The African war

This is a war of wrongs or rights

Voices as hovers all sharing their plights

The fear of every man outraging his hope

We decide no one help us it’s our home

The denial of the night

Causes the end to the fury of the day

And all comes crumpling down like the

Meteors in the night sky.

Hope fades away, misery becomes a way of life

Culture admits shame and we all become as one.

One. Africa becomes as one without purpose

Without a reason for existence.

Where are the leaders of tomorrow?

Do we sit back and watch the older generation sell off the glory of our beloved land to selfish reasons?

Do we not desire a sort of Africa?

An Africa where equality is paramount and peace is not far fetched?

This war continues with no hope for an end in sight. Equality, justice, anti-racism, anti-ethnicity, anti-tribalism… A true Africa. Till all these we achieve, the war continues.


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