As I walked out into the hallway, I was greeted by the quick moving feet of peter “Sir!” he quickly saluted “Easy!” I replied “Where’s Anne?” I looked around expecting that she shows up from behind him. “She’s at the lab.” He replied swiftly before motioning to head for the lab as well. “So what do we got?” I asked as we walked over to the door of our lab. “I don’t think there are any clues from all we got, the murderer kept it clean and fast as well, the people around say that one moment he was alive and the next he was dead.” He ranted as we entered the lab. Peter was a smart young man a detective I’ll say but he was mostly used as the intelligence guy in our team. “You sure he wasn’t shot?” Dominic asked turning in our direction. “Well this doesn’t look like a bullet hole does it?” Peter snuffed pulling his camera and moving closer to Dominic. “So what are you saying?” I enquired “Stab hole, most likely murder instrument is knife.” Anne said coming from behind me pulling her rubber gloves off. “What you got?” I asked backing her. “I dusted the suit he was wearing for fingerprints just got it in the analyzer should be out on the computer by now.” She said insinuating the Dominic goes on to check for matches. “Two different prints… Bingo!” Dominic exclaimed I rushed off my seat towards the computer. “You got him?” I asked “The first fingerprint belongs to the vic and the other one his wife.” Dominic replied with a smile on his face. I swallowed hard as I felt the rush, the urge to punch him in the face, I picked my phone in anger and left for the coffee lounge.

“A cup please?” I said to the waiter “For two please.” I looked to my side trust me I was surprised as well to see her, Vivian was there. I ignored her, took my coffee and then a seat. “So tell me about this case that brought you back from your precious holiday.” Vivian had come to join me again “Would you let me have some peace?” I yelled at her. She stood silent for some seconds and I was feeling fly – I had shun her craziness- “Thanks for offering me a seat.” She stated before taking her seat. “Heard you’re working on the murder of DOMLAT.” She scoffed sipping her coffee. I stayed silent “The guy was a true entrepreneur… DOMLAT is the biggest shipping company in the country.” She stated sipping her coffee in between her ‘speech’ “The business world can be full of crime don’t you think? With all the competition and dirty deals of oil theft going on around? With the way DOMLAT grew over the past few years there surely would be some envy and for rich guys, one mistake could cost them their lives.” She said before finishing up her coffee. “Words of advice young man.” She said hitting the table with a fist before standing to take her leave.

I sat there staring at her as she walked away- well not her but just in her direction- the clues were pouring in, it all began to make sense. I looked at the wall clock, it was time to go home. I went off to the lab to dismiss the team “Tomorrow we continue…” were my words as we parted ways.

I couldn’t get to the office early and couldn’t get the info to the people at the office as well, the traffic on the road was deadly; driving on Lagos roads could be a terrible tasks especially on Fridays.

“Morning sergeant!” I greeted a saluting sergeant at the entrance to the precinct. The road to the lab wasn’t too far off-well it shouldn’t be given the frequency of my visiting there- in no time I was in the lab and you could bet Dominic was waiting to blast me.

“Sorry I came late…” I paused waiting to hear Dominic’s rant but to my surprise he didn’t move a lip talk less of saying a word. “You did keep us waiting.” Peter said dropping off the camera in his hand. “Well, doesn’t matter we’ve been busy.” My heart skipped a beat as Jane said those words. Could they have been informed? Well atleast that made the case easier but my job… much harder. “Doing?” I asked feigning the ‘not informed’ role. “We’ve been looking more closely at the evidence we got from the scene of the murder…” Anne stated moving behind me with another box. “Well I didn’t see you with that yesterday.” I commented at the sight of the suit the vic wore. “Someone sent them over… a part of the force.” She chuckled. “So what you got?” I asked tapping Dominic on the back. “Nothing, just confirming that the hole was from a stab and determining the weapon used.” He ranted not moving his skull. “Let’s see. The hole is this big, round but not smooth… the diameter?” I started sitting next to him “About 5cm…” he replied “Here, the tip of the hole is sharp… so obviously it’s a knife… a big sharp knife.” I concluded.

The door opened swiftly turning our attention to the entrance. Yes you guessed right, it was Vivian, my head dropped. “Wait till you hear this one… man down. Mr Adetogbe a member of the board of directors was found dead someway off the sultan beach in what seemed to be as a car crash.” She came closer to me “It never is as it seems when its serial… go to the scene, I called for a hands-off for you already.” She stated tapping my shoulder before turning to leave. Dominic was already busy searching the database for info. “Mr Adetogbe here is the deputy chairman of the board” he read out loud. “Anne, we are going together… whoever is killing these guys wants something and until we know it, we can’t have him or her.” I stated grabbing my keys and heading out of the precinct.



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