Tribalsm and Racism: The blindfolds of Inequality

Africans outside their native continents complain about the frequent racial abuse they receive from the indigent of the countries. There’s a seeming hatred that has gone on for decades and has continued to become generations that the man of the white race has toward the black man. This hurts as I believe that at the stage the world is now, such things should be history. Africans go furious when they are racially abused but first to conquer racism, we need to conquer a more important one a form of racism people seem to never pay attention to(especially in Nigeria) TRIBALISM.

The Nigerian political system is based on the system of tribalism which brings about the “My party and my home town first.” attitude of the political position holders which should not be so. The interest of the nation as a whole should come first. If a Yoruba man is president for twelve years, the next twelve years should have a Hausa man as the president and the following twelve an Igbo man. It doesn’t go like that and there’s crisis everywhere. Even the average Nigerian woman is a clear tribalist. “You cannot marry from that town.” she keeps roaring at her child of marriageable age and she backs her statement with reasons and more insults to the town. For a Nation with over 250 tribes and 36 states like Nigeria understanding the problems that come with tribalism would be very beneficial. It is this our domestic ‘differentiation’ or ‘self seclusion’ that has evolved into racism.
I fear that the world would soon reach a point where racism is the order of the day of nothing drastic is done about its current state.
Be the change you want… Stop being a tribalist and watch it die
Stop being a racist and watch it die

Ade Lero is against racism… Please be too.


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