Please Enjoy,

“I am Joseph Dante”, “I am Sandra Williams”, “I am Trisha Anderson” “I am David Ranvier.”, “I am Eugene kopolov.” “I am Hikmar Abdulrasak.” “Don’t leave me out Seyi Olawale is alive.”
“Okay, we all graduated from the same college and now…” Sandra started. “We’re all going to the same University.” Trisha shouted from behind her.
“Hey, wait why are we here? That’s what we should state first.” Joseph said pushing them aside. “This is the story of our college lives.” He continued settling down in front of the camera.
“Well not all of it. It’s just our last year when we played a game.” Seyi stated sitting next to Joseph.
“It was A Game Of Lies.” Hikmar chipped in as the lights went off.

** Joshua **
“Hey Josh!” Tina screamed as I walked into the school hallway towards my locker. Her locker was beside mine this year “Did you enjoy the holiday? I did I have so much to talk about today.” She said jolting away.
“Yea. It’s nice to see you again, I did enjoy my holiday.” I whispered to myself as I watched her walk away.
“Hey Josh, I saw you at the Muson centre last three weeks.” Vivian screamed as she walked closer to me. Was her locker to my right hand side? I kept asking myself.
She held her books in her hand “Hope you enjoyed it because I did.” She stood there staring at me.
I was the last person anyone would have wanted to talk to at that time.

** Present **
“Ahn, don’t say that.” Eugene cut in “it’s not like we hated you or something.”
“Yeah, you just decided to seclude yourself from us then.” David stated

** Joseph **
“Yeah I did, but I did not happen to see you.” I stated picking my History note. “See who says he didn’t see me. Who sat adjacent to me?” She asked.
I ran off as soon as she said those words. “Hey dude wait up we’ve got the class together.” She shouted to me coming after me.
“Do you even do History?” I shouted back “See you don’t even know those in your class.” She replied. “Don’t start off with this again.” I said running off into the class.
“Hey Josh!” Keith called out to me as soon as I entered the class. Keith was the only one at that time that I could trust. He always had my back.
“The NCSC is coming to Auckland.” He stated as I took my sit beside him. “Wow at least it will be nice to get off some academics.” I replied in a more jovial tone. “It’s not like you’ll take part.” He remarked. I nodded my head in agreement.
As much as I was disliked by the students, I guess that negative energy extended to the sport masters.
“Hey people, just got a call from the history lecturer. He isn’t coming today.” The class rep shouted from behind.
The whole class quickly dispersed till we we’re only a few left in the class. “Hey lets go check the schedule of practice.” Keith said dragging me across the class.
THE NATIONAL COLLEGE SPORTS COMPETITION is to hold at Auckland College from the 12th of October to the 15th of November.
My eyes widened at the sight of the posters. No one had taken time to know a thing about me. All they knew was that my name is Joshua Dante.

** Sandra **
I walked to and fro through the length of the hallway. Where could these prank players be? Mphela walked out of the booth with my bags in her hands.
“Don’t play that kind of a dirty trick on me anymore.” I shouted letting out all the fury in me.
“Hey dear.” Eric shouted walking towards us, I looked at Mphela. “I think he’s referring to you.”
I was and still am a classy girl, it was awkward for just any guy to walk up to me using interesting words like that.
“Sandra I’m saying hello.” He said calling my attention to his earlier greetings.
“I thought you were referring to her.” I stated pointing at Mphela. “I don’t know how to get to you.” He said attempting to drop the matter.
“The Dean requires your immediate attention.” He said leaving us alone.
I walked through the hallway with the usual concern of how I walk because everyone’s eyes was on me. At some point I decided to look sideways then I saw this guy.
It seemed like I had known him, like he had something remarkable to his name. “Is that guy new?” I asked Mphela who was walking with me.
“No, he’s been around for a while now. Say 2 years.” She replied with some sort of grin on her face.
“Hey don’t think that way, nothing is going down between us.” I whispered nudging her slightly. “Nicely done.” She said. She had hit a boy and had to apologise.

** Present **

“Yeah, I remember, let me tell you what happened to me before you go on.” Joshua cut in.
“Seems like josh and Sandra have the stage now I’ll go get some drinks.” Hikmar suggested walking away from the group. “I’m coming too.” Seyi screamed running behind him.

** Joshua **

“Wait here I’ll be back soon.” Keith said patting me on the back. I walked over to the locker’s my eyes gazed through the hallway as the thoughts of that one day fluxed my mind
“Hey sorry.” The girl stated as she moved her leg from on top of mine.
That was when our eyes met. I felt a chill run down my back. It was the first time ever such a thing had occurred over the last 2 years that I was in that college.
Was she looking at me? Or was I just hallucinating? I was unsure.
“Hey dude, you might want to hear this. I just found out that training starts next week
With weekly updates on the progress of the school teams.” Keith said to me as he returned to my side.

** Present **

“Don’t go into that, my story hasn’t got there yet.” Sandra shouted cutting in and pushing Joshua away.

** Sandra **

“Good morning ma.” I said as we walked into the office of the Dean. “Welcome back to school. Have your seat please.” She replied standing from her seat.
“As you might have already known, this year is one of the biggest in the history of Auckland College.” She started
“That’s because for the first time, the national college sports competition is coming to Auckland.” She continued. “Yes ma.” I said to confirm to her that I was listening.
“So here’s what I want you to do for me and for the school.” She continued.
“Now this applies to the both of you.” She said pointing at us. I won’t lie, chills ran down my back.
“You’ll be working with a press crew to give us updates in newspapers about all that has to do with this school’s participation in the NCSC.”
I felt like my dream job had come, it was the perfect way to get to the biggest boys in the school. “If that was a proposal ma, I gladly accept. If it were an order, I strongly oblige.” I replied jumping from my seat in joy
“What about you?” She said turning to Mphela. “It’s alright by me as well.”
I felt a string of joy being tickled in my heart and it was turning into a song of joy.
“That’s it then, report to the press room in this building by 9am tomorrow, we’ll have a meeting with the press people.” She stated pulling the door open for us to move out.


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