My name is Elizabeth and I’m in love with a boy… Sorry a man named Emmanuel.

He’s cute, believe me he’s cute. I know he’s cute, you know he’s cute, he knows he’s cute, we all know he’s cute. I didn’t mean to have a crush on him but it just happened like it always does. We became friends; actually fast friends and I thought I was moving up his ladder of ‘potential girlfriends’ until he called me his sister… his sister in front of his friends.

My God! You should have seen my face. I couldn’t take it any longer so I decided to take a journey to win his heart because I couldn’t stay in the ‘sister zone’ forever.

I started out by knowing his birthday.

What? Am I the only one who doesn’t know my crushes birthday?

Anyways, I noticed that he noticed that I… whatever! He noticed me. He started giving me the attention I always wanted but I guess it just wasn’t enough for me.

One day, a friend named Grace suggested I sneak up to his house, his room actually and just watch him to know more about him. – Hey! I know it was a very stupid idea but I still did it.

That night, Grace drove me to his house and told me to go

Although, Grace stayed back in the car, I went boldly , I scaled the low fence of his house and to my surprise, the house was quite big.

They had a large lawn with a tennis court close by, I counted four cars in total and another mini house stood on its own in their compound.

The lights in the big house were off so I guessed he must be in the small one. Quickly and quietly, i made for the mini house. As I approached, the shadow of a man passed by the window causing my heart to jump.

Joy and shock filled my heart when he turned towards the light and I saw through the slightly open window that he was shirtless

My God! He was shirtless! Do you realize what that can do to a girl in love? I’m not saying that every guy looks amazing when they are shirtless in fact, most guys look disgusting when they are shirtless but certain people just defy every law and look drop dead gorgeous when shirtless.

I stood there for over a minute frozen in my steps just watching him.

Unfortunately, my pleasurable view was spoiled when I noticed two green dots… actually eyes staring at me. The green eyes were a few meters away from the mini house, I watched as they blinked repeatedly;their focus remained on me.

I took a sharp breath when I noticed they were getting closer. Thousand of thoughts coursed through my mind.

Should I run? If I ran, would I be able to get to Grace’s car before the ‘monster?’ I couldn’t help it, I let out a very loud scream and started running… actually I ran towards the house where Emmanuel was

I know, I know, I should have run in the other direction towards Grace but I felt like Emmanuel would save me. I felt he was the safe haven.

Glancing back as I ran, I noticed it still following me , I was a few meters away from the porch/veranda when I tripped. In that moment I promised myself never to do anything of such again but I guess it was too late.

The ‘monster’ moved closer, now growling at me. Closing my eyes and saying a word of prayer to God, I waited for it to pounce on me.

Then I felt hands on my shoulder, slowly, I opened my eyes to see Emmanuel’s worried face staring down at me. I believe that was the most embarrasing moment of my life.



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