The Precinct Episode 5

“What was your last connection with DOMLAT?” I questioned, the CEO of Sharafai shipping Mr Edward Ifeanyi was at the receiving end of my questions. “Well, a little business deal he stole from us with a company in Australia.” He replied with a straight face. “Tell me more about this deal… What was it about.” I stated resting my back. “Work stuff… Shipping sea food and some agricultural produce from tin can island to Australia.” he said looking indifferent. “What do you mean by he stole it?” Vivian chipped in. “We had reached an agreement with the Australians then he showed up, had a discussion with them, next thing that happens, I get a call from them that the deal is off.” He was showing signs of anger as he went on with his reply. “Just how much effect did losing that contract have on your company?” Vivian asked further leaning on the table. He paused, took a deep breath “It was one that could’ve wrecked the company.” he uttered. “could’ve? How didn’t it.” I probed. “After his death, we got the deal.” he had a sly smile lurking around his cheeks as he was saying those words. I looked at my partner. “Thank you sir and sorry for any inconveniences we had caused you.” she stated. “please do stay in town to avoid any embarrassment for the duration of this investigation.” I said closing the session. Vivian advised that we walked him out of the precinct. After another brief exchange of pleasantries, he zoomed off into the blue.
“I got his car tracked.” Vivian said smiling at me as soon as he left. “Are you crazy! Wow!” I ranted as I walked behind her towards the lab. “Dominic, I’ve got work for you.” she said as we entered the lab. “At your service my lady.” he teased. “we’re tracking.” she broke. You should have seen Dominic jump and scream like a pregnant woman in labour. Anne and Peter were like me – startled – “Wow! You know I love tracking people, eavesdropping, spying…. So who’s getting tracked?” he ranted with joy as though the lady of his dreams were around the corner. “Sharafai shipping’s boss.” she replied sitting next to him. “Nice! Boss watch here we come.” he said in the tone of the man in Nickelodeon’s adverts. “We’re getting audio signals.” Vivian pointed to the portion of the screen where the wave forms were appearing. “Voice signals rather than road as expected.” Dominic replied “How do you know?” Peter asked moving closer to them. “The frequency of the waveforms as well as the amplitudes are in voice range.” he said pointing them out to Peter. Dominic attended the university of Liverpool where he studied physics and held a masters degree in Biophysics from university of Bath.
“Well fool, get us in on the discussion and hold of your lecture.” Vivian cut in putting an end to the physics lecture that was about to ensue in the lab. “Grab an headset then.” he said rubbing the back of his head that Vivian had slapped earlier. “Set.” She announced before Dominic punched a few keys, she took about four seconds with the headphone before dropping it. “And what was that?” I enquired. “Rubbish. Some guy arguing with his wife over the kids school fees.” she retorted. “And we have a visual.” Dominic announced. “Turns out Mr Tracked is busy filling his stomach.” Dominic stated sarcastically
“Alright, lets take a look at this.” Peter said coming closer to the board. “The board of DOMLAT shipping had four members of which three are dead.” He started. “It seems as though there’s a plan to wipe all of them out.” Anne added. “Maybe the fourth man planned to wipe them all out.” Dominic chipped in. “Let’s bring him in then” Vivian concluded. “No, we have no evidence pulling him into this for now, calling him in would make him cover up any clues if he happens to be behind it all.” I countered. “So what do you suggest?” Anne asked. “We’ll monitor his movements maybe we’ll get something.” I suggested. “Another sneak up mission.” Dominic giggled.
“I need details on this man.” I said turning to Dominic. “Brov calm the nerves. I work with computers a lot doesn’t make me one.” He ranted. “Well the man in question is Mr okechukwu Nnaemeka… In charge of media and communication… Lives at 56, Adedibu street Ikoyi… That’s all” he said looking at us. “Martins, I forgot to inform you, Anne said she noticed this.” he said handing me a picture. “She said the blood mark was the same as that of the previous two killings.” he said before walking away after I had said thank you.
“I’ll be leaving, kids are closed for the day and my husband is out of the country.” Vivian informed picking up her jacket and making for the door. “Oh! It’s 5:30 pm,already… Safe journey… Till tomorrow.” I said bidding her. “Anne… It’s time.” Peter called “a second please!” Anne replied on top of her voice. “Where to?” I inquired. “Anne asked me to take her to the hospital by 6pm and we’re half an hour away from that.” he replied grabbing his keys. “You’ll be heading home from there right?” Dominic asked “Yes.” Anne relied as she joined us. “Sure.” Peter relied giggling. “Do rest well Anne.” We said together like a pre recorded instruction. With every one but Dominic out of the lab, I sat to examine the picture and the case so far. Anne asked me to submit a report of the case so far on her behalf and it did come handy.
“Dominic, can you please find what this sign represents?” I said passing a sketch of the blood mark to him.



  1. Getting more and more #Suspensious!
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    1. I’m extremely sorry abt that most times all I do is smile and take every comment into consideration for the next post.
      Thanks for the advice though and hope u’ve voted in the NBA?



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