The Precinct Episode 4

“It could be hard to decipher who is behind the killings if the intent is not known. What we’ll do now is to find out why.” I spoke those words to the rest of the team exactly as Vivian had told them to me. “We need to get his children here for questioning. Peter get your hands on that.” I ordered. “Dominic, I want reports and surveillance of the headquarters of the shipping company.” I chanted. “Vivian, we need to call Mr. Edward Ifeanyi too.” I concluded.
“What’s Anne like?” Dominic asked looking straight at the screen. “She’s coming back to normal and if she’s perfect, she should be back by the day after tomorrow.” replied raising my head from the cover of the newspaper I was reading. The police sirens came blasting. It was time to work as the children of our first Vic had arrived. I moved directly to the interrogation room. Vivian was a specialist in that area so I wasn’t surprised to have met her there. “They’ll be going in one after the other.” she informed as soon as I got to her side. “Are you going in?” I asked. “No, let Peter handle this.” she replied looking indifferent.
The first two out of three children went in and were clear I was getting the vibe that it couldn’t have been any of them – why would you kill your father anyways? – I was already talking of leaving – well in my head – “Wait!” Vivian suddenly exclaimed. “That was a lie.” she quickly added. I wasn’t paying attention to the discussion inside the room again so I was clueless. Vivian moved like flash into the room and I was moving like a snail – If I say so – Vivian was already in the interrogation zone throwing questions after question at the innocent girl the shocking part was Vivian was getting aggressive. “Easy lady.” I said trying to light up the mood in the room. “Take her away.” Vivian ordered. I was startled “Well you need to explain this to me.” I stated grabbing her hand trying to stop her from leaving the room. “I don’t answer to you.” she replied flinging my hand from off her’s. I stood on the spot speechless. “you gotta take it easy man.”Peter advised tapping my shoulder before,making his way out of the room.
I knew Vivian always had a date with the coffee lounge whenever she got all worked up so my search for her took me to the coffee lounge. I got myself a cup and searched around for her. She was seated in a corner at the back of the lounge. I moved to her table and I was surprised to see her cup of coffee still steaming and filled. She wasn’t the type to not have consumed the coffee at once. “What’s next?” I asked taking my seat in opposite her. She looked up and back and remained silent. “Sharafai shipping boss is not going to be coming in today.” I informed her taking a sip of my coffee. “She got into an argument with him over the fate of DOMLAT.” she broke the silence she had embraced. I was shocked. Could she have killed her father and his deputy? “Dominic got me her alibi that was what she lied about.”She continued. “More will die.” She continued. “That’s what she told me.” Vivian was shaking with fear and I, I was speechless. Vivian rushed through her coffee, I finished up in time and we returned to the lab.
“Martins.” I turned back to see Sayo behind me. “What’s up brov.” I greeted “Another man down. Mr Dadinkowa.” He said. I stood there shocked only my head could move and it turned to Vivian whose head was dropped. Sayo patted me o, the back as he walked past us. “It gets more bloody.” Vivian soliloquized. We moved over to the lab and the disturbing news was that Peter was nowhere to be found. “Where is Peter?” I asked facing Dominic. “Gone.” he replied sharply. “Where?” I replied trying to stay calm. “The scene.” he replied finally turning in my direction. “Surprisingly, wonder girl Jane shows up at the lab and insists on getting to the scene with Peter… I know, I tried to stop her but you know Jane.” he ranted through. I was still thinking of what Dominic had just said when the partners walked in. “What’s the update?” I asked Peter as soon as he dropped the case in his hand. “An eye witness say they were threatening him and asking for a ‘crump’.” he replied. “Hey Anne.” I greeted “How do you feel now?” Dominic quickly asked. “Very well thank you.” She replied smiling faintly.



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