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“Then? *Laughs* okay, continue writing” she giggled all through. “Why the laughter now?” I kept asking myself. The courage to ask seemed to be afar off but the desire, i had it right with me. As with all things we desire, the ability to muster up courage came. “Is it a crime to be in love?” I stated after the laughter capsized. She burst out in laughter again and couldn’t sustain it longer as it all started becoming awkward. “Won’t you say something?” I questioned calling up a smile. “Just keep writing.”
Okay, it wasn’t like I was writing her a love letter right in front of her – I’m not that dumb- actually she just said the much coveted “Yes.” A few days ago. So why she was laughing was still a mystery to me. The scribbling continued and I was done with my landmark 500th post’s draft and she was to have the pleasure of viewing it first.- romantic isn’t it? *Winks*- “You know i remember the letter you sent to me, the blog posts you created about me, to see you seated here, as my boo…” and she broke into laughter again. “Would you read or I post.” I stated trying to ignore her earlier statement. She stretched her hand to receive my laptop but she missed and SMASH. My laptop went crashing, with no other copy of my exceptional blog posts, no way to retrieve the data i had to go extra miles to get authorization for. All I could do was stare at her. I couldn’t choose which hurt me more… my laptop or my blog post.
She was staring at the laptop but not until I bent to pick up the shatter of my Mac. “You had better found a way to repair the system.” She said giggling amidst it. Yeah! I was shocked just as you are. All she cared about was getting to read my blog post, to get to see all the exclusive pictures I took with the president. “Thank God you have money so repairing shouldn’t be a problem.” she uttered. My ears had to be malfunctioning. I had to be in a trance or probably she was teasing me. So I thought until she picked her bag and made for the door. “Are you serious?” I managed to mutter. She turned back and hissed. “You let my laptop drop and leave it in ruins and not even a single sorry?” I said shaking my head. “Oh sorry I think I skipped that line or may be it wasn’t in my script. I’ll be back in the evening, I hope you have it fixed. Love you” she replied and walked out.

Till now, my laptop remains as it were, my exceptional blog post still hangs in the abstract blogosphere. My heart yearns for advice. My ears are all yours.



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