Monitor Episode 2

The day broke faster than you would have expected if you had a very good day the preceding one but for me, that wasn’t the case. I was ready in no time and so was Vivian. She was on mom duty when I met her at the living room. Her last child was with her and she was…- not breast feeding… see? I caught you. – putting his shoes on for him. “Are we done yet?” I asked as I joined them. “It depends on you because as for me, I’m set.” She stated lifting the young man. “I’ll be dropping them off at school first if you don’t mind.” She stated facing me. “No problem, I should be the one thinking about discomforting them in the car.” I replied shaking hands with her only daughter.

Vivian was a blessed mother. She had 3 children of which two were boys with the lady as the first child. I? I was single but not without a better half. The journey to the school and the office took about thirty five minutes.

Dominic, Peter as well as Anne was at the lab already, as you would have expected, Dominic was busy in a world of his own. “Can’t you be quiet for once?” Vivian shot at him. Peter broke into laughter and like an air-borne disease Anne was infected so quickly that she joined the laughter. I stood there watching all the drama while cooking up the perfect scolding speech for them all. “What’s the state of our investigation into how my car got stained with blood and the meaning of MONITOR?” I questioned. “It’s your case brov, we were waiting for you.” Peter replied. I shook my head in disbelief. “We have samples of the blood and we’ve put them under fingerprinting, analysed them and gotten the sequence.” Anne began. “We were asking Dominic to search for a match then he began his parable.” She explained. “Please Dominic get to it.” I requested and was lucky to have Dominic listen and obey. We waited for about twenty minutes before Dominic announced “No matches.” I felt quite disappointed as my expectations were dashed. We were back to trying to detect from clues.

“I need to go home.” I informed them all. “Not now bro…” Peter said stopping me. “We have nothing to do, I’ll just let this one slide” I shrugged.

“Don’t even think of that… we just found the body but we can’t ID it. We need you to come and see it before we send it for autopsy.” Sayo stated walking in. I was shocked and doubt was inevitable at that point. “How sure are you it is the body?” I questioned. “Because the body was found at the back lawn of the precinct.” Sayo explained pulling me along as he turned to leave the lab.

The body lay lifeless- obviously- its body torn in different parts with irregularities. Trust me, it was a mess. The sight of the body was not one to behold. I stood above the vic and I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. “Giovinco Virona.” I stated after a few seconds. “We had our master’s degree together.” I said looking to Sayo. “Take it away.” He ordered before coming close to me. “Sorry for your loss bro.” He sympathised. “We’ll just wait till autopsy reports.”

******* 11 years ago *******

“This life after school ain’t pretty.” I soliloquised. “Are you kidding me? I’ve been out with my M.Sc for up to a year now with no job in this God-forsaken country.” Giovinco retorted Gulping his beer, “Even with all the knowledge on molecular biology, no opportunities are available. They just keep spending money on football and these stupid things called players can’t still defeat Mozambique.” I snorted with my gaze fixed on the TV and the on-going match. “See as this one sef they play… oponu… hin suppose pass give that one wey don dey run go ooo.” Giovinco stated with fury. – Okay, be not surprised that someone of Italian origin speaks our own broken like that. Gio had spent more than a decade in the country and was surely accustomed to the dialect.- “We go talk finish na, dem go say dem nominate am for African player of the year… shio.” I added. My speech had just finished when the Power holding company decided to hold power again. “Chai! These people sef… na God go save dem oo.” Gio’s fury had not subsided. I had already made up my mind not to say a word about it after all, they couldn’t hear us. I picked up my phone at least that was my way of reaching the world and that moment, it was to connect to the on-going international match. I quickly opened the browser, but… you know what happens with phones that have full keyboards like the Blackberry that you mistakenly press one key for another? Yeah. that’s what happened and instead of, it was a scientific site that came up. Obviously it wasn’t popular if not I would have known what I had on my phone’s screen. It took me a while to understand what I had right in front of me but when I did, I began scrutinizing the site. Should I say luckily for me? I was redirected to another site all out of error. This one was showing opportunities that were available in Kenya for molecular biologists. “Gio!” I screamed on top of my voice. Gio had gone to the room while I was busy with my phone. I knew of a surety that Gio wouldn’t come out so I ran into the room to meet him. “Bro check this out. If we can’t get jobs here, there are tons of them out there in Kenya.” I ranted joyously. He just kept staring at me after going through the page. “What?” I probed with my large smile fading into a straight and worried face. “Where do you wish to get the money to travel from? You expect your struggling mom to pay or you have hopes of grant from the government?” he replied handing me my phone before lying on the bed. I retraced my steps back to the sitting room rethinking my discovery. I slumped onto one of the rickety sofas in our little sitting room. We were living on pay from small jobs we were into and it only seemed unrealistic. Common sense told me to forget the Kenya opportunities but super sense told me to check through and pick the exact one I was interested in. I picked up my phone and scrolled through up until the last one. It didn’t seem like any molecular biology project or research. It was like a conservation programme. Something kept on drawing me to it but it wasn’t the fact that it had an all-expense paid tag to it. I felt like it was calling me. I clicked the link and submitted my details. “Are you still on this ish?” Gio asked as he joined me. “I just sent my details I found one that is all-expense paid.” I informed. He giggled “Send my details as well.” He said smiling. “Are you serious?” I probed suspicious of mockery. “Bring your phone let me do it myself.” He stated stretching his hand.



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