Native Strides Episode 6


Enjoy Episode 6

“You must clearly be insane.” Ada shouted “how dare you slap me in public.” she continued her voice getting louder.” At least i’ve done it so?” Jemimah replied retreating from Ada’s arm lenght. “you are a damned God forsaken bitch and God knows that.” Ada ranted as the ran across the room. “Hey Girls,Whats all this?”Senator Davies asked walking in to the sitting room. “I mean this.” He held out a newspaper which had a pictureof thelittle battle that ensued between them at the restaurant. “Over what? A guy?” He blasted. “When there are many guys out there. I thought he was Ada’s man.” He continued. “She stole him from me.”Jemimah cut in. “I didn’t. Dude, he asked me out two weeks ago.” Ada replied. “since when did men become a commodity that they can be stolen?” The senator stated furious at Jemimah’s comment. “So you’re going to take sides with her right?” Jemimah asked trying to get her father on her side. “I wonder if at this age you still fight as though you were 2 years of age.” He remarked ignoring Jemimah’s earlier comment. “The earlier you deal with this insanity,…”He flung the news paper at them. “…The better for the both of you.”He stated as he stormed out. “He asked me out.”Jemimah said mocking Ada andmoving towards the stairs. “you definately are insane.”Ada hit out  “It is you who is insane.” Jemimah countered throwing arumpled paper at Ada who was seated on the couch. “He doesnt even like you if he does he’ll tell you about himself and his achievment.”Jemimah mocked. “what do you mean?”Ada asked throwing the paper back at Jem. “Who is my assistant?…Oh I guess its Tunde. Jerk.”Jemimah snorted making her way up the stairs. “You lie.” Ada scremed not sure of what to think. She grabbed her phone and quickly dailled a number.


“Hello,How are you?”Tunde said speaking tothe phone. “sir, listen.”He muttered dropping his tea cup on the table. “sir,we cannot afford to use that shape for that part of the construction.” he said pulling out the blue prints from his A3 paper collection. “Yes sir, through the middle part. Excuse me.” He dropped the phone and reached for the Door.”Wow,em,A-Ada It’s cool to see you.” He managed to mutter. “Who really are you?” she asked as she pushed her way into the living room. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” He said sitting right next to her. He took a llok at his phone.”Sir, that would be all for now.” He said as he hung up. “You lied to me.” she shouted to his face hitting his hands off her shoulder. “why should I?” He asked sacarstically though noticing the tension in her .”Who is the assistant director of planning at the ministry of works?” she stood to her feet. “All this while I was working to see how you could get a lift you lied to me because you wanted something more.” She continued. “Oh, because my dad’s a senator and he’s got oe of the biggest telecommunication companies around? Damn you.”She shouted hitting the table every now and then. “Oh, you’ve suddenly gone mute?” “I…I…I…I…” “want to tell  another lie?”Ada cut in again. “Because of a damned you my sister and I got on the front pages.” Tears began to well up her eyes. Tunde moved closer and put his arms round her shoulder

“Leave me, my younger sister slapped me

in public because of you and

you dare lie to me?”

Tunde sank into a chair “you know what I think it’s..”

“Enough!”Tunde screamed. “I’m sorry.” He said as je buried his head between his laps.



Tunde rose to his feet once he heard the minister call him up. It was his turn to make his presentation. He hurriedly gathered up his papers and headed for the presentatin board as every one stared at him expecting something phenominal.

“Good  morning  to  you  all, I’ll  try  to  be  very brief.”

He started as he hung his blue print sheet.

“First, we could reform the road networks

in the country,…” He continued 

and before he concluded his presentation, every one was on their feet. The minister walked up to him and shook his hand

“Well people, there you have our very instrumental Mr Tunde Johnson putting together a fine proposal.” He started

“we’ll see what we can do about it. With that its a date here do have a nice day.”

The minister concluded dismissing the meeting.




“Wait up dude!” Jemimah screamed chasing Tunde down the hallway. “What is it now?” Tunde asked sternly. “At least can’t you come to my office?” Jemimah said taking hold of Tunde’s hand. Tunde smacked off her hand and jetted to his office.

“How dare you humiliate me like that by leaving me all by myself out there?”

Jemimah shouted storming into Tunde’s office. “Oh, what would you do beat me up or slap me like you did to Ada?” Tunde hissed and turned to his table.

“You’ve begun to grow wings and I’ll cut them off.” Jemimah shouted.

“I order that you report in my office right now.” she turned to go but Tunde stopped her in her tracks. “You think you can boss everyone around?” Tunde started. “No you can’t. You know what? Your negativity is really affecting me here.”Tunde started. “Do you know what you’ve cost me already?” He asked shoving her. “You cost me true love. Ada no longer picks up my calls she refuses to see me at the office, all because of you.” Tunde said as he dropped her. Jemimah slumped onto a seat tears welling up her eyes.” It’s a lie, no it’s not true. Tunde,” She looked up as the tears trickled down her face.

“I…I…I…Love You.”


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