Monitor Episode 5

Episode 5…

**** 11 years ago ****

It seemed like a dream for the ministry that we had gotten the white rabbit population back in so little time. All we did was to create DNA duplicates, tamper with a few gene codes of some rabbits and cause the rabbit to give birth to ten times more than it would normally have given birth to and in half the time. How did we do it? Don’t ask. It’s patented.

The dog was different and we were getting a head way and what we were doing was quite risky but that day was our test day. We had tried mutating cats from rats and our tests seemed very successful with the cats having abilities that the rats have and still maintaining its non-sterility. I mean its ability to reproduce. We- five of us, Gio, Al Hassan, Boukari, Xhelenga and I- were to perform this process together after all we were a team of molecular biologists. Crazy ones at that.

“Let’s hope this works.” I announced. “Are we ready?” Xhelenga screamed holding the lever that was to start the machine. “Good to go here!” Gio shouted back. “I’m all set.” I replied tapping a few keys on my keyboard. “Assembled!” Al Hassan screamed. “Just a second one more cat and there we are… Done!” Boukari shouted back.

“Counting down in 5, 4, 3, 2,1…” I started. By the time I got to the zero, it was us all that said it together. Xhelenga’s hand moved downwards plunging the lever and thus starting the system. I quickly focused on the keyboard. “Hyperactivity in cells has begun…” I stated raising my head. “Gene injected.” Gio replied. “Two are struggling and probably wouldn’t make it…” Al Hassan shouted. I quickly punched some keys. “Morphine please. Second to the last one on your left.” I ordered. Boukari swung into action. “Damn! Histamine concentration is building up rapidly in that guy.” I quickly stated. “I guess we’ll have to administer the anti-histamine rapidly intravenously.” Gio stated grabbing a beaker.

*** a few moments after***

“Stabilizing the conditions…” I announced. “Somebody check their heart rate.” I requested. “I’m on it.” Boukari stated. “Normal.” He replied soon after. “Are we ready to extract the subjects?” Xhelenga inquired. “Trolleys are ready, veterinary doctors are too.” Gio replied.

“The mutation has been completed.” I announced. Gio and the rest of the team swung into action. And in a few minutes our fully formed German shepherd dogs were undergoing assay by the veterinary doctors.

*** 10 years ago ***

“Well Mr coker I must state my amazement at the success of your project in such little time.” The Minister for tourism in Kenya stated as he shook my hand. “This country would be forever grateful to you.” He continued walking me into his office.

“It was an honour to serve this country. I’ve sure learnt a lot.” I replied responding to his courtesy action implying I take my seat. “I’m sure you must have enjoyed our giraffe centre.” He inquired sitting opposite me. “I sure did.” I replied with a glowing smile.

Gio and I had an exclusive excursion to the Giraffe centre and I must say that Kenya’ really got it. It was a sight to behold may be one day you also should try it.

“Mr Coker, I’m sorry to inform you, your team would not be getting disbanded and which means we won’t be releasing you home… at least not yet.” The minister stated clearly forcing a smile along. “And why would that be?” I replied tilting y head to the left whilst raising a brow. “We have a situation in the region of the game reserve… the lions… they are escaping the region and terrorising the villages around… tons of death records have come in over the past few days, I know it’s not your job but please find something to help.” He ranted staring me in the eye. I was shocked. I couldn’t and still can’t say whether it was the fact that Lions were escaping the reserve or the fact that I was asked to stop them that shocked me but I’m pretty sure I was shocked. The minister’s gaze refused to shift from me putting me in a difficult position. I couldn’t say yes… it would have been insane of me- I had no idea what a molecular biologist could do to stop Lions- and I couldn’t say no either… he probably would’ve died on the spot.

“Have you tried with the reserve rangers? What do you think is the cause for the sudden plunge outside the reserve?” I rushed through my questions. It was not until after I had completed my questions that I realized that the person I was talking to had no answers.

I sighed. “Get the answers sir, I’ll get back to you on what the team feels.” I replied getting up to leave. “Please do.” He replied walking up to meet me at the door.


“What? Are… are you?… Are you insane?” Xhelenga shot at Boukari. “Hey easy!” Gio said walking up to sofa where I was seated. “Guys, this guy seemed to be at the end of his rope while he was talking to me…it seems as though we are his last hope.” I explained. “So you’re saying we accept this offer? Cause of the money?” Al Hassan snorted. “I’m not saying we accept it… I’m only saying that we take that into consideration in our evaluation of this offer.” I shot back angrily. I was feeling insulted. Come on who tells another human being that?

“Wait!” Boukari burst out. There was silence everywhere. “This offer seems so impossible for molebiogists then what? We took on the almost impossible task of building rabbit and dog population and we won didn’t we?” he started. “This isn’t about dogs bro…” Gio informed. “Oh! Now I’m dumb… what are lions? What are dogs? Ain’t they both cats?” He continued raising his voice slightly. “You guys don’t see the possibilities… we could switch two cats right? Then we should be able to switch another form.” He concluded. I looked around and I could see some smiles, nods and some sighs. “Does this mean we take the offer?” I whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. “You idiot! That Idea is incomplete.” Gio shot back. “He forgot that we are to stop a lion invasion not build lion population.” Gio continued. “You guys don’t see the big picture?” Boukari came in. “We create our own lion having the abilities for two animals and from my knowledge of lions the best way to repel them without killing them is to present an alpha male that owns a territory.” He continued. “Fool!” I shot at him. “Lion fights always end up with the death of one of them.” I continued giggling. “You guys are insane.” Al Hassan added. “Our Lion would be stronger.” Boukari reiterated.

“Look the idea is splendid but the problem we have is we need an animal we can control and no other animal has intelligence for almost total control over its being like man… this goes to mean that the experiments and mutations would have to be on a human subject… I’m not thinking that any human being would love to go through mutation.” Xhelenga chipped in. “First before we decide on the specimen to be used are we taking this offer?” Boukari asked. I looked around at the faces. Everyone seemed quite scared but interested as well – that’s a lie though, even psychologists can’t read as much as that from mere facial expressions or maybe they could but I ain’t a psychologist. I was just telling you how I felt.- “I’m in.” I stated raising my hand. “This should be interesting.” Gio said joining me. ”I’m in too.” Boukari stated. “This is scary but worth the try.” Al Hassan scoffed raising his hand as well. All eyes were on Xhelenga. “What?!” he said adjusting his sitting position. “For the record I don’t agree with this but we’re a team we do things together.” He said bulging his lips.

“Now that we’re in, how do we get a subject?” I asked. “I’ll be.” I was shocked and slowly turned my head to the left where the voice came from. Had Boukari just said he wanted to be our subject?



  1. No wonder!
    Now he’s killing off his team!
    My guess was right! 😀 😀 😀
    Good job Ade. But be careful with typos and tenses.



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