Begginings (prologue to Broken…Or Not) Episode 1



It was a very bright morning Ijeoma Martins rose from   the bed to the admiration of the rising sun. That morning felt so accomplished “why do I feel so good today?” she asked herself sitting up. She felt the warm hands of her husband crawl up her back. “yeah, now I know.” she sighed. How be it that she had never felt so much at peace in about 2 years. It all started on a fateful evening where mama had persuaded Ijeoma to get a job so as to be able to fend for the family till her husband Mr lolu martins had gotten his proposed education.


“Ijeoma my daughter how are you doing this evening?”mama asked as she walked onto the verandah.”I’m okay just the usual looking for what to eat.”she replied sitting up and adjusting Tiwa’s head on her chest.”we need to talk.”mama said.”here?”Ijeoma asked as she pulled her chair closer to mama.”Ij see I love seeing you, your husband, Tiwa and all okay, but you and I know that I cannot keep feeding you all forever.”mama started. Ijeoma nodded in agreement.”so, what i’m trying to say is that you should try to get a job before lolu completes his NCE programme.”mama continued. Ijeoma’s eyes glowed as she nodded her head this time in disagreement.”mama,Lolu is the man of the house, he should be the one doing the work that feeds the home. Please let us hold on till Lolu completes his NCE programme.”she said pleading.”listen, you both have nothing doing. This is child number one very soon we would see child number 2 are you going to wait till that time till you find something to do?”mama stressed emphasizing the fact that they couldn’t feed on three square meals. Ijeoma sighed as mama stood up and headed for the house.


“Hello, yes,this is Lolu martins, what?… No it can’t be…” Lolu screamed as he dropped the phone carelessly.”baby, whats that?” Ijeoma asked. “it’s the guys from the college of education. They say I can’t get the space at the school.”Lolu soliloquised. Ijeoma moved closer to her husband as she put her hands around his shoulder “It will be well you always say that.”Ijeoma said trying to comfort him. Lolu turned to her “Ijeoma please search for a job.” he said as tears welled up in his eyes. Ijeoma stood from the chair “if I had known that this is what you were driving at I would’nt have come here.” she said as she moved out of the house. “Ijeoma, Ijeoma” Lolu ranted as he ran after her. “Leave her alone.”mama said “she has to sort this out on her own” she said as she patted Lolu on the back. “Are you sure?” Lolu said this time failing to hold back the tears that had been waiting to burst out of his tear glands. “isn’t that Tiwa crying?” mama said as she walked inside “I’ll just go call her.” Lolu said as he set off into the blue.

     “When did you get here?” mama asked suprised to see Ijeoma. “I know when my baby is crying” Ijeoma smiled back as she said.”Follow your heart I know you’re a strong woman.” mama said as she took her leave.


      “Ijeoma.””Lolu.”they called after each other simultaneously as they both sat up on the bed. Mama  and Tiwa were fast asleep “Okay you go first.”Lolu said.”I know it has been hard for us since we got married and now that sales are running bad at mama’s store.”Ijeoma started.”Raising Tiwa has been a very tough task and I wouldn’t want her to grow in these harsh conditions.”she continued.”Thats the main reason you need to get a job.”Lolu cut in.”I can’t get one that can feed this family “Lolu lamented.”but you can. You’ve got what it takes.”Lolu said as the tears welled up his eyes.”I know, but its hard for me to just throw you off your responsibilities.””how about when I need you to?”Lolu cut in.”Do it for me… And Tiwa.”Lolu said as tears trickled down his cheeks.”Lolu, I don’t know about this but i’ll try.” Ijeoma said as she embraced him “please do.”Lolu muttered in between her arms. “think about you Tiwa and I in a big house havig dinner together.”lolu said as he released his wife.”are you day dreaming already?”Ijeoma teased.”I L-O-V-E You.”lolu whispered into her ears. “whee” Tiwa cooed. Ijeoma reached to lift her little girl as she put her on her chest and went back to sleep.


         “Darling!”Ijeoma cried out as she ran into the house “welcome.”Lolu said as he walked out of the kitchen with a napkin in his hands. “come here and sit.”Ijeoma said as she held out a flyer to her husband who came closely reluctantly.”what makes you so excited?” he said as he tookhis seat beside her and colleted the flyer.”wow.” he said as he scrolled through it.”I went to drop my application then I found this on my way back.”Ijeoma said excitedly.”I don’t think I’ll even take the job if i’m given.”Ijeoma said as she moved towards the refridgerator. “babe, have you read this thing?”Lolu asked.”sure now you have anther shot at school.”she replied excitedly.”This thing closed lastweek.”He said rising to his feet.Ijeoma stood at the dining table shocked shedidnt even move a limb as Lolu pointed out the closure date to her.”IJ please do accept this job if it comes.”Lolu begged.”what’s that?”Ijeoma said evasively.”it should be the food im preparing.”Lolu said as he ran into the kitchen.


                Mama walked into the house looking so gloomy.”Mama, you’re home early ijeoma said as she took a seat beside her.”You look unsually dull this afternoon.”ijeoma remarked. Only the tears that dripped down mama’s cheeks were enough to explain to ijeoma that something had really gone wrong.”you’re not going to believe me are you?”Mama said. “What are the women in the house saying?”Lolu interrupted as he walked in through the open door.”You forgot to close the door?”he added as he slumped to a seat.”How did it go?”Ijeoma asked curiosly.”same shit different day.”he said raising his eyes expecting his mother to complain about his use of words.”Mom, you’re not saying anything.”he snorted out still waiting for her reaction.”why are you crying.”he said as she burst out in tears “My shop has been taken from me.”she muttered out in tears.”Oh my God.”Lolu screamed.”I can’t believe I did this to you.”he continued.”No you didn’t.”mama said trying not to push the blame on him. Ijeoma stood at the corner of thesitting room with Tiwa in her hands.”What did you do?”she asked her ranting husband.”Ijeoma,I ruined us.”he replied as he kept on repeating that statement.”Beep.”the mobile phone with Lolu rang. It was the only cell phone they had. They both shared it.”Hello,No this is Mr Martins… Alright…Thank you.”he said as he hung up.Everyone stood still as they watched Lolu pace around the room.This time he had stopped chanting.”beep.”the phone rang again this time it was a text message. Lolu moved closer to Ijeoma.”This could be it.”he said as he handed over the phone to her.”Whats this?” she asked him.”Go ahead and open it.”he said as he grabbed hold of her hand.”Dear Ms Martins, it is our utmost pleasure to inform you that you are a part of the chosen few to interview for the latest spot to be a patner at our esteemed organisation.”She read aloud.Her eyes glowed at first then the glow began to dim out as the thought of eaving her husband and daughter behind crept into her mind.”Baby,please take this job.”lolu said going down on his knees.”Ijeoma my daughter please go for this interview.”mama pleaded with tears in her eyes.”but, it says we have to be at the headquaters in Lagos by next tommorow.”Ijeoma said as she continued to read through the text.Lolu dropped to the floor at the thought of transport fee for her trip to Lagos.”where are we going to get 5000 naira from today.”he muttered out hitting the ground hard.”I have this #10,000 here I could give you the fee.”mama said.”but thats all you have left.”Lolu challenged.”what if this could be the beginning of another chapter in our Lives.”mama countered.”Let her do this last one for us.”Ijeoma said putting her arms round Lolu’s shoulder.


                  “wakey,wakey time to go to Lagos.”mama called from outside the bedroom.Ijeoma and Lolu were busy packng both Ijeoma and Tiwa’s luggage.”We’re coming.”Ij shouted as she zipped the suitcase.”Here we are.” she said coming out of the bedroom as she picked Tiwa.”I’ll miss you Lolu.”she muttered.”Yeah I’ll also miss you,and my little Tiwa too.”Lolu said patting Tiwa’s face.”No,Ijeoma you cannot take Tiwa along.”mama said.”but why?”Ijeoma replied shocked to hear that.”Why do you say so?”sha asked “You’re going to a new life, I wouln’t want Tiwa to be a distraction to your work.”mama started.”I’ll take care of her till you settle down.”mama said taking Tiwa from her.Ijeoma shroved a little feeling so reluctant to realease her daughter.”I would’ve loved to take her along?”Ijeoma asked wrapping her arms round her husband.”You’re going to need time to settle in and trust me for a 4 year old mummy has to be around all the time.”mama said.”now lets get you going.”Lolu chanted as he dragged her luggage behind him.


                   “Hello please I need to check in here I’ll be leaving soon and returning…””#15000 for a regular room,#30000 for  standard one for one of our best suites you’ll have to pay a hundred thousand.”Ijeoma open her mouth as the attendant at the hotel read the prices to her.”ma’am,I said which would you prefer?””please could you reduce the price for the regular room for me?”Ijeoma muttered as she counted the money with her.”ma I’m sorry it’s not possible.”he replied.”I’ll take the regular.”she said as she put the money through to him.”Room 045 second room at the fourth turning to your right.


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