Episode 5

Now Episode 5
“Hello,Good morning here.”Tunde Greeted as he walked into the office.”Yeah,Mr Tunde.”Janet replied.looking up from her table.”can I go inside?”he asked.”Though,the minister is in there,I’ll call her to let her know.”she stated picking up the phone.”Ma’am.. Mr Tunde.. Alright ma. Go in.”she said smiling back at him. Tunde walked into the officewith the files in his hands.”Good morning sir,ma.”Tunde said announcing his entrance.”Mr Tunde. How do you do?”The minister replied him.”Have your seat.”Jemimah told him with a stern voice.”Here are the files you requested for yesterday”Tunde said as he slipped them through to her.”And why weren’t they submitted since yesterday?”Jemimah hit back at him”Well, that’s because…””It’s okay at least the files are here now and you try to be on time in the future.”The minister cut in. Jemimah swallowed her words as her eyes burned in fury.”Please ms Davies the meeting starts soon. Mr Tunde I want you there also.”The minister saod as he took his leave.”Tunde.”Jemimah called.”sorry? Did you call me by my name?”Tunde asked surprised..
“I know I am a bad person but don’t forget that no matter how hot the sun is the stars are still its friends.”she said dismissing him.


“We need to see the minister.”Jemimah said as she walked up to the secretaries table.”He awaits you in the confrence room.” she said in her spanish accent.”Thanks.”Tunde said as he pusjed open the door leading to the confrence room.”Welcome,please take your seats.”The minister welcomed them.”shall we begin?”he started “This meeting would be as brief as possible, and I expect you to hold meetings with your units primary officers.”He continued.”I held a meeting with the President earlier today, and he has directed me to finding a suitable plan for the reconstruction of this country.”He stated.”so therefore, I need you to gather up your units and brace up for some real, huge work over the next couple of years.”He continued.”Mr Johnson,please stand.”He said.”Some of you know him but many do not. From now on, Mr Johnson will cease to be the consultant for physical planning and will be the assistant Director of planning.”He announced getting evry one clapping. Jemimah was first to stand with a broad smile on her face.”Now it up to you, Have a pleasant day.”He concluded dismissing every one. Jemimah ran up to where Tunde was standing as the other Directors and assistants shook his hand. As soon as the last man left his she jumped in and drew him closer for a hug.”Congratulations.””Thanks”Tunde replied.


“Hello,how are you?”Tunde spoke into his phone as he walked down the hallway.”Im kinda less busy Today. Dinner? Where? Okay I’m on it.”The smile on Tunde’s face broadened as he spoke on the phone.”And who was that?”Jemimah asked coming out of the blue.”Someone you know.”He replied evasively and increased the speed of his walking heading towards his official car.”Tell me it’s that bitch Ada right?”Jemimah snorted as she ran after him.”You can say what you want.”He retorted sitting at the back seat of the Toyora Camry.”I’m sorry.”she shouted as the car wheeled away.


“Hey,Hello.”Ada rose to her feet and hugged Tunde as she welcomed him to the restaurant she had earlier ttold him about.”oh my,these lights get into my eyes.”Tunde said turning his head away from the flashing lights of the paparazzi.”Thats what you get for having the daughter of a senator’s heart.”Ada stated.”Try not to let it get to your head.”She teased.”Wanna look into that camera?”she motioned towards one of the paparazzi.”I wouldn’t dare.”Tunde replied.”Aw, you’re really shy after all.””Well, what would you like?”Tunde beckoned to the waiter.”I’ll have the fried rice.”Ada requested”I’ll have that too.”Tunde added.”How was work?”Ada asked “Well,why are you looking like that?”Tunde snorted noticing the stern look on her face. She raised jer jand slowly and pointed behind Tunde. He looked on his shirt and then behind him.”Hey Jemimah,you are here?”


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