Monitor Episode 3

“This didn’t happen did it?” I questioned Vivian as we walked along the hall way of the medical station. “It sure did my friend… we need to get something out of this and we need to do so fast.” She replied without even stealing a glance at me. “Dr Adenekan.” She stated facing the receptionist. “She’s in.” was the reply. “I can’t wait to know what we’ve got.” I ruminated as we walked over to the Dr’s lab. Vivian stopped. “Can you please stay calm and stop all these ranting?” She stated almost shouting and giving me a disgusted look. I couldn’t phantom her reason for saying such, all I could do was to take a deep breath. “Thank you.” She continued before moving on. The doctor was awaiting us already and it was evident in that she was at the door already. “The vic was murdered.” She stated without even exchanging pleasantries whilst keeping a straight face. “As you’ll see, the vic’s body was under great stress.” She continued. “Like a whole being or a car?” Vivian questioned as we made a bend turning her head slightly in the doctor’s direction. “No! Something heavier.” She stated opening the door to the room where our vic laid. “He seemed to have been struggling with his killer which I must tell you seemed to have used a surprising weapon. The struggle is evident in this.” She stated pointing to his facial expression and also showing his hand. “We analysed the particles in the holes in his body and as I said interestingly, it wasn’t any synthetic tool. It was the tooth of an animal.” She stated picking up a petri dish and flaunting it before us. “Wow… what animal could it have been?” I questioned. This time Vivian didn’t give me a stare. “Such enamel strength could only be found in the big cats.” She stated stopping to face us. “That’s how much we know…”she concluded raising her brows and her lips just a little. She turned and made for the door causing us to follow her. “… we are working on something now, we need to get the last image he saw… we’ve gotten his lenses out and its currently under examination. I would get to you once I have the results.” She stated as we got to her office door. “Please do.” Vivian retorted shaking hands with her. “I sure will. Good luck.” She replied whilst shaking hands with me. “Thank you.” I replied as we walked off.
“Happy now?” Vivian asked with a straight face. “At least I know where to work now.” I replied. “And where would that be?” She probed. “Surveillance unit.” I replied picking up my phone as we walked past the reception. “Sayo! Get me all camera angles for Friday night. I need to do some analysis.” I spoke into my phone.

***** 11 years ago*****

We had just arrived the Nairobi airport and it was noon- at least so it seemed- the most important thing to me then wasn’t going to check out the Karen Blixen museum or the Giraffe centre –I had seen Giraffes before- we had to get a place of abode first and if you recall, we were on an all-expense paid project.
“Mr Martins Coker?” A bald headed man which I could bet if he had his hair on would have them fully grey thanks to his age called out.
“Mr Coker here.” I waved moving closer to him whilst hanging tightly onto my bag. “Oh! What a delight to have you here. You must be Mr Giovinco Virola?” he stated turning to Gio. “Actually, it’s Virona.” Gio replied adding a little accent up in there. “We’ll be moving over to you apartment.” he said offering to help with the bags. Gio and I didn’t really have much all we had was one box each- that was basically all our property- the car was waiting with the door already open.
We journeyed with so much ease and I could bet a sprinter would have reached our apartment if he or she left the airport the same time we did.
“Take all the time you need.” The old man advised as we dropped our luggage in the sitting room. “We’ll be waiting outside.” He concluded turning to go. “I’ll take that.” I shouted trying to stop Gio from grabbing the keys to the rooms. “Sorry, I got them already.” He stated adding a wink.
“I’m not gonna have this fight with you.” I stated dragging my luggage away from the sitting room. “Hey mature mind, where are you going? You gonna open the door with your teeth?” Gio said with sarcasm. I stopped and squeezed my lips against each other. –okay, I felt the rage rush… he had done what it was he wanted to do. – He walked past me with a smile on his face. He opened the first room and I must say I was wowed by the beauty. As Gio was, he jumped into the room. “So you go to the other one I’ll see you once I’m done at my fireplace.” He humoured throwing the keys at me. I could only but be quiet as I picked them up, dragged my luggage and opened the door to the next room.
Now whats that saying about the patient dog? Oh! It eats the fattest bone right?
The room I would call mine haened to be like the masters bedroom. Way beautiful than the other. I couldn’t help the yelling. “Wey you! Gio God don shame you… the race no be for person wey fast na person wey sharp go win am.” I yelled. He came reluctantly to my room. “Sha lets go… all this hating sef.” He stopped in his tracks as he saw the inside of my room. “Go lock up your room.” I said flinging the keys at him having removed the one that leads to my room. “This ain’t fair.” He said blinking rapidly making up a puppy face. “Life isn’t always fair. Remember a brov is waiting outside.” I said trying to hasten him up.
“Hope you love the rooms?” The old man inquired. “Yes! Totally.” I replied.
Gio walked past me moving his eyes upwards and downwards frequently. “Well gentlemen, it’s time to get to work and as you know, your work is to use your knowledge of molecular biology to help hasten the growth of white rabbits as well as German shepherd dogs as both are reaching the thin line of being endangered species.” He informed as soon as we got into the car.



  1. Interesting!
    I think I’m beginning to guess where this monitor came from.
    Gonna keep my fingers crossed.
    Brilliantly penned. Keep it up.



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