It all started on that Sunday. The evidence of trust she had in me began to bloom when she told me about him. The joy in my heart knew no bounds as I tried to cover it up. At last I had found a true friend. One who trusts me. But my nightmare was about to start. Had I known I wouldn’t have written that name. “VINCENT” Now i’ll be scared of anyone called Vincent.she took offence.Till now I won’t know if she was serious or not. “You’ve betrayed my trust.” something similar to her words. “You’re no longer my friend.” I lost someone dear to my heart afterwards. I shouldn’t even have followed their advice. Now I can’t talk to her freely ever again. All I can do is hurt as she drifts further away from me now. I’ve said am sorry but I know for sure that things can never be the same. I SWEAR I WILL NEVER GET THIS CLOSE TO PEOPLE except for my wife and children.

The pain has now doubled and I have to bear it. I feel the guilt, I couldn’t keep them, I couldn’t fight for them, I failed them, I failed myself. She now resides in my past. I’ll keep remembering her words “You betrayed my trust.” That sentence is now enlisted in my most hated and most feared statements. How could I repeat the same thing?” Once beaten twice shy they say but now mine is twice beaten four times shy.

“LOL” then she left even when I tried to bring up a discussion I was scared and eventually couldn’t, she even tries to keep our conversations very short and scarce. it hurts to see her drift from me. Now im never going to be that free person, writing her name hurts even more. She’s only a friend but i’m scared to lose my only true friend what can I do to save our friendship?


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