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It seemed like the most awkward thing that could ever have happened. How on earth does a guy walk up to you and accuse you of stealing his ex from him? I was shocked, perplexed and speechless.
“What in the world did you say?” I finally managed to mutter, “You stole my Dakore from me.” He screamed this time.
“You left her; you cheated, lied, and never respected her. So you expect I’ll just leave her like that?” I shot at him so furious. He looked me straight in the eye, I could see fury in those eyes but something didn’t feel right at the back of my mind I knew I could have played the ‘not involved’ card but I was crushing on her and I had to fight for her.
“Are you insane?” He said as though he was confused about what to say. “I’m not going to have this discussion, just don’t be found around my babe anymore clear?” I said with a harsh tone before walking into the sports complex.
The newspaper for two days ago had me on its cover not just the cover page but the main headline.
Not for achievements as you would have imagined but as ‘THE STRANDED LOVER.’
The sports complex was a huge place but finding someone of David’s status was not a problem at all you just needed to ask someone around, today was a different story.
It seemed as though David had evaporated from Auckland as nobody seemed to know where he was.
I think you should be grateful you didn’t come across me that day; I was raging, boiling even adjectives to describe how I felt that day don’t exist. What was the plan? To get to him and blast him. I had not been in school the previous day trying to figure out my math since no training was to hold that day.
“Sorry, do you happen to have any idea where David is?” I enquired from one of the relay team dudes. “The boy has been around the block but now I have no idea.” He replied with a straight face as though he were face to face with Koh the face stealer whom must see no emotions else he’ll steal your face.
I walked around disgusted at myself for not coming to school the previous day and my eyes caught something inside the stadium. A figure of two people hugging each other I scrutinized the female figure and saw it was Jane, I ran off to the entrance to wait for her.
She walked out smiling and gave me a hug “where have you been?” She asked “Home, studying. So where is he?” I replied with a large grin “Who?” she feigned “He!” I replied making up faces.
David walked right past us “Alright bye.” Jane said directing her greetings to him. “Is that who you were with?” I asked perplexed “yes!” She replied.
I had just watched the match between H.S.A.S.S. and Auckland from the sports complex it was quite saddening not to have been a part of the victory but what freaked me out the most was Seyi’s injury and as if that was not enough there was mockery all around me or maybe I felt so.
I moved fast out of the room onto the walkway and it seemed worse so many eyes were on me and I could bet the question on their mind was “Why is he here? Didn’t he go to Nigeria?” I was busy dodging the faces when a thought that seemed best in dodging them crept into my mind.
I pulled my phone trying to play around with it as I walked on. I saw my mom had called me sixteen times and I was about to call her back when her message came thorough I opened it ‘Grandma is terribly sick and has been demanding to see you.’ I read to myself. I was taken aback I read it over and over again, checked the contact who sent it repeatedly, my lie had become a reality.
I had to leave for real.


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  1. Wow! Wonderful as ever! Great job Ade, please do keep it up and coming. As for nominating your blog, I really wish I could. But it’s like one is allowed to vote only once. And I already voted not knowing yours was also involved. So sorry abt that, hope I’ll forgiven….



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