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I woke out of my bed at the hotel room. It was a good morning with no better place than to be than at the Eko-Atlantic city. I peeped out the window having pulled the curtains aside I must say the government of Babatunde Raji Fashola really had this. The view below was a joy to behold, paradise if you ask me. I had hardly had this peace for a while -at least two years – and you should know why as a lagosian; work. I worked at the police department my base, Ikoyi. That was the seat of crime investigation in the Nigerian police force. No case of murder, homicide, genocide, suspected suicide came to us and I can categorically tell you that the past year was a horrible year of crime. There was an attempted murder of the president, prison escape, murder of the first lady lots of horrible stuff but in all it seemed to be a great year for me. I had been working hard beforethe year came in but I got my reward in that year rising to the rank of chief detective, earning my squad of what I could call the finest in the country in January, in November, I got the prestigious Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo criminal investigation award and to wrap it all up, you guessing already? I got my leave- first of its kind for me in 8 years of working for the criminal investigations unit of the police department- so you know how cool that was. I was excited but all that excitement was about to come to nothing,

I put on my clothes and set out just to take a morning stroll. Wait, who does that? I’m sure you think I’m gross and dirty by not having my bath or even brushing before going out but when you’re on holidays for the first time in 8 years trust me even taking your bath is work. I set out for the beach but had to make a quick stop for my calling stomach, well that’s what I’ll call it because it was rumpling and making sounds. I looked sideways and it was like my stomach had eyes of its own; right beside me was a KFC fast food without thinking twice about the cash I would have to spend, I dashed in.

“A pack of chicken…” I said pointing at the menu “1,500” the lady over the counter said looking up at me. “No problem.” I replied now conscious of its expensiveness I just couldn’t leave well because my stomach had not stopped calling and the part that surprises me every time I remember that morning is that it was every time I thought of not eating, my stomach made the noise again. So now you get my drift right?

I received my order and moved over to one of the tables, I was lucky to face the tv and sadly or should I say unfortunately, this tv was showing the news channel.

“…was murdered. His body was found at the elegushin beach this morning, a stab wound has also been discovered right in his heart…” The reporter’s voice sounded through the speakers of the Tv. It was clear that it was a murder but whom it was wasn’t clear. You know that stuff where because you’re not focused on something, you don’t hear it? That’s what happened that I couldn’t get the first part of the news.

I grabbed my I phone 6 – if you see my Nokia asha 230 you’ll think it’s an I phone 6- and signed into twitter, first thing on my timeline is the news that the C.E.O of DOMLAT shipping was murdered. I dropped the chopstick in my left hand letting it fall into the pack. I changed apps switching to the facebook app for Nokia asha 230. First thing on my wall is C.E.O of DOMLAT shipping is dead, social media is quite deceptive but one is all about the pictures; Instagram we call it IG well on my IG page first thing that pops up is… My girlfriend’s picture and she’s wearing this T-shirt that says RIP what’s written below the picture? C.E.O of DOMLAT shipping found dead… too bad things like this happen. Government where are you?

I got really confused could it be him? I had to confirm and there was one last source for very reliable famous people gist; Linda Ikeji’s blog. “Oh my God!” I sighed- what are you thinking? The first post was about the murder of the C.E.O of DOMLAT? Well the commissioner’s call came through- before answering. “Good morning sir!” I spoke into the phone microphone “Well Mr Martins Coker, I’m sorry to inform you that…” he said before the call broke. Well not because of service provider network but because my phone’s battery was dead. I had not charged it for a week now, I quickly packed my remaining chicken and moved out of the building and off to my hotel room. I can’t lie, those where the hardest moments of my life, was he going to say my appointment was terminated or was he going to say I’ve been relegated or de-ranked? My heart raced to and fro as I picked my charger and connected and in a split second, my phone was back to life. I quickly dialed him “Sorry my phone went off.” I explained as soon as he answered. “That’s nothing, as I was saying, I’m sorry to inform you that your precious holiday has ended…” I felt relief and it was evident in my sigh. I caught up with the phone call “… DOMLAT shipping has died and it was clearly seen to be murder. I want you and your squad to dig out the bastard that did this and I want it started now.” He ordered dropping the call.

I dropped the phone quickly as I ran to get my jacket. I picked up the phone again like a mad man, punched some letters and hit the send button then I moved out of the room. I ran across the reception out into the car park. I turned on the ignition of my range rover -1998 model (pimped)- and zoomed out of the hotel. I stopped at the traffic light, pulled out my phone to call peter but to my surprise the message I had sent earlier had not been sent –why? The phone was asking which sim to use. – I quickly sent the message and by the time I was done, horns were blasting beside me, the lights had gone green my next stop was at the office.

“Morning sir!” The officer at the gate saluted as I drove in “Easy!” I replied as I got out of the car and walked briskly into the building. “Martins. I wasn’t expecting you at the office today.” A young lady in her mid-thirties said to me as I walked into the CID. “Hey Vivian good to see you too. I said walking past her. The precinct was the biggest in Nigeria and as well as the most advanced, the brightest brains were there as well accounting for the police’s multiple success for a few years. Talking about facilities, my team had a whole lab to ourselves and that was where I headed for. Dominic was there, “Where’s peter?” I asked once I got in.

”Out with Anne,” he said not even looking in my direction. “Doing?” I asked swiveling his chair in my direction, “Duke slow it down, easy on the cool guy.” He said with an annoying smile on his face. “You sent us a message, we were here before you, we had the briefing and they decided to go check out the scene.” He said adjusting his sitting posture. “Put a call through to peter.” I ordered rubbing my palm against my forehead.

“Yes! Peter.” His voice came through from the other end “Can I get some updates?” I shot back. “Well, I’ve been able to get some sample of blood, fingerprints and some pictures but Anne is busy with the interviewing of people that say they were around earlier.

“Alright, you guys get done we’ll be waiting for you at the lab.” I replied picking my phone.

I walked over to the surveillance department, we needed video footage of the scene of the crime maybe we could easily identify the criminal, the commissioner was there at the moment “Easy!” He said as soon as he saw me in my attention position. “What’s the update?” he asked shaking my hand. “They’ve been to the scene to get some clues, I was just thinking we could get video footage to identify the criminal.” I said looking around for the head of the unit. He sighed “I’m sorry you can’t get that the security cams where shot just before it all happened. Sayo will brief you.” He said turning to take his leave. Sayo Adedibu was the head of the surveillance department, he was chubby but he was active in his duty.

“We viewed the footage over and over again to see where the shot came from and the person who shot the camera but all indications point to the fact that the shot came from someone who was off camera. We checked the other camera’s in the area and all of them are out as well.” He said as he walked up to me. I sighed, this was no ordinary murder it was well planned and executed to perfection. “This guys are experts.” I whispered. “They took out all the camera’s from the blinds” one tall guy reported as he joined us.



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