The dream I lost

They told me I didn’t make it and they called me a failure they told me I wasn’t chosen they said I was unqualified. They said my idea was insensible they called me dull they said I was talking trash I was called a fool. I sat and dug into the uttermost of my configuration and found that it had begun so long ago….that one day, the day I lost my dream.


I had a dream to be the most successful man in the world to be chosen as the most influential men. I dreamt of becoming the wisest man the planet had ever seen to become the most sought man for advice by nations all over the world. But I failed because I lost my dream


One Comment

  1. That dream can still be found.
    Or better still create a new one, a better
    dream. You can still do it, you can still attain
    that height! It’s not too late yet, just get to work.



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