The Precinct – DOMLAT Episode 9





09:00 Mar 22

“Ladies and gentlemen, these missions are of high importance and priority as they may lead us into ambiguous times in our in going investigation so…” “Will you shut up and give us the locations?” Vivian screamed cutting Dominic’s rant. “Easy on the folk this morning woman.” Dominic defended. “Which is of more importance to you, your job or your comedy.” She retorted trying to instil a sense of seriousness in him. “Truth be told, I’m thinking of taking up comedy soon.” He humoured. Peter and Anne couldn’t hold the laughter while I managed to. Vivian on the other hand was indifferent. “Next sub-topic please.” She said as the laughter seized. ”First target is stationary and it’s at the national museum in Onikan. The second however, is in motion. I’ve been keeping tabs on it, it has been moved from Ikoyi here down to Ikeja and it currently is at FESTAC town.” Dominic informed. “Peter, you guys take the museum, we’ll take the town.” I ordered before picking up my keys. “Teams moving out.” Peter stated joining in Dominic’s fantasy.

10:13 Mar 22


We rode around FESTAC town searching for signs of the chip being moved –at least that was what it was supposed to be- my mind raced back to the purpose for which the ‘town’ was built; the great FESTAC cantata. The amount of cultural heritage Nigeria and indeed West Africa had on show. The beauty of the city of Lagos at that period, if you weren’t born at that period, there’s this thing they call search engines especially this popular one with the Google nomenclature, just use them. The gulf in beauty was quite obvious but the crowd? I could still say was the same density. As Lagos is known, the hustle city. “Dominic you there?” Vivian spoke into our radiophone. “On standby.” He replied calmly. I had snapped out of my trip down memory lane as Vivian spoke. “Situation report?” I asked as I pulled up. “Target is still at FESTAC town, about to make a turn on 24 road.” He informed. I pressed my feet against the accelerator as we headed towards the 24 road. “How do we even know we’re copying the right device?” Vivian asked. “The chip emits a certain frequency of electromagnetic radiation. We have tuned the device to the same frequency. Thus, the device would not copy any other thing.” He replied. “You’re gorgeous fool.” Vivian teased before getting off the car. “So who bears the bell?” Vivian asked as I joined her outside the car. “Code name bell… you’re becoming like Dominic.” I teased. The beep came, it was long at that. I looked to the person that walked beside us, he was wearing a white oversized jacket with a dark cowboy hat, he had white trousers on and from walking ahead of him, I could see he had a white shirt on as well. Dominic was in my head – not literally, my earphones were playing what Dominic was saying. “Contact initiated… stay close… copying… almost done…” He continued updating me. “… Done!” he exclaimed causing me to stop. Vivian met me with the car. “We should have arrested him.” She stated hitting the steering. “Then that would have been a very bad idea.” She looked at me with wondering eyes. – Yeah that sounds very stupid of me but be patient. – “Look!” I said pointing to the van at the other side of the road. There was a sharp exchange between to oppositely dressed individuals. The one was the one I followed the other was wearing the black opposite of the former. “Wow!” Vivian exclaimed. “Let’s get back to base.” I stated asking Vivian to drive off to the precinct.

10:45 Mar 22


We arrived at the National Museum quite later than expected due to the usual Lagos traffic. Dominic was in our heads, and had just informed us that the other team had found their ‘bell’ and were still on copying, Anne and I moved swiftly into position – we just joined the queue actually- “How much?” I asked the worker with the tickets as we made our way to his front. “200 Naira per person.” He replied. I pulled out a 500 naira note and didn’t even wait for the balance- well, I had told him to keep it after I handed the original fee to him- “How do we get the bell now?” I asked facing Anne but actually asking Dominic. Anne was holding onto me like I were about to take her to the altar. “I never knew you were so generous oo.” Dominic teased. “Pretty couple, you two.” A woman that looked and sounded Spanish commented, “Thank you.” we replied almost simultaneously causing us to miss what Dominic. “Please repeat.” I said this time facing the tour guide. “Next turn to your right.” He replied. “No road brov.” Anne replied. The man behind her looked at her disgustingly. “Sorry I thought you wanted to go through.” She said smiling at him. “There’s a freaking door numskulls.” He retorted. We waited for the crowd to move before we broke away and into our mission. “Yes please?” The huge ‘bouncer’ at the door stated in his baritone halting our plans of entering the room. “Police.” Anne replied showing off her badge and it was the perfect move as he moved away for our safe passage. Just as we entered, the room, there was a beep, a long one and it got me scared. “Dominic.” Anne whispered. “Contact initiated… copying… stay in range… Done!” He ranted. Anne and I did the high five before thinking of heading out. As we walked out, I could see the ‘bouncer’ hide his phone which made me suspicious. I went to him and stretched my hand for a handshake – well, not only a handshake, I peeped at his name tag- I kept reciting it till we got to the car where I scribbled it on my notepad.

11:16 Mar 22


“Dominic can you see what we got on Danjuma Razak?” Peter instructed as he walked into the lab. “How did it go?” Vivian asked. We had also just returned to the precinct about 6 minutes ago. “We were successful but it seems as though we were noticed.” Anne replied slumping into her chair. “Danjuma Razak is a guard at the National museum.” Dominic read out loud. Suddenly a page appeared out of the blue right in front of everyone, I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t shocked. “That’s our new gadget. It was installed while you guys were away. You don’t have to get here to do some research or view info. The tab does it all.” He said lifting a tablet up. “Wow… this guy is not whom we saw at the museum is he?” Peter said facing Anne who replied with the sideway rotation of her head.



  1. Wow I am very glad you won the 2014 blog award for this your niche. I am a regular reader and I admire your blog.Thanks so much for all your good works. Keep inspiring!



    1. Awww thank you so much… It’s such a pleasure to know someone appreciates my work… Please do continue reading and commenting and also tell others about this blog… God bless



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