they are.” a lady said as she joined them at the door.”mind coming over to senator Davies’ house? We’re celebrating your boss. You’re…”she peeked at Tunde’s badge.”… Consultant for physical planning.hmmn cool”she said “Thank you.”Tunde said as he collected the invitation from her. He turned the card”VIP?”Tunde screamed.”bro,you’re making a fool of yourself.” Tunde chased after her”sir.” a voice called at Tunde as he pounced across the room. As he got to the outside he saw a car move out of the compound.”sir.”Janet said panting as she finally got to him.”Director asked that you report in her office tommorow by 8am. Due to your refusal to submit the files. I sense she’s gonna be all out on you.”Janet said”Dont be late.”she teased as she walked away.


“Janet, keep your eyes open for Tunde.”Jemimah ordered as she walked up to her parents.”alright ma’am.” Janet replied shouting behind her.”Hey there, how are you doing?” one of Janet’s old friends said as he walked up to her.”How do you know Jem?”He asked.”she’s my boss.”she answered with a tone that ended the discussion. She stared at him for some time”I know you whats your name again…””James…the cherry boy .” he replied sacarstically.”yeah, James,Jamy boy.”she exclaimed.”come there’s someone I want you to meet.””Aww mehn.”they exclaimed simultaneously.”what!”Janet asked.”Thats him,he’s hooked up already.””What? You’re Tunde’s friend?”she asked”yeah, he got the I-V from her she gave him VIP.” he replied.”you know her?” asked”That’s jem’s sister.” she said as she ran into the crowd. “ma’am” Janet exclaimed as she ran towards Jemimah.”What?” she asked non-challantly”Mr…””Why not start by not calling me ma’am. Jem is okay… Except at the work place.”jemimah said.”Mr Tunde is…””around”Jemimah completed the sentence cutting Janet short as Tunde emerged.”welcome.” she said stretching herself for a hug.”Please wolcome up here Miss Jemimah Davies.”The MC of the event screamed into the microphone. Jemimah closed her eyes as she gathered her arms from the air.”mind coming to meet m parents?”she asked as she walked back from the microphone.”Dad, there is someone I want you to meet.”she said as her Dad approached them. Tunde stood in front of the senator with Jemimah by his side.”my secretary dad, her name is Janet.”she said beckoning to Janet and hiding her eyes from Tunde.”hey dad, have you met this guy?”Adaora asked ashe joined them.”I kinda like him. He works at Jemimah’s. His name is Tunde.”she rapped through as she dragged Tunde closer to her dad.”how are you young man?”the senator asked.”I’m fine thank you sir. It’s my…””Don’t mention.”he said as he bade them and took his leave. Tunde lokked into Jemimah’s eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks.”hey Tunde,meet the honorable minister of health.” Ada said dragging him.