The Finale: The Precinct DOMLAT

Book_Poetry_Writing1The Precinct


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These events occurred between midday and 19:00 on the 22nd of March

12:00 Mar 22

“We have the last phase of our mission today coming up in a few minutes.” Dominic ranted passing the last device to me. “The location of this one is quite unbelievable.” He continued. “And where would that be?” Anne asked forcing a childish smile. “The DOMLAT headquarters.” He replied carefully. “Wow! What a conspiracy.” Vivian said in amazement. I was surprised as well but with the past few weeks of being on this case, I could well understand. “They’ve got an insider.” Peter mentioned. “You have a thing for stating the obvious.” I started. “At least we’ve also got ours.” I continued looking towards Mr Okechukwu. “We could get the culprits right now with this info…” “Well, we’ve got no time, save the chip first.” I cut in stopping Vivian’s magnificent suggestion whilst handing her jacket over to her. “We’ll need our badges on this one.” I said beckoning to her not to forget her badge before we moved out of the lab.

14:07 Mar 22

We were quick on our feet as Dominic instructed us on directions to the exact spot where the chip was. So interestingly, this was the first time we were visit the headquarters since the start of our investigation. I was busy admiring the whole scenery that I didn’t know we had arrived where we were headed for until I heard “This region is out of bounds to customers.” I looked up and all I could see was two guards standing firmly at the entrance. I prayed silently that the device beeped but then, that was not to be. We were still some way off the exact point where the chip was.
“Police.” Vivian stated flaunting her badge. I followed suit hoping that it would buy us space. “Even the bosses are not allowed in here.” One of them replied giggling. “Well, even the bosses are under the law.” Vivian touted. “And the law is under protocol.” The first guard shot back. “Where’s your warrant?” he added. Vivian stared me in the eye and I did the same to her. Our mission had failed at that point.

14:15 Mar 22

“Hey! Are you still at the headquarters?” Peter’s voice came through. “Yes! We are just outside.” I replied. “You need to go back inside and find the control room for the chips or the chip control room whichever is right.” Dominic instructed. “Dude, we don’t work here. I hope you remember that.” Vivian shot back insinuating the fact that we were clueless about the location of the control room. “Get your freaking asses up and get moving, we’ll direct you.” Anne screamed at the top of her voice. We moved out of the car and stored in almost immediately. “We’re in now.” I informed. “The room is at the topmost floor, the third room to your right.” Mr Okechukwu’s voice came through. “Dominic, what is this about?” Vivian asked as we took to the stairway. “The security system has been breached.” Peter’s voice came in. “If you guys don’t get there soon, there might not be a DOMLAT to save anymore.” He warned. “Dominic why don’t you try to wipe data off the chips we have duplicates of?” I suggested as we continued our march up the long flight of stairs. “That’s a herculean task, all four chips are with them. Differentiating them is quite impossible.” Dominic responded. Vivian was shocked and couldn’t withhold her expression and almost gave us away to the awaiting huge guys to our right- I suspected they were with the fellow who was about to take over DOMLAT.- “Damn!” I snuffed as I retraced my steps. “What’s happening?” Anne asked. “You guys better find us another way in or else…” Vivian started. “The floor before that, last room on your right leads to a secret passage way to the control room.” Mr Okechukwu’s saving voice came in again. We descended the stairs in a flash and ran across the hall way. “Get us back up in the advent of any eventualities.” I ordered coming to the door of the said room. “Oh no! Do you happen to have a code for this door too?” Vivian asked hoping for another saving solution from our insider.

14:30 Mar 22

We got to the door that led into the control room directly. We knew we had to approach with caution once we had seen the transparent glass above us just before we ascended the flight of stairs. On coming closer we found that just docking would be enough to conceal our presence as the doo had its lower park completely opaque – a metal door with the upper part as glass. – I could see the figure of two ladies, one on the ‘machine’ and the other was leaning against the wall looking worried and from the dynamics in the room it didn’t seem to be the police siren blasting down the building. The operating lady seemed to be struggling with operating the ‘machine’. 5… 6… 9…5… Vivian pressed the code and took a look at me. “On three.” I whispered. I signalled with my fingers making the count and on the count of three she push the door open allowing me to get in. “Freeze… hands up.” I screamed as I entered, both ladies were backing us and Vivian and I took them each. “Slowly to the ground…” They obeyed my order without even moving a neck muscle. “… hands behind you…” I continued my order watching them obey just before I signalled for Vivian to cuff the lady in front of her. ”Suspects in custody.” I announced into my radiophone.

16:45 Mar 22

We sat opposite one another in the interrogation room. Vivian and I couldn’t be more shocked but we had begun getting accustomed to such happenings most especially this one. “Why the stare?” One of the ladies asked. I looked at Vivian who was already looking at me- you that thing you do when you are chatting with someone most especially when it’s a group chat and one person is saying rubbish and you type smh that’s what we did simultaneously – “Well, you need to start explaining what it is you were doing in the control room with all four chips and how you got them.” I shot at them. “Oh! It has become a crime to be in my own company?” Aishat replied hissing afterwards. “You forgot that part please remind us when your father handed over to you.” Vivian shot back. “Dad’s dead, daughter takes over.” The other lady replied. “Or should I say daughter killed dad and then was about to take over?” I added. “I didn’t kill anyone!” She screamed. “Oh! Yes you didn’t, you just a whole sect to do so.” Vivian replied. “You see, your father wasn’t killed by one man, neither were his other colleagues. It was a sect, a whole group of criminals, murderers. These things require a lot of money, who do you think could have paid them? Someone who had a grudge with your dad.” I probed. “Sharafai.” She said without any hesitation “Why Sharafai?” Vivian continued the probe. “He lost a contract to us recently. I thought I explained this to you earlier.” She replied getting infuriated. “Was that the first?” I shot at her in a calm tone. “No?” She replied raising the left side of her upper lip. “So that brings him out of the picture right?” Vivian suggested. “Come on, why are you thinking like idiots, this is the business world, when it becomes consistent who knows what a man can do Especially when you’re deprived of what you deserve?” She concluded standing. Vivian joined her after a few seconds which she took to jot a few things. “You know, nowadays the government we have could be funny. Do you know any ties with them your dad had?” She probed. “No! He stayed out of trouble with them.” She replied facing Vivian. “What do the chips contain?” I enquired. “They carry all the information of DOMLAT.” She replied coming back to the table. “How did you manage to get them?” Vivian required of them. “Just so you know, the guys who killed you father and his colleagues stole the chips.” I added before she could answer. Dominic walked in right the middle of my speech “Well, before you say any other thing miss Aishat, your cell phone recors show that you were in contact with the people involved in the actual act before the occurrences. The locations of those people have been gotten and they are also on their way here.” He added as well. “One of you should be familiar with the Straw-coast restaurant isn’t it?” I also added again. Aishat stood speechless staring at us. “You sure did your homework.” The other lady teased.
“We’ve also gotten footage from the security cameras in the headquarters. It was her who unlocked the doors.” Dominic stated pointing to the other girl. He dropped the I pad in his hand with me before taking his leave. “Wow! You’re such a great hacker.” I commended the lady who was seated in front of me. “I’m no hacker, all I do is tats.” She replied in her gangster voice. “So how did you get the codes?” I probed. “What codes?” She feigned. “The door codes.” Vivian replied trying to stop a smile that was emerging. “I guessed them…” She replied looking disgusted. I looked to Aishat who was lost I tears. “Well this sure looks like guessing.” I said sliding the I pad to her after playing the videos to her. “Genius?” She said shaking her head so fast. “Oh! I forgot you were also Mr CEO’s mistress. Sure you had them already.” I looked sideways to see Peter walk in with a notepad with him. “Ogechi Kandre 25 years of age convicted for manslaughter 5 years ago.” Peter read out. “Aishat and Ogechi… this case is one of murder, multiple murder at that… Sharafai whom you have mentioned earlier could not be responsible as there’s no way he could had known about the chips. You thought you were describing the pain he had but instead it was yours… it’s you who was deprived of something you deserved.” I explained. Aishat turned towards us, the tears were still pouring. “It wasn’t meant to be like this,he was supposed to die naturally from cancer after he had handed over. The doctor called him that night to tell him that the cancerous cells had begun to die off. He changed his mind about DOMLAT that night. Even those bloody fools he had as colleagues wouldn’t give up DOMLAT, reaping where the sowed nothing.” She started still sobbing. “It would still have been perfect if Okechukwu had died and left his chip in my care or had joined me… even at that it could have still been perfect if this bitch didn’t miss the configuration of the last chip.” She continued still sobbing. “What was the error?” I asked subtly. “A missing ridge at the back, the formed a puzzle, they were even still a key to the main files.” Ogechi replied frowning at me. “How did you get the data?” Vivian questioned. “The same way you got the data off ours.” She replied. “How about the extra security, how did you breach it?” Peter interrogated. “I’m a technology genius brov.” She replied looking up at peter. “Is that how you knew someone was in there?” I asked facing Peter. “Yes! I figured the device was readily available in some market and our chip could have been copied. Bugging them would have accelerated their plans and so, I had to buy us some time.” He replied smiling. “You’re also a genius brov.” Ogechi stated as Peter cuffed her. “Killing your father and colleagues for what could hav easily been yours?” Vivian stated shaking her head cuffing Aishat before handing both of them to the police officers at the door.

19:00 Mar 22

“Still here?” I asked walking up to where Vivian was seated. “Not for long anymore, just putting finishing touches to some paperwork.” She replied sounding exhausted. “I guess I can get back to my holiday. I still had two weeks to go till my leave would have ended. I need to use them up.” I stated patting her on the back. I walked slowly dragging my feet on the ground as I moved towards the exit door of the precinct. “Stop dragging your feet idiot.” Vivian shouted smiling. “You are a great partner. Did I ever tell you that?” I stated smiling at the door. She could only return the smiled and buried her head in the work she was doing. I moved to my car and zoomed off to the Eko-Atlantic city to continue my leave.




  1. Wow… What a way to wrap all the excitement up. Can’t wait for MONITOR and congratulations on the award. Greater things ahead.



  2. I just get to reading this.
    Been so busy. I love the way you wrapped it up.
    Nicely done.
    Expecting more…



      1. No.
        To me, each story has its uniqueness. I don’t do comparation.
        Besides, #GameOfLies was about students and their day to day struggles and emotional issues.
        While #Presinct is about murder and investigation.
        The two don’t relate. They are both wonderful stories.


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