The police where all over the place, people swarmed the area as you would have expected the police had managed to keep them away from the scene. We barged through the large crowd “Move back.” The policeman ordered as we made our way to his front. “Police!” I replied immediately showing my ID he raised the tape to allow me through I waited for Anne to join me but it seemed like it was taking eternity for her to come- well I found out why- I looked back only to find her standing in front of the man that let me through and she seemed to be searching for something I knew I had to help her “She’s with me.” I stated patting the policeman on his back “Next time you’re coming to places like this never forget your ID.” he warned before letting her pass.

I stared at the corpse as it sat comfortably in the driver’s seat the other car was a complete wreck with no sign of a human passenger at all. “How could this be?” I turned to a Anne that was perplexed. “See… this car has no stain of blood on it or in it from what I can see…” I was busy searching the other car at this point “… and look at this, no tight positioning of the vic in the compressed area of the car…” Anne was busy writing down all what I was observing “So what we are finding is that…” “Maybe he was killed before being put in this position?” she cut in. I looked at her with a smile “Absolutely… look… he bled from his head and his head is resting perfectly on the chair… no sign of a sharp or heavy object that could have injured him.” I said searching the back seat. “I’ll call his wife for further details.” Anne said moving away from the cars. It was then it dawned on me that I had done something wrong. Anne was at the site where the dead body of her uncle lay. She had been here all this while staring at the body of her dead uncle and it never occurred to me. She was back within a minute but she was totally different. I could clearly see the tears roll gratefully down her cheeks even her voice had become timid and unclear. I just stared. “He was out through the night on business dealings, he went by public transport and later his house was attacked and this car taken and here he is.” She muttered as the tears flowed down freely “This is more than finding one man, it’s a whole…” I was cut short by Anne who was falling “Anne! Anne! Anne!” I screamed getting no response “Get me an ambulance!” I exclaimed loud enough for the surrounding police to hear. In no time a paramedic’s ambulance was right in front of us. I carried her into the ambulance “Probably psychological trauma.” I said as I dropped her on the stretcher bed inside. The doctors got to work immediately placing a little ‘thing’ on her chest, a long ‘beep’ sound came from a ‘meter’ on the side immediately “We’re losing her!” The doctor exclaimed, he reached out to the oxygen mask hanging right behind him and placed it gently on her nose “Sir you need to move out we are off to the hospital.” He suggested. I obeyed swiftly jumping off the ambulance.

I walked back to my car confused I slammed the door as I sat in the driver’s seat. I smacked the steering over and over again, I just couldn’t understand. I placed my head on the steering thoughts flowed into my head. If the car was stolen from the house, his body would have been brought here somehow. This had to be some pretty planned operation, I picked up my phone and scrolled to Vivian’s number “No!” I said out loud, I put the key in, started the engine and turned it off straight away. I got off and headed back for the crime scene. There were no car tracks but foot tracks on the beach. “That’s probably how they got the body here.” I said picking up the pieces of evidence I had left behind and taking a picture of the scene before I left.

“Sayo… you’re here.” I said walking into the lab. “Yeah! Just checking up on what you guys got.” He replied catching my handshake. “Analyze these.” I said pushing the briefcase to peter. “We need video coverage of Mr Adetogbe’s apartment for five hours ago and two hours after for the site of the crime.” I said causing Sayo to stop at the door. “Alright, any update on Anne?” he asked “She’s still in a critical condition.” I replied walking up to him at the door.

Vivian knocked the door but didn’t wait for a reply before walking in. “Here!” She said dropping something off at Dominic’s table. “What’s that?” he asked looking up to her. “Video coverage you asked for.” She replied. Dominic put in the CD’s and we sat and analyzed the videos slowly and carefully, it was a group of four men with masks. ”Were chasing four men.” I said out loud turning back only to see Vivian still standing there. ”Got no work?” I said implying that she should have left “Sorry about Jane but now that she’s out you might be needing an extra mind. The commissioner has directed me to be.” She replied calmly. I swallowed bitterly Vivian was always a pain in my neck but now, I had to work with her “That’s where we end today’s job.” I said leaving the lab

I walked slowly to where I parked my car. I couldn’t rush to open the door, no one who understood this case could ever have. I finally managed to open it. My mind was still racing around trying to find where we were to start off from tomorrow. “This can’t end this way.” I thought to myself. “Yaba?” I looked to see who said that. “Vivian! Okay hop in.” I replied. I had wanted to shout at her but then, who shouts at his colleague? She was a special agent and even though she was a pain in my ass she was an asset to our department.

“Could we get moving?” she said nudging me a little getting me out of my thoughts. “I’ll be going to see Jane first. Is that alright?” I asked forcing a smile on my face. “You forget I have a car parked right next to you.” She said pointing to her Mercedes Benz. “I want to see Jane and lend you some advice as well.” She added hissing. I started the engine and zoomed off into the blue.



  1. This is getting serious! So Anne is related to the murdered man. Intriguing!!
    Thos is a captivating episode, good job. Keep it up!



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