Tunde could not believe his ears, His one true love was pregnant. He had not had sex with her since they met. There was only one explanation to it, Ada was cheating on him. He fell to the seat in disbelief “No it can’t be” “Women can’t be trusted.” James said. Tunde jumped on his feet and started for the door. “Calm down boy” James said pulling him back. “You can’t go out pouring your anger on the guilty girl. I understand you and I’ll help you do it.” James stated picking up the test result. “Let’s go.” Tunde walked with his head down into Ada’s ward with his fist clenched “Madam congratulations you are about to become a grandmother. Your daughter here is pregnant.” James stated handing her the piece of paper. Dr Mrs Davies’ eyes gleamed with fury as she turned towards Tunde. “Why?…Why have youdone this?” She screamed “Ma’am with all due respect I’ve done nothing we’ll have to ask your prostitute of a daughter who is responsible for her pregnancy.” Ada turned her head away as she let the tears flow. Tunde grabbed her “You had better talk right now.” James quickly pulled him back, her mom was also in tears. ************************************************************************************************************************************* The noise from the shoving bed concerned a solemn Jemimah that she decided to check on her mom and sister. She knocked gently on the door, James ran across the room keeping one eye on Tunde. James’ mouth dropped when he saw Jemimah at the door. “Can I see her?” She asked in a subtle tone. James looked into the room “Let her in.” Tunde shouted pushing his friend out of the way. “Mom” She cried going close to her mom. “Would you get out of here and don’t you ever ‘mom’ me again in your life.” She screamed pushing Jemimah off. Tunde could not comprehend the scenario as he watched Jemimah crash to the floor in tears. “So it’s true?” She muttered in tears. “What’s true?” James asked walking over to the door. “She hates me.” Jemimah sobbed through. “No that’s not true, she’s just upset about her husband’s death and her daughter’s anonymous baby father.” James stated trying to console Jemimah. “What? Baby? Father?”Jemimah whispered through her thin voice. She lifted her head staring at Tunde who stood against the wall lost in his mind. “Your sister is pregnant and Tunde is not responsible.” Jemimah shook her head in disagreement. “Ada isn’t someone like that she can’t be…” “I am.”Ada cut in. “Tunde I’m so sorry. I had this affair with a guy before we left for Nigeria.” She started, “When our relatinship started I was for real but he came back as well.” She started crying as soon as she said those words. “Tunde, Tunde.” James called. “W…What?” He answered bursting out of his delusion. “I can’t be here right now.” He said as he made for the door. “And for clarity’s sake, Ada it’s over.” He said as he walked out of the room slamming the door behind him. ******************************************************************************************************************* The president walked round the room with only one question on his mind, who would he appoint the new minister for works and infrastructure? His mind flashed back to 2 months before, the last discussion he had with the deceased minister, the minister had given him the name of the man who crafted the master plan that was moving the country forward. He had to remember. He went to his table scamming and rampling through any sheet of paper on the table. “Bingo!” He exclaimed as he caught sight of the name on the paper he was holding. He walked over to the phone. “Please send this call to the office of the minister of works and infrastructure.” *************************************** Tunde was in Jemimah’s office and it was just some minutes past mid-day. “Sorry I was late to the burial yesterday.” Tunde apologised as he walked into the office. “I was happy that on person from the ministry came.”Jemimah replied standing streching out her hand for a hand shake. “I found something out yesterday.” “You sure looked like it and it was a painful thing right?” Tunde asked. Jemimah had been crying the day before she couldn’t even sleep at night. “She’s not my mother.” She said in a very convincing tone. Tunde stood there gazing at Jemimah. She couldn’t be serious everything became clear. That was why she had pushed her away. Was Jemimah teasing? He opened his mouth to talk but was interrupted when Janet walked in. “Sir, a message just came throughfrom the office of the president. Mr president requires your presence at his office tommorow by 9am.” She said as she walked out of the room.


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  1. Wow! I’m happy for Tunde, what Ada did was bad, but then…fate. May Tunde should reconcile with Jemimah…good job Ade Lero, keep it up..



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