Tunde walked to and fro the doors of the adjacent wards in the hospital. He was unsure where to go first. “Hey, you must be Mr Johnson.” “Yes. And you must be the doctor.” Tunde replied quickly. “yes you’re right. Please come with me.” The doctor ordered as he turned towards the hallway. Tunde’s eyes couldn’t stay focused on the hallway. Two ladies had slumped in his office in one day. There was no way anyone of them was to die it would be a very tragic day for the Davies. “How can this be? The honorable Tunde Johnsonson arrives in my office again.” Tunde looked up as he couldn’t believe his eyes. James stood right in front of him. He was unsure whether to scream or weep. The feeling of the ladies in the wards overwhelmed him that he sat on the floor in the office as he began to weep. “Dude there’s no need for the drama.” James stated as he walked closer to him. “Please don’t let them die.” Tunde muttered. “Its alright dude come on lets go and get some thing to drink.” James suggested as he dragged Tunde from the floor. “Don’t let them die.” Tunde kept repeating. James put him down on the sofa as he reached for the telephone. “Hello, please send for the phsychiatrist.” He ordered over the phone. A lady in a pink dress walked in almost immediately. She listened to Tunde’s rant before she anaesthesized him.
Tunde had slept for over 2 hours before he awoke. “Hey friend!” James said as Tunde opened his eyes. Tunde nodded as if trying to understand where he was. “you were suffering from a lot of stress, had to make you sleep. “I’m sorry.” “No problem. It was warranted at that time.” James replied to an apologetic Tunde who was just recovering from his sleep. “How did you get here? Why did you leave the army?” Tunde asked as he sat up. “Well you ask too many questions but none the less I’ll answer you.” James replied. “After my visit to your office, I realised how a real job could change someones life.” “that’s why you opted for this?” Tunde asked cutting in. “yes. And I’m enjoying it.” James replied. “Tell me have you decided which of those ladies is the right one?” James stated. “See, leave that for now they both lost their dad and the last thing that can be on their mind is fighting each other for a man.” Tunde replied. “I saw something I had not seen in Jemimah ever today. She cried.” “Hmmmnn… I see the tears in your eyes, I see the love in disguise.” James teased. “Knock it off bro, Ada is still alive.”Tunde hit back. “That reminds me. Their mom is around. She’s been in Ada’s room all this while.”James said as he walked over to his ringing telephone. “Sir, the patient in ward 029 is awake.” The voice at the other end of the line stated. Just as he dropped the phone it rang again. “Sir emergency coming in emergency ward 455 Gun shot wounds observed patient still alive but in critical condition.” The voice screamed through. “I’ll get to you later gotta run.” James said as he jumped out of the officeand disappeared into the blue. Tunde walked over to the door. He took a look around the busy hospital. He couldn’t quite remember the room where Ada and Jemimah were. He combed through the wards. 029 the number struck him as his eyes caught it. he took a deep breath as he knocked the door “come in.” the voice from the room answered. He opened the door slowly. Jemimah was sitting at the edge of the bed, her eyes swollen with tears she ran to hug him as soon as he entered. She held him tight Tunde tried to break free but she wouldn’t free him. He finally succumbed as the thoughts of her fathers death overwhelmed him. Tunde held her even more tightly. The tears broke freely as they trickled down her face.
“They say my mom is around.” Jemimah stated facing down. “so I heard. Has she been here?” Tunde asked enthusiatstically. “that I know of, No.How long was I out?”Jemimah asked. “I can’t say I went out too.” Tunde replied in a low tone. “Oh, Sorry about that.” “I’m the one to be sorry.” Tunde cut in About your father.” Tunde said as his head dropped. “He was my only friend now i’m left with nothing.” She said as tears trickled down her cheeks. Tunde moved closer as he wrapped his arms around her. “It’s gonna be okay.” “How can you say that when all I have is gone, my only friend is gone.” She said as the tears burst out. “I promise I…I…I Will B…B…Be there for Yo…You.” Tunde knew that he never meant those words. Jemimah released herself from his grip. As Tunde looked into her eyes he could see clearly the true Jemimah. He knew that his words meant a lot to her and he had to fulfill them. “Go see her.” Jemimah said. Tunde was startled. “Who?” Tunde asked as though he never knew whom she was referring to. “my sister. I heard she’s in the next room.”
Tunde walked slowly into the room as Ada sat up on the bed. “That bitch of a sister killed our father Oh did I just say our MY FATHER I wish her death.” she yelled. “Hey Ada.” Tunde said ignoring Ada’s earlier statements. “hello madam.” He said turning to Dr Mrs Davies. “hello son.” she replied. Tunde took his seat close to Ada’s head on the bed, Ada quickly placed her head on his lap. “Tunde you see how much of a witch that bastard called Jemimah is she killed my Father. I swear by the law that I personally will ruin her.” She shouted “How do you feel now?” Tunde asked as he continued ignoring her rants. “Do I look to you as someone who is not O…O…O” Ada puked as she tried to mutter the last word. The vomitting lasted for about a minute. Tunde lay her head gently on the bed. “You most definitely need some rest.” Tunde said as he rose to his feet. “I’ll go get the doctor.” “Don’t…Don’t worry.” Ada squeezed the cloth on the bed as she said those words. “Let him go get the doctor I can’t have you stay here much longer.” her mom said. “Hello.” James said as he walked into the room. “Hey I was just coming to get you. She’s puked all over.” Tunde said “Did she puke in your mouth?” James gested. “I’ll get the nurses to get her blood samples Tunde let me have a word with you in my office.”James ordered as he walked out of the room. “I’ll be right back.” Tunde said running after James. “Dude whats the problem?” “Till we arrive in my office”James cut in. “Have been to her room?” James asked as they walked past Jemimah’s room. “yes, she so devstated. May be you should have someoe check Ada’s mental state.” Tunde suggested. As soon as they walked into the office, James picked up his Iphone. “Hello sir, please I require permission for maximum expenditure for the first daughter of the late senator Davies… Alright… Thank you sir.” “What was that?” Tunde asked immediately James got off the phone. James ignored him as he went to his office phone.”Hello please screen her blood for any feasible test on the report I sent to you.” “Dude will you keep ignoring me?” Tunde shouted furious. “Why the nerves Bro, we’re trying to help your girlfriend will you let us do our job?” James said calmly. Tunde took a seat on the sofa the look on his face said it all “Don’t worry you’re my guy now, any development you’ll be the first to hear.” James ensured him. “Why then did you want to see me?” Tunde asked lifting his face. “We’ll see soon. If my guess is right.” “Stop all this suspense, just give me an answer.” Tunde shouted. “Have you ever…….. you know?” James said making gestures to suggest sex. Tunde laughed “No” “You sound sure I believe.” James taunted. “Wait did you think I’ll do that sortof a thing?” “Ahn, love knows no bounds.” James teased.
There was a loud knock on the door “Come in.” James shouted. “Sir the results of the first screenings.” The young lady handed over a piece of paper to James. He moved over to his table where he kept dropping the papers on it. His eyes widened as he got to the last one. He looked up “I thought as much. Thank you” He said turning to the laboratory attendant who had come to deliver the results. “Tell the lab scientists to stop any further testing.” He turned to Tunde. “Ada is Pregnant.”



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