“Are you sure?” Jane asked me for the umpteenth time. “Would I lie over what was in the newspaper?” I replied throwing the pillow in my hand away.

Jane told me that David had been making advances to her in the past few weeks and that she had begun to fall he had also been doing the same to me but I had manoeuvred him and his evil plots.

“Guys are crazy!” She blew out “He thinks he can play two friends right? He had already fixed a date with me tonight 7pm at the Straw-coast restaurant” She ranted letting out all the anger in her. “This guy has got to learn a bitter lesson.” She said picking up a piece of paper that had just fallen off the table.

“And just how do you intend to do that? Miss Mastermind” I teased returning from the kitchen with a glass of wine in my hand. “We’ll both join him for the date and you’ll be the first to show up and I’ll follow you.” Jane said with a sly smile lurking around her cheeks.

I was not the type to mess around with people’s feelings but this was different. It was my chance to get back at him for humiliating me. “That sounds safe.” I replied after gulping my drink.

“Do you have a better plan?” Jane asked squeezing her face; she always looked horrible whenever she did that so I took my opportunity “Monster!” I laughed through my words running towards the dining table and dropping off my cup. She came running at me and the chase began.


“Dude! She chased me hard.” Trisha explained before moving off the camera for David.


I waited at the restaurant for about thirty minutes, Jane seemed as though she was about to stand me up even when I had booked the whole restaurant- well not with money- my dad owned it and he was away for the month so I could use it.

I raised my head to see a lady walk in “Finally I said feigning annoyance. She had kept her head down all these while. “Your dress looks gorgeous.” I complimented she looked up and to my surprise, it was Trisha.

Trisha was smiling right in fronting front of me.

I must confess, I was startled well not until I felt someone tap me at the back. I turned my head slowly and behold behind me stood Jane. I thought I was in a trance or somewhere in dreamland. “May we sit?” Jane said breaking the silence.

I slowly obeyed my mind was racing vertically and horizontally all at the same time-I don’t know how possible that is though but it happened to me- “Well I guess this ends your game right?” Jane said smiling and looking me straight in the eye “Two friends in three days” Trisha sighed.

“You even had the guts to inform Sandra!” She retorted. “Well how about a repay?” Jane said running her hand through her hair before snapping her finger.

Dakore and some pressmen walked in and took some pictures before walking out without saying a word.


It was a dream come true for me to finally have a date with Dakore but my dreams were shattered yesterday she showed up and explained the whole thing to me.

She was totally joking when she called me her boyfriend. She had used it as a bait to get rid of her ‘pest’ as she referred to Eugene last night. I couldn’t bear it and all I could think was find Eugene.

I walked round the sports complex after training like a robot under simulation looking for Eugene. I stopped because the large press crowd around someone but then I could see Eugene and his coach at the centre of it all so I decided to move closer.

“I am happy to have finally beaten it and hope to repeat or have an even better performance than this at the NCSC.” I could hear him say before long the whole crowd dispersed and I was left with him.

“Yes! How may I help you?” He replied with a stern look. “She lied.” I was in the habit of taking the bull by the horn “She made it clear to me yesterday night that we were not an item and that it was all a game to get you off her case.” I ranted hoping to leave afterwards.

“Let’s sit” He said pointing to one of the benches behind us. “This girl is crazy.” Eugene retorted. “I couldn’t agree more. She practically embarrassed me at the restaurant yesterday for what?” I thought out loud.

“There she is.” Eugene snuffed picking up his bottle and standing. I followed quickly.

“Hey! Dakore, now it’s your turn to lie right?” Eugene shouted causing her to stop. I stood next to Eugene confused, thoughts raced through my mind. Was I wrong? Should I have kept it to myself?

“You know what? I thought you were honourable but you just proved how much of a jerk you are.” She said facing me. “I might not be whatever you say or think I am but I was and still am honest unlike you, a bloody liar.” I responded

“I thought of you as a respectable person but now what’s left?” Eugene said shaking his head before leaving.

“Hey dude!” I called running after him. “Thanks for having my back.” I said.

“I’m Eugene.” He smiled “Joshua Dante.” I replied. His eyes opened wide as though he had seen a ghost. “Joshua? Darren’s brother?” he said.


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