don’t include him in the squad.” I argued. “I understand he’s your
friend and he’s also the best striker we have why should he not be
included?” Coach shot back. “This was the problem we had last time out.
Gross indiscipline from all our players. He wasn’t there yet but he’s
doing it. I was there and I don’t want a repeat of the last NCSC.” I
shrugged motioning to go on my knees to beg the coach. “It’s fine he’s
out.” Coach stated smiling. “Thought of punishing him at first but I
thought I should give him a chance.” Coach grinned.
“Let’s get some coffee and drop this off at the press. We walked on to
where the press room was “Have you called him?” coach asked as we walked
away from the press room. “I’ve tried but he’s not responding.” I
replied. “We’re going to his house today.” Coach stated. “Alright” I
“Well today’s headlines.”
“What!” we exclaimed simultaneously “Darren is in Auckland.” Coach said
staring at me. ”I’m quite clueless.” I replied. Coach handed me the
newspaper as he left for the sprint coach’s office.
I read. The time for the race was slated to be 12pm. I looked at my
wrist watch it was a minute to 12. I dumped the newspaper on the
vendor’s table and darted into the sports complex.

I walked confidently into the sports complex. The whole place was filled
with students. The two sprinters were busy chatting in the changing
room. I walked straight past them. “David.” Trisha called. I stopped and
moved closer to her. “Meet my friend Jane, Jane, David.” Trisha said
with a mile lurking around her cheeks. I stretched my hand out to Jane
who received it. “It’s such a pleasure to meet Auckland’s champion.” She
said with a mile that lit up her face. “Wonderkid Jane my pleasure
too.” I teased. “You guy get ready everyone’s waiting.” I stated winking
at them before taking my leave.
As I walked out onto the tracks, the noise in the stands increased. I
raised my hand with a proud smile on my face. I had become a celebrity
in Auckland after bagging the 200m gold medal. I waved at the ladies who
were chanting my name before I took my seat on the bench.
The two sprinters came on to the track hand in hand before getting their
track suits off. Cheers from the crowd increased. Not because of me,
but the athletes. These two were the pride of the world at the last
NCSC. They were to do battle again before our eyes. I enjoyed watching
both of them race but I had never enjoyed Trisha beating her.
I could hear chants of Jane’s name in the stands loud and clear. It
seemed as though the whole school was against Trisha. Both of them gave
each other a warm nudge before moving to the last lanes.
The gunsman walked up to the mic. “Runners on your marks.” The whole
stadium went silent at that moment. The race had not started but people
were at the edge of their seats. “Set…” he pulled the trigger some
seconds afterwards. The race of the ages had finally started.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was there last time out when Jane beat
Trisha twice. This time it was a different ball game. Trisha was
actually in this. It was a battle a battle that kept mouths wide open
25m past, 50m, 75m still no space at all the whole stadium was on its
feet. Noise went up. No one could ascertain whether or not it was going
to end this way. The race ended with silence. The coaches had to look
into slow motion videos. The sprint coach stood speechless.
One of them came up to the mic. “Tie.” He announced. He seemed to be in a
trance. Jane and Trisha gave each other a big hug before running
towards the stands. I looked around me, I saw surprised faces, some
joyous. This magnificent rivalry had become Auckland’s greatest
blessing. The time they ran beat the record Jane held. They were the
fastest in the nation.
The buzz continued for a while then the stadium got empty although I
didn’t wait till then. I had to get something to eat. I entered the
cafeteria hoping to get a meal but my eyes caught the two awesome ladies
seate. Sandra joined us soon after I joined them.


8 thoughts on “GAME OF LIES EPISODE 7

  1. Ade! You’re killing us with your long suspense and frequent absence o! Thanks for putting up a new Episode of #GameOfLies, good job, keep it up pls.
    Wishing you the Compliments of the Season…


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