The Precinct- Monitor Episode 1


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“I was shocked when you shouted my name.” Vivian explained dropping her spoon in her half empty plate. I was still in shock after finding blood on my car inside the precinct- it was meant to be the most secure place but then blood infiltrating it? Makes me wonder the direction this country is heading-
In case you don’t know my name, I am Martins and I am a detective. Back to the restaurant Vivian had forced me into.
I was busy playing with the piece of meat on my heap of rice. “Martins!” she screamed this time whilst clanging the fork against the spoon. She was lucky this time though as that was enough to get me off my thoughts and back to reality. “I don’t think I can let you go home alone like this… I’ve been calling you for God knows how long and you just seem lost.” She said with her voice though lower but still a bit harsh. She had to lower her voice obviously cause she was drawing attention unnecessarily. “I’m fine jere” I managed to mutter. “Oh! I really need to visit the neuropsychiatric hospital cause I don’t seem to know someone who’s alright and someone who’s not.” Vivian said extending the width of her lips. I sighed in response. I sure didn’t have a reply. “We’ve got a spare room in my house, I’m pretty sure my husband would let you use the room… at least for this night.” She added a wink to the statement.
-Okay, let me explain, we just concluded this extremely cunning case of murder about seven months ago, the suspects have been executed after seven months in jail. I also happen to get extra months on leave as well as sick leave. Okay, first I was on leave before the case came up and for crying out loud it’s December. Back to my summary, I was thinking of getting back to work but then this disturbing thing happens, my car is stained with blood and the word MONITOR is written –yeah just as I wrote it- in blood on my car. It doesn’t sound disturbing yeah? But when as a cop such a thing happens you need to wonder-
“Vivian…” “No excuses.” She cut me as I was about to make up excuses. “Into my car.” She ordered as she got up from the table. I stood reluctantly as she took me by the hand and dragged me along to her car. “Get in.” she stated with a stern voice. “Stop treating me like I can’t carry my own weight.” I protested. “I understand Mr but that wouldn’t be tonight. Your weight for now is too much for only you to carry.” she said forcing my head beneath the car roof having opened the door earlier. I sat obediently in the car as she went round the car so as to get to the driver’s seat. She drove through the lousy streets of Lagos slowly with so much expertise – what would you expect when she learnt to drive on the streets of Mushin.- she remained silent until the occurrence of the night sprung up.
We had just pulled up at the traffic light of course because the light was beaming red, all of a sudden from the blue ahead of us, people started running helter-skelter. I couldn’t see clearly until a figure appeared right in front of a car’s full light. I need to explain this to you.
This wasn’t a human being but then it was human. Okay fine it was afar off but then when you see such scary sights it’s never a thing to exaggerate. But so you can believe me, I’ll be more cautious.
The creature seemed to have the head of a lion, fore limbs sorry the hands supposing it was human were clutched to its chest. Legs? They looked human from the distance.
Okay now I got you. I was depressed yeah but my visuals were perfect. My mind was way off perfect so I doubted myself as well. “Vivian do you see that?” I asked Vivian. She just kept staring. In a flash I could see another figure rise, the creature seemed to have lifted it- this one was pure human.- and in a split second there was a splash and from the best of my knowledge and from movies, I knew that it had to be blood. I was proven right as the second figure didn’t make any movement afterwards. Vivian just kept staring the whole time. The creature advanced obviously coming closer to us. Vivian ignited the engine much to my surprise- I was lost in the reality movie- and in a split second, the car was backing the creature. There was no time to spare-at least if we wanted to spare our lives. There was no stopping until we arrived her house.- Lagos always has another route, that’s how we got home.
“Honey welcome.” A man looking as though in his forties said wrapping his arms around Vivian. Vivian just kept staring forcing him to ask what was wrong. “She saw something strange…” I replied “Mr Faronbi.” He stated stretching his hand for a handshake. “Martins.” I replied receive the handshake. “Thanks for bringing her home.” He stated helping her into the house. “Actually, she brought me home.” I explained with a smile lurking around the corner of my cheeks. “All the same, thanks for accompanying her home.” He added as we moved into the apartment. He offered me a seat and a cup of water as culture demands. “So you also work at the precinct right?” He asked. “Yes! Vivian happens to be my partner.” I replied after gulping the water in my mouth. “You should be the person who blood was found on his car with monitor written on it?” He probed with a smile. I couldn’t help but smile along with my affirmative reply. “I hope you guys get to decipher how this came to be. It’s really scary.” He explained. “It’s even more scary when it occurs in the precinct.” I added. Vivian joined us at the sitting room all changed. “Well, you two seem to have gotten along.” She stated as she took her seat beside her husband. “So now it’s time to oppress me right?” I inquired. “I’ve told you times without number to get a wife… this’s what you get for being single.” She replied exposing her tongue. “How are the children? I haven’t seen them yet.” She asked facing her husband. “Haven’t you checked the time? They are asleep already, it’s late.” He replied pulling her hair playfully. “I’ll get you to your room and we would meet here tomorrow morning before we head over to the precinct.” She stated moving off to a room. She came back not too long afterwards to get me into the room.
The night was quite long as I kept reflecting on the events of the past three days. Returning from my sick and extended leave three days ago, getting to find MONITOR written in blood on my car in the precinct and seeing such a sight this evening, it was seemingly too much but I just had to carry my own cross. My mind raced around trying to find answers to questions that seemed impossible to answer at this stage and I refused to shun my mind’s questions as it created a sort of solace for me.


4 thoughts on “The Precinct- Monitor Episode 1

  1. Wow! This is obviously a very good story.
    Please tell me there’s more.
    I love this!
    You said ‘from the blue’, it is ‘out of the blue’. That’s the right phrase. I hope you don’t mind.
    Brilliantly penned.
    Keep it coming!


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