THE FINALE Native Strides Episode 10

HEY THERE, IT’S NICE TO HAVE YOU HERE AGAIN WITH US. AS WITH ALL GOOD THINGS, NATIVE STRIDES IS FINALLY AT THE END. PLEASE DO STICK AROUND FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS ON OTHER SERIES THAT WILL FOLLOW.THANK YOU. PLEASE DO TAKE A MINUTE TO LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE @story island AND FOLLOW OUR OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT @adeblogs. Tunde stood to his feet. His eyed were still dim. He moved his hand across the bedside lamp as his eyes kept on closing. He finally reached out to his Iphone. “Just 5 o’clock.” He sighed in a sleepy tone. He had not had a peaceful sleep. He could not quite phatom why the president would want to see him. RING. His phone beeped. “Jemimah, why is she calling me at this time of the day.” He said pressing the receive button. “Hello.” He whispered in his shaky voice. “Hey. Just checking if you were awake.” Jemimah’s voice over the phone didn’t sound like someone who was asleep. “Did you sleep at all?” Tunde asked, his voice failing him towards the end of his sentence. “What? Come again please.” Jemimah uttered. “Did you sleep at all?” “I just couldn’t.” She replied. “I just woke.” Tunde stated. “Are you curious?” Jemimah quickly asked. She couldn’t sleep as well she was so uneasy about not having any details on what he was to do with the president. “I think so, or why else would I wake by 5am?” Tunde giggled through his sleepy voice. “Let me go get ready. The presidential villa is some way from here.” Tunde said expecting Jemimah to hang up. “Alright you should. Can I be at the presidential villa?” Jemimah asked her voice was as though she was asking for his permission. Tunde held his phone tohis ears with nothing but the tone of her voice playing over and over in his head. He dropped the call immediately. He walked over to the bathroom door. It was as though he had been hit by a boulder. He couldn’t quite understand Jemimah’s behaviour. He pushed the door open, the thoughts still flowing through his heart. “I better get this out of my mind before it gets nto my head.” He said to himself as he went on to take his bath.


Jemimah knelt on her bed. Her eyes fixed on a briefcase her ‘father’ Senator Davies had kept with her with the charge that it should not be opened except after his demise. Tears welled up her eyes as her puzzled mind tried to decode what it could be that was in the briefcase.

She crawled slowly to the edge of the bed where the briefcase was. She pulled it closer, closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening it.

There in was a letter and an envelop. “which should I open first.” she kept on asking herself. She had to revert to the old style of ‘mini mini myni mo’ it ended on the letter. She grabbed it and tore it hurriedly.

Dear Jemimah,

I’m sure that at the time of your reading this letter, I would have gone. I believe you’ll be strong in this torrid time.

I left this package to be after my demise because I know how hard it would be for you to accept the facts therein. My wife, Ada’s mom is not your biological mom. But nonetheless, I’m your biological father. Pictures of your mom and I while you where little. She sadly die d in a plane crash. I married Ada’s mom 4 years later.

Ada was born long before then. Her mom would maybe be after something else in this package. in a hidden compartment which you’ll find the description on how to open behind this letter, is the documents of the company.

I sincerely hope that you remain strong…….

Jemimah’s tears had soaked the latter part of the letter. she tore the envelop revealing the pictures her dad had earlier talked about.


Tunde was ushered into the presidents office by the secretary, he was dressed in his new Leonard Divenchy suit that he had earlier got for his proposal to Ada.

The secretary left him at the door. “Hey! Wont you lead me in?” He asked calling back at her.”I’m only following orders sir.” She replied moving away. Tunde took a deep breath and knocked on the door. “Come in.” The voice on the inside replied. He quickly checked himself again before opening the door.

“Welcome Mr Tunde Johnson.” The president greeted as Tunde walked in. He stopped in his tracks, he couldn’t speak. Though his mouth was wide open still no word could burst out.

“Oh! You’re surprised.” The president started, moving close to him. “Have a seat.”

Tunde moved slowly into a corner of the room. He couldn’t quite believe his eyes.

“Minister Nasir and Senator Davies that you see here never died. They were never even involved in any accident.” “But I saw his corpse.” Tunde cut in pointing towards the senator. “Yes, it was all set up.” The president continued. “But why on earth would someone set up his or her death?” Tunde whispered.

“You still don’t believe?” The senator asked picking up a blade from the president’s table. He walked over to where Tunde was and cut himself. “Do ghosts bleed?” He said putting his bleeding finger close to Tunde’s face. The minister did the same.

“Tunde, I’ve heard what Ada and her mom are up to. Jemimah on the other hand should have known the truth.” The senator started. “Thanks for not going with Ada and her mom.” He said with his hand stretched. Tunde slowly took the hand.

Tunde began to understand the whole plot. he became more confident in relating with the ‘ghosts’.

“Today, Mr Tunde Johnson, you will be named the new minister of works and infrastructure. Minister Nasir has decided to resign. This is new feat for you is as a result of your excellence that has built a reputation for you.” The president stated.

Tunde could not pick the right words to express his joy. He went around shaking everyone’s hand before moving out with the president to the press room.


Jemimah sat on the sofa in the sitting room. She had moved out of the house even before her father’s burial. She turned on the LCD TV in her official apartment.

“BREAKING NEWS: The president names a new Minister of works and infrastructure in person of minister Tunde Johnson. Jemimah dropped the picture in her hand as she moved closer to the TV.

It was Tunde. She was so sure it was he. The tears poured freely down her smooth cheek once again. She ran to her room, laid her hands on her phone and dialed Tunde.


Tunde intentionally snubbed the call three times. After the third time he waited before dialing her number. As the call went through she immediately responded. “Congratulations.” She screamed from the other end of the line. “I’m so happy for you. So now you become the boss.” She continued. Tunde kept on smiling as Jemimah ranted.

“Thanks. How about you come over to TBS tonight say 8pm?” Tunde asked.”No problem.” She replied. “Ive got a lot to tell you.” She added.


It was just 5pm and it was like the tenth time Jemimah had returned to the mirror. After all, she was going to meet with the new minister for works and infrastructure. She had to be at her best. She had been so engrossed in her dressing that she had not even anticipated the details of her meeting with Tunde. “Janet, do you think this fits better? How about the color?” she ranted coming to the sitting room once again. “Yes! At last we found the one.” She sighed happy to find the perfect dress for Jemimah.

“Tunde said he’ll send someone to pick me up.” Jemimah said moving to and fro in the sitting room

PING PONG. The door bell rang. Jemimah quickly took a seat as Janet went to open the door. “Hey its you Jamy!” She stated. “Hi, Tunde or should I say Minister Tunde instructed me to come pick up Jemimah.”

Jemimah quickly rose to her feet, grabbing her hand bag along. “See you later. Please stay here for me.” She said bidding Janet.

James walked over to the door and opened it for Jemimah. “Thank you.” She said entering the car. “You’re welcome.” He said moving over to the drivers seat. Jemimah’s mind flashed back to all she had read earlier that day.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t know when James stopped. “Jem! Jem!” James called. He tapped her shoulder gently.” We’re Here.”he said to her. She couldn’t see any thing except some tiny red lights on the floor. She slowly got down from the car. “Why isn’t he here?”She asked. “I’m only following orders.” he replied. James started his engine and zoomed of into the dark.

Jemimah walked slowly down the path of the lights, soon she came to a point where cars where parked in a circle. Tunde stood in the middle with a bottle and a number of glasses in his hand. The night was getting cold.

Tunde dropped what he was holding and went to put his jacket around a shivering Jemimah. She looked up and behold, Ada approached from the other side. “Welcome. Tunde said pouring drinks for both ladies having handed them glasses.

“Both you ladies have had immense impact on my life. That’s why it is important for me to spend such a wonderful night in my life with you both.” He started. “To this effect, I have a special gift for you both.”He stated. “Cheers to the night.” He said raising his glass. Jemimah raised hers towards Ada, Ada snubbed her.

Tunde snapped his fingers. One of the car’s door opened and senator Davies emerged. Ada slumped to the ground.

Jemimah’s eyes widened. All this while she made herself believe that he was in hiding. Her facial expression said it all. She ran to hold on to Tunde. “It’s real Jem. He’s alive.”He said dragging her closer to the senator.

“I’ll be leaving now.” Tunde said getting into his new ride.



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  1. Such a nice Happy Ending! A job well done Adelero, just keep up d good work. Awaiting another wonderful piece o! *winks*



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