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“Won’t you guys leave this thing for us too?” Eugene screamed at Sandra. “Yeah, we all attended Auckland.” David shouted out.
“Be like me move to the spot and push whoever is there away.” Trisha said pushing Sandra away. “Sounds like a story you once told me.” Joshua stated.
“Yeah, let me start with that.” She replied adjusting her hair.

** Trisha **

“Yeah yeah, I’m Trisha and I’m English, just the total opposite to Sandra, well, in a way though.”
“Would you please come to the board and solve this problem for us?” The math teacher called to me. I looked around in the usual ‘was that me’ way, “Don’t behave like you don’t know it’s you.” He said
I gently rose from my seat, I knew that all eyes would be on me. I slowly scribble what I thought was right on the board, while still in the middle of it all, the giggling started as even the teacher burst into all out laughter.
I slammed the marker on the table, went for my bag and walked out of the class.
I had managed to get out of my last year with a ‘C’ in math, everything seemed like I was to fail in my final year and it was seriously frustrating.
“Trisha!” Miley shouted after me, I ignored as I continued to pounce on the ground walking away from the class.
“Wait up dude, I was just trying to talk to you about something else.” She stated holding on to my arm.
“The class is over and I’m not here to talk to you about that.” She said bringing her voice down.
“What is it?” I asked using an unwelcome tone. “The coach wants you.” She replied.
“For?” I asked moving away from where I was standing. “You haven’t heard?” She said stunned at my response.
“That? Please be clear and stop speaking in parables.” I shouted at her “It’s alright, the NCSC is coming to Auckland this year.” “So? Go tell him I’m not interested.” I replied walking off.
I walked over to the cafeteria in search of some peace. “Hey numskull, if you can’t solve math, why don’t you drop out like the rest of you do.” A voice from the inside screamed as I was about to enter.
I ran as fast as I could away from the area. I kept running hoping that I will not stop. Miley’s words streamed through my mind bringing back all my fears.
“Trisha! Trisha!” I kept on ignoring as I continued my run. “Trisha!” The tone of the voice sank into my head, it was not a mocking voice, I knew who it was.
I stopped to look back. “Wait up for me.” The person came closer. “Hey Trisha.” He said as he came closer. It was he, my sprint coach.
I turned my face away from him I knew he was going to ask my participation in the NCSC
“Why would you not want to run for your school?” he asked
“Sir, last time out I got injured then badly humiliated, this time I don’t care if it’s in my dome I quit.”
“We both know that’s not the exact reason. Is it because of Jane?” He asked. All I could do was burst into tears. “Hey you don’t have to do that, you just have to get to the spot and push anyone that’s there away.” He advised.

** Present **

“Hmmn, there you go.” Trisha said leaving the camera to Eugene.
“Hey, I’m Eugene Kopolov, world’s best swimmer.” He taunted sitting in front of the camera.

** Eugene **

“Knew you’ll be here.” Dakore said as she walked into the swimming pool area “Hey chick, you heard yet?” I asked her as I swam towards the edge where she was. “Sure. Seems like you can’t even wait for training to officially kick off.” She teased.
“I got a party at my house you wanna come?” I asked holding her hand “I don’t know.” “There’s gonna be lots to drink and so much music. Come on.” I pestered.
“Alright I’ll be there.” She finally succumbed. “When is it coming up?” she asked pulling me out of the pool. “Next week Friday.” I replied reaching for the towel.
“There’s gonna be training that day.” “Sure, I’ll skip that day of training. For you.” I looked back to see the smile that was lurking around the corner of her mouth.

“You guys got a dress code?” she asked. “No wear anything you’ve got.” I said as we made for the exit. “How would I get to yours?” she asked, “I’ll pick you up at the McMavins.” I replied grabbing a piece of snack from her hand.
“What was your record today?” she asked hitting me hard. “1 minute 56 seconds.” I looked at her smile away again “Hughes holds the record at 1 minute 55 seconds, he’s coming to Auckland too.” She said trying to tease me.
“Hughes surely can be beaten. I’ll do it.” I stated pushing her out of the way before walking away.
“You don’t do that to a lady boy.” She screamed at me. I laughed it off turning to her so that she could see me smile.
“See you later chick.” I shouted back.

** Present **

“That’s all I’m gonna say for now.” Eugene said as he moved away from the camera.
“Come on tell us what happened that Friday.” David said pushing him back.
“Wait, you tell us how your first day went then I’ll say it.” He replied walking away from the camera.

** David **

“Dude, won’t you have some time off this book thing?” Sharon asked as she walked to my desk. “I’ve got to complete this story today.” I replied
“Oh that, you haven’t posted in the past few weeks.” She said sitting next to me.
“You’re not allowed to view it till it’s on the blog.” I said pulling my book closer.
“Anyways, your sprint coach calls for you.” She hissed standing from beside me.

“I wish I could just stay away from any activity in this NCSC and just write about it.” I said
“Don’t get ahead of yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to defend your 200m title?” She said smiling and walking out with her back.
“Yeah, that was one of the only 2 medals Auckland won 2 years ago. The only gold medal at that.” I shouted laughing amidst my words.
“He’s calling for you.” She shouted back running off.
I closed my book. Of all the things I had to do, retaining my title as the best in the 200m race across the country would be the ideal thing to work towards.
I walked over to the sports complex. Everywhere was filled with people. As I walked in they began to make way for me till I got to the table where he was seated.
“Hey, wanna run this year? You’ve got no choice son” He said penning my name down.
“See me tomorrow 10am right here alright?” He said dismissing me.
I smiled as I walked out of the complex feeling so respected, it wasn’t just any feeling it was a hero’s feeling.
“Hey, sorry, em, please are you participating in the NCSC this year?” The young lady asked from the corner where she was.
“Yes.” I replied with a smile lurking around my mouth. I could see the joy in her as she pounced off into the blue.
I was used to the attention but that day, it was a totally different feeling.

** Present **

“Yeah, I was in there at that time with the physio.” Trisha said as David moved away from the camera.
“Now Eugene tell us.” David said pushing him to the camera. “Calm down where’s Seyi and Hikmar? Let them also talk about their first day.” He replied shoving David’s hand off.
“I’ll go get them.” Joshua suggested. “Okay before they come, let me tell you what happened when our esteemed David walked in.” Trisha said moving to the front of the camera.

** Trisha **

I kept on crying as the reality of my fear hit me. It was her Jane. She was my main competition as a matter of fact, she was the only competition for me.
She was the defending champion in the female 100m and 200m competition. She had moved to Auckland after the last NCSC 2 years ago.
I had not gone up against her yet but the fear of being humiliated when I finally go head to head with her consumed me.
“Let’s go into the complex.” He said pulling me along. “First we’ll check your fitness level so go over to the physio.” He ordered once we entered into the complex.
“Alright.” I said moving away towards the physio’s office. Jane was in the waiting room as well. “H…h…hey” I managed to say as I walked past her. Unfortunately for me, there was no vacant seat other than the one next to her. I slowly took my seat beside her.
“So, you’re also up for the relay?” She asked. My heart skipped a beat as her words filtered into my ears. “I’m not sure for now, I’m still on edges about even participating.” I said dropping my head.
She moved closer putting her arms around me. “I heard you are the fastest Auckland’s got.” She said. I looked up stunned “I know I am not. You are.” I said still surprised at her statement.
“Why not let us train together then, we’ll see who the fastest is.” She suggested. I raised my head in disbelief of all the people I expected to believe in me, she was the last.
That was when our esteemed David walked in. “You know his name?” She asked noticing me looking at the progression of the students as he walked through.
“David. David Ranvier. He won Auckland’s only gold medal last 2 years in the NCSC.” I replied moving my gaze from him.
“Will you run, together?” She asked staring into my eyes I moved my face as the confusion beamed in me.
“No.” I replied standing to go into the physio’s.


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