The Precinct Episode 6

“Please try to make this operation quick and silent as possible.” We heard loud and clear. Dominic played it for the umpteenth time just hearing the voice got me hitting my hand against the wall repeatedly in fury. “Did he say anything about the objective of their supposedly silent and quick mission?” I questioned. “Well its the other way round brov… Quick and silent.”Peter teased. “No! What we know is that he was at the Straw-Coast restaurant this morning.” Dominic replied. “Did you get a visual?” Vivian questioned standing. “Yes but not with the man in it though.” he said punching sone keys on the keyboard. “Let’s slow it down and see.”. He added smiling. Anne walked in at the end of his speech. “So early.” I stated turning to her. “What?” She stuttered pretending to not know what I was talking about. “Nothing important.” I said with a faded smile on my face. “Wait!” Dominic exclaimed. All four of us stopped what we were doing and fixed our gaze on him. “The sign you asked me to dig up anything about it yesterday…… This is it.” I moved closer to the screen. “Look!” He said pointing at the logo of the Straw-Coast restaurant. “That could only mean one thing… They worked there. If not why would he meet them there? Why would they leave that same mark on three occasions? It couldn’t have been a coincidence” Anne suggested and I was about to let her know I agreed with her but for the buzzers that went noisy. The precinct was in motion and I was too. “Sayo what’s happening?” I asked as I bumped into him just outside the lab. “There’s currently a robbery going on at the house of the last person on the DOMLAT board.” He informed leaving me where I stood – well I couldn’t just be standing there, it was our chance to get these guys red handed.- “Peter, grab a gun we have theives to catch.” I said opening the lab door. “Just when did my partner become a thief catcher?” Vivian teased from inside. “When they decided to rob one of our suspects… Mr Okechukwu’s apartment is under siege.” I said making way for a strapped Peter. “Vivian you could do with checking the bar you know?” I suggested before locking the door behind me.
Police vehicles were on the move and we joined in the movement in the twinkle of an eye. “Suspects are on the loose. Headed towards Division 5 station.” The voice from the control station came in through the radio phone. “Maps.” I said turning sharply to Peter. I was on high speed so I couldn’t take my hand of the steering. “BX 451 AKD on Adetoun boulevard.” he spoke into the radio phone. “Roger that.” he said again almost immediately. A red dot appeared on the map. I was closing in on them and I needed to join the roadblock up ahead so I stepped on the accelerator even harder.

I arrived the restaurant and it was virtually empty but for a figure that sat at the corner of the building. I moved closer rubbing my hand against my gun on my waist as I moved closer. He was backing me and he sat still like he was… I don’t know maybe dead? “Hello beauty.” I turned shocked to see another man at the counter causing me to startle and release my gun from my grip. “Well hello handsome.” I replied. “Want some food or just a drink?” he started “We sell the finest cappuccino around here.” He smiled speaking in an Italian accent. “Sure, why else would I be here?” I replied forcing a smile. “I’ll be back in a moment.” He said leaving to the inner room. I peeped over the counter only to see a couple of pictures “I heard that guy’s dead now.” I stated as he walked out. “Who?” he asked passing my cup of coffee. “Him.” I replied pointing at the picture of the CEO of DOMLAT that was lying at the other end. “Yeah, two more from the board have also gone down.” He said resting on the table. “This guy is the only one left.” he said raising the pictures. I could clearly see a X mark behind three of the pictures. “Can I take a look?” I asked stretching my hand to receive it. “Sure.” he said passing it to me. I found that the three marked pictures were those of the deceased. “Excuse me.” I said dropping the pictures because my phone was ringing I took a look at the caller ID and found it to be Dominic. I rushed out and picked the call “Get out of there.” he said sharply. I knew better as a cop not to stall when I heard such directions. I rushed into my car and moved a few blocks away. I kept my gaze on the inner mirror and I could see a car that looked familiar park near the restaurant. I thought of going back but I decided to head back to the precinct.
“What was that about?” I questioned entering the lab. “Mr Ifeanyi.” He replied. “Oh!” I sighed. “Did you find anything?” he asked swiveling his chair in my direction. “Pictures of the board members with an X mark behind those that have been killed.” I replied taking a seat. “Bastards” Anne scoffed.
I pulled up quickly creating a road block alongside the SUVs, the robbers were heading towards us with a batch of police vehicles right behind them. I quickly got off the car and got into a good shooting position and as you would have expected, Peter was right beside me. I watched him say a little word of prayer before he was ready. “Robbers in black mustang headed towards 359.” the voice from the radio came through. I looked up and froze at the sight, it was not a one mustang chase, it was a bunch of them. They formed a circle and highlighted into the center using the cars as a shield from the two batches of police vehicles around them. “Drop your weapons and het down on your knees one of the police men blasted. “Oh! I almost forgot, the police are here.” one of them snorted after which he bent two fingers repeatedly signaling for someone to come or bring something that, I didn’t know. Two figures that seemed to be struggling emerged from one of the cars. “We know you want him but we’re not letting him go if we don’t leave here.” the supposed boss of the robbers negotiated. I had seen his face once but where? I was clueless. “Oh no.” Peter exclaimed. “What?” I asked turning sharply to him. “That’s Mr Okechukwu Nnaemeka.” he replied. I could see the man we needed in fear with a gun to his head. “So like responsible men that we are, make way and let us move.” He snorted looking towards our direction. There was no movement of any sort and it seemed to get him angry. “Well you think you’re smart? I’ll kill him.” He screamed, grabbed a gun from one of his ‘apprentices’, turned to face the board member and fell – well, there was a gunshot as well. The sound of the gun fire was louder to me and it happened to be Peter who shot. The gun fire began from both ends. “What did you do that for?” I asked docking behind the car. “He would have killed him and we need him alive so we can know why he was abducted.” he said having joined me in that position. I was about to say something when the glass of the car shattered. I moved up taking a few stray shots before observing my terrain. One thing was unusual and it got my attention,normally Mr okechukwu should have been dead but it seemed as though they were safeguarding him. One of the cars was ignited and was speeding in our direction. “I’ll take the tyre you take the driver.” I shouted to Peter. “On three… One, two, three.” the guns went off and first, there was a skid and a splash of blood on the bonnet- well, the windscreen was gone after it received a barrage of bullets- Soon, all of them were down including Mr Okechukwu. I rushed into the circle to search him out and luckily for us, he was only shot in the leg but had bled badly from the wound. He was about to say something when he passed out. “vv79 calling for emergency ambulance at 359 now.” I shouted through my radio phone.



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