Monitor Episode 4

“Have you found anything yet?” I questioned moving closer to Dominic. “Not yet. Just got it to come up correctly.” He stated. Sayo had sent the surveillance videos for all the cameras around the precinct to us so we could analyse them ourselves. “Peter! Please I’m gonna be needing you to be around here.” I requested hoping he could help in spotting a few things in the videos.

“Alright, let’s play.” Dominic stated before tapping the spacebar on the keyboard. There was silence all over in the lab as us three were focused on the video.-okay this was it. He had to be on camera. We had not even thought of going to the cameras.

I could see clearly a human being. He was bending slightly forward and from his reactions I could see he was in pain.

“Could you go back a little?” I instructed Dominic. So I’ll now start from the beginning of the events I saw enfold on the screen.

A car came and pulled up a few feet away from the precinct, one man highlighted from the car and went over to drag the other man out. The first man suddenly begins to scream- he is the one who happens to be bent slightly forward.- he shows some intensive form of pain. His hands suddenly pull back- more like a retraction to a fold instead of the normal stretch. The other person seems very scared so is everyone around and people start to run.

“Look!” Peter exclaimed causing Dominic to stop the videos. “That one shows the vic’s face.” He informed. The expert Dominic was made him to not even wait for an instruction before he zoomed in. “Gio.” I scoffed. Just as I was staring at the blurry picture of my late friend another face came up. “This is the suspect.” Dominic informed. “How on earth do we want to find this person?” Peter questioned shaking his head sideways. I couldn’t but agree with Peter that we were on an almost impossible task. The suspect had teeth like that of a big cat. His eyes were also as such. It was like he was mutating.

“Let’s continue.” I stated prompting Dominic to save the picture of the suspect we had.

Now on the screen, the suspect grabbed Gio and dragged him into the Precinct. The police guard was first knocked out with a thrust of his hand into the guard’s neck. Next in line for death was my dear friend. But even I was surprised when I saw him drop Gio. He was still raging but seemed to be calming down and the next thing, he seemed to be in more pain and in a split second, he was on top of Gio. His rib cage seemed to be increasing in size. Afterwards his teeth went down and Gio stopped struggling.

I was in tears by the time we finished watching the video.


Living in the city of Lagos and working in the same city but a different town isn’t so interesting. I had to leave my house so early that day- well because Martins asked me to- I had just linked the last road that leads to the main express way then the most unusual thing happened. It was still about 4:30 am and that specific road was unusually deserted. I sped up as I went through but I had to slow down a bit to firm my gaze on what I saw ahead. It was an image of a man but his head said something different about the being. He had the head of a lion. I could see the green eyes from afar. The mouth with blood or so it seemed. First thought that came to my mind was ‘Thieves’. I fired my engine with the decision to make a quick turn and hope for a safe return to my family. But I was too late he was already pouncing towards me. He lifted up the rear of my car causing me to give up on the accelerator. I closed my eyes as I could clearly see that this was no mask. My mind flashed back to the sight of three weeks ago. When Martins and I were on our way but I couldn’t stay long in memory lane as the creature grabbed my door. It didn’t damage my car neither did it touch me all it did was yell “MONITOR.” It was then it dawned on me. I had found what wrote on Martins’ car and what killed Gio. It stopped after seeing the pity in my eyes I had for it. It seemed troubled, disturbed. After a little wimp it pounced off into the blue letting out quite a loud roar.

I turned on the engine again and it was intact. There was no time to think about the little damages it had done to my car. I made a turn again and zoomed off to the office.


I was still staring and crying at the end of the video that had the death of my good friend Giovinco Virona when Vivian entered with so much haste you could think she was appointed minister of works. “I know what is behind this.” She stated. “We know too. A crazy man that seemed to be transforming.” Dominic replied. “The guy or thing I saw today didn’t look crazy.” She replied. “Did you meet it?” I inquired. “I was freaking attacked by a human eating blood sucking monster and you know what, I could have died today.” She said in fury.

Music of Di’ja’s Awww filled the air causing me to bring out my phone. ”It’s Anne.” I announced. “Hey what’s up? Have you gone to my place?” I inquired.

“Yeah that’s where I am at the moment. Did you order for a monitor?” Anne probed. “No!” I replied sharply. ”Then how come there’s one lying outside your house?” Anne inquired. “I have no idea. I’m as surprised as you are.” I replied “How about the other components of the computer.” Peter asked. “They actually are absent.” She replied. ”Check if you can find any note or something to know where it came from.” Vivian instructed. “There’s a note attached to it, it says Kenya.” Anne replied. ”Get out of there as fast as you can.” I stated dropping the call. ”It’s another indication.” Peter concluded. “Indication to what?” I probed. “When it attacked me, all it could say was MONITOR… of a surety, it seems as though it wants you to know something or remember”

I sat quietly but quickly with my mind lost. Suddenly, my phone rang and on answering the call, the person at the other end of the line could only say MONITOR. I could here two familiar voices. But one struck me and got me thinking. The noise begins to fade and in the twinkle of an eye it rose again but the other person was screaming. ”The Project.” There was a huge roar afterwards.

“The Project, Monitor.” I kept on repeating until I finally remembered where it all started.



  1. Gen gen!
    I knew it!
    I knew it has to do with their work I Kenya.
    Guy, you’re becoming better.
    Exceptional and intriguing. Keep it up.



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