GAME OF LIES EPISODE 8 (New Year Special)


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I arrived the sports complex on the day we were to travel all the way to
Nigeria to lay H.S.A.S.S. “Seyi sup today.” I greeted meeting him with
his packed bag. he snubbed me and walked past me out of the sports
complex. “Dude! I was greeting you!” I shouted pulling him back “Don’t
create a scene here.” he replied with a cold voice. “Oh! … Why are you
so cold?” I asked after noticing Sandra’s watching eyes. “Just trying
to focus on the match, the journey.” He replied putting his bag in the
teams bus. “We gotta meet the coach.” he said moving away. Something
seemed fishy . Seyi was never the type to see you and not even say a
word. He would have ripped life out of me for not coming to training for
three weeks now. “Hey boss.” I greeted the coach entering my jovial
mood. “The team list, you seen it yet?” The coach stated with a straight
face. “NO!” “Well then you should check it.” my heart skipped a beat
there and then but I feigned it because there was no better striker than
I so I knew I was on the team list. “I’ll check it later.” I replied.
  “Seyi, can I talk to yo for a second?” “Haven’t I warned you not
to say a second when you’ll take 10 minutes?” I teased. Coach smiled
back at me.

“See! I’m sorry I have been missing training. ” I started as Seyi joined
me “It’s alright..”Seyi cut me tapping my back.”No it’s not, you would
normally have torn me apart. Grandma was and still is sick.” I quickly
added. “Oh! Sorry about that bro.”Seyi replied with that cool in his
voice.  “We just overheard.” we looked sideways to see Sandra and a
few pressmen walk past us “We’re going to Nigeria with you.” She said
backing us.

“I’m back now. Even mom and dad are no where to be found.” I said with
tears welling up my face. “Sorry bro, I guess grandma would need you by
her side.” Seyi said pulling me closer for a hug.


I pulled up in front of Trisha’s apartment. “I hope this works out.” I
said to myself. I got down from the car, adjusted my tuxedo and went for
the house door. “Yes!” she replied from inside with a voice that
sounded so calm. “David!” I replied almost immediately “Oh!” She said as
she opened the door. “Good evening.” she said closing the door behind
her. “You look gorgeous this evening.” I said as she walked ahead of me
to the car. She chuckled before I opened the door for her. “Thank you.”
She stated sitting.

The journey to the central vice mall was quiet at least. we sat at the
table, gave our orders I knew it was time to bring up a discussion.
“So!” I got off. “Nice race today.” I continued “Yeah, thank you. I
still remember it.” She replied timidly. “You were awesome I’m sure
you’ve gotten that fear of losing out of your head now.” I said
receiving my order. She was quiet. I stared at her as she said a word of
prayer before digging into her food.


The details I cannot tell you but what I know is…”


“Trisha! You are an awesome fellow, a great athlete, any guy who gets a
chance with you is pretty lucky. I would be highly honored if you accept
me to be your…” “Hmmn!” She sighed out loud cutting me short. “Can we
leave?” she said getting into the car. we were outside standing by the
car, it seemed like the perfect scenario but she practically just told
me ‘No!’

As we journeyed back I kept on thinking of it and got infuriated “you’ll
be dropping here.” I said parking the car. Sandra lived a few blocks
off where I dropped her, I had pinged her to update her  “Are you
serious?” she asked looking into my eyes. “Yes!” I replied in a strong
tone I waited impatiently for her to highlight before I zoomed away.


I put my head on my lap in the hallway where I sat. I couldn’t believe
she just humiliated me in front of the richest guys in Auckland as well
as some other random guys. Being alone in this life was never the best. I
had to find a way around it. My reputation depended on it.

I lifted my head and I was surprised to see Dakore walk right past me.
It was not a good ending to our story but thoughts of returning to my
‘vomit’ came in and I embraced them so quickly that I screamed her name.
She stopped to look at me before continuing her walk. “Hey!” I panted
catching up with her. “What do you want?” She asked with a stern face.
“Can we sit and talk? … Please?” i said using a timid tone. She sighed
and then took a seat on one of the benches. “I know I hurt you, I know I
don’t deserve to be forgiven, cheating on you, lying to you but that’s
the old me. I’m changed now.” I begged. “So?” She replied with a stern
voice. “please, give me another chance.” I begged letting crocodile
tears out of my eyes. ” Look over there, see that guy, he’s my
boyfriend.” She stated standing and leaving afterwards. I ran to meet
him, grabbed him “You! You stole my Dakore.”


We got to the bus and coach was about to start calling us in “Quite on
time.” I said to myself. Coach read out the names and the filed in as
they were called. 23 names gone out of 23 and mine wasn’t there Coach
went on to the door. “Coach.”I said stopping him at the door. “Sorry
son, next time you’ll attend training sessions.” he said, I looked at
Seyi who was seated close to the window. “Sorry dude you should have
informed me. We came looking for you but you were nowhere to be found.”
he replied. Tears trickled down my cheeks as I watched the bus move into
the blue.



  1. Now this sure is a special New Year treat! Well done Ade, but please, let the post update be regular this year o! Eh ehn! Smiles…



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