The Precinct Episode 7

Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep. The last one was longer and still wasn’t stopping creating some panic in the bedside nurse. She grabbed a phone and soon a doctor was in the room with us and before long, he was stabilized.
“Did I ever behave like that?” Mr Okechukwu said turning to me. “Yeah, a lot of times. They say you bled too much.” I replied smiling faintly. “Well, it’s good to be back.” He said getting off the bed. “So the doctor said you’ll be leaving but you won’t be going home, you’ll be coming with me to the precinct, we’ve got a few questions.” I informed him getting up,from the chair. “At your service.” he said stretching a hand towards the door.
The journey back to the precinct was quite silent, thoughts of a possible end to this case flooded my mind. Arriving at the precinct we were greeted by the commissioner who apologized on the behalf of the police for the injury inflicted on our man. After the brief chat and all the press talk, we headed for the the interrogation room where Vivian was waiting and I was surprised to see the daughter of the CEO of DOMLAT she detained – though she was released after 12 hours- also waiting.
“Well hello Aishat.” He said before taking a seat beside her. “Got a call that she wanted to say something and I think you should hear it from her.” Vivian said to me immediately I took my seat. “I’m all ears.” I stated turning to Aishat.
“Dad said he was about to give away DOMLAT which was what I depended on, he said it was because he was about to die from cancer. We all knew that… He was to create a board and make it multi national… He had lost a contract with an Australian company to Sharafai but on discussing it with the company they got him the contract… That day, we argued about DOMLAT having a board instead of a sole leader like it used to have… He told me that I was his best choice for a successor but I’ll have to succeed him on the board… As the chairperson. He said he had only two weeks to live and I pleaded with him to have chemo to remove the mass of cells but he was adamant and I left angry…crying, hoping to return home the next morning to try again… I did… I returned to his death.” She burst out into tears as she concluded. “Wow!” I sighed and took a,glance at Vivian who was looking indifferent. “Thank you and I’m deeply sorry for your loss.” I stated dismissing her. “So what’s your take on her testimony?” I asked facing Mr Okechukwu. “True. He called me that day and said his daughter was to take his place and that the next day we were to have a meeting to state her as the new chairperson. He informed us of his cancer and his deadline day on earth.” He said soberly. “What did they want from you?” Vivian asked getting away from all the sober talk. “A chip.” he replied sharply. “Did they get it?” I asked. “No!” He replied again sharply. Peter had walked in a second ago and was brooding with questions. “What does this chip contain or what is it?” he asked coming closer to the table. “Well, its four of them, they lead to the companies main database. Who ever has all four has literally taken over the company.” He explained. ” So what you’re telling us basically is that all four members of the board have one?” I enquired. “Yes and given that they are all dead I’m suspecting they have it all except mine.” He said. “Why weren’t you killed?” Vivian asked with a straight face. Peter and I were startled even the man being interrogated was shocked. “well you seem as though you want me dead.” He replied with a bit of sarcasm in his voice. “It happens that all the others lost their chips and their lives but you, you have both.” She explained. “I guess it’s because they need my chip and someone to make it work I believe.” He replied confidently. “Well Mr Okechukwu at this juncture, I strongly believe that you need to stay at the police safe house until the investigation is complete and these criminals apprehended before moving back to your house.” I stated. “It would also be beneficial if you hand the chip in question over to the police.” Peter advised. “Alright.” he stated joining me on my feet and receiving my handshake. “The chip is in my house so if we may, lets go get it now.” he said. “Off we go.” I replied chuckling.
We moved out of the precinct and off to his house. After about 30 minutes of the journey, I noticed this car was following us, I made couple of turns, increased my acceleration and still it wasn’t far behind. Vivian grabbed the transmitter “Back up needed at 56 Adedibu street Ikoyi now.” she blasted. I headed for the house not showing signs of caring about them. As we approached, the police were nowhere to be found – or so I thought- “Approaching said target.” Vivian informed through the transmitter. “They’re here.” she spoke after a little hesitation. I looked to my side and could see a man saluting me, cars were parked in strategic points just not to give away our identity. This was our chance to make an arrest, but they were smart as well. We stopped at the gate and they took the left turn going to park a few blocks away from the house. We moved in swiftly. I called for backup to meet us at the back of the house. We entered through the front door, picked up the chip and made for the back door – I guess we were outsmarted- these guys were swarming the back gate causing us to take cover immediately we moved out due to the rain of bullets flying at us. “How do they find us?” I screamed at Vivian so she could hear due to the noise of shatters and bullets leaving the gun. She hesitated a little. “Him! There’s probably a tracking device in him and no one knows.” She stated. Her hypothesis wasn’t wrong at all, we searched his pockets and found the innocent looking device and crushed it. “Backup move in behind location.” Vivian ordered through her radiophone. Soon, tyres where screeching – well, they were leaving- I poked my head over the fence only to see police cars. “Are we clear?” she asked “Copy.” she responded before keeping her gun in her pouch and heading out.
“We’ll distract them this way you guys go that way.” one of the men said to us as we walked out. “Alright, you guys be careful.” I advised before getting into the car and zooming off.



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