I got the inspiration for this after reading Stupid Love. I hope you enjoy it

Screenshot (92)

“Doctor!” I could see my mom run out through the door. I tried to stretch my hand but I couldn’t. I tried calling her back but I had no voice. “She opened her eyes.” Mom panted heavily as she walked in with a man in a white coat and a stethoscope whom I supposed to be the doctor. “Hello, Elizabeth.” he said softly placing his palm on mine. I stared at him. I managed to turn my head around again. My eyes caught something hanging on a stand. It was dropping slowly. Mom came to my side, grabbed my hand and raised it before she kissed it. She helped my secret investigation though. I was shocked to see the capillary tube from the bag on the stand linked to my hand. I knew I was in for it… I was in the hospital.

I had to do something. I had to find out why I was there. I tried speaking again but to no avail. I tried signalling mom but my phalanges wouldn’t just move. “I’ll send the nurse to give her the residual dosage of her treatment.” The doctor said before moving out. “Thanks for returning dear.” Mom said with tears in her eyes.

“Was this a dream?” I asked myself. Mom had just used the word ‘comeback’ and given my current situation, it implied that I was out for a while.

The nurse walked in not too long afterwards with a tray in her hand. “Congratulations ma. Your daughter is really lucky.” She stated before coming to my bedside. “Sorry!” She said with a lot of genuine sympathy in her eyes. She passed some injections through my wrist from my little knowledge in school as a Medical laboratory science student, I knew it was an intravenous injection. She looked at me with sympathy again. I got infuriated. Did she think I was helpless? I just got off the hook with the police, found my friend, I was just stressed out I guessed that’s why I was there.

As the nurse left, mom cameto the bed almost immediately holding my hand. “Grace is coming soon.” She whispered as my eyes began to close again.

I turned my head. It was like I had found thrice the strength I had before. I opened my eyes slowly. I saw three people sitting behind each other. “She’s awake.” I knew that voice. I looked up slowly and there the person stood. “Grace!” I muttered. “Elizabeth.” She said coming closer. I motioned to sit up and she quickly helped me. The surprises were not over yet. “Mom what happened, why am I here?” I asked in my timid voice. ”You’ll be fine.” Mom replied patting me on the back. ”You’re up.” The nurse that I had seen earlier said as she came in. “5 days since you saw me last hun.” She said. “Ma please the doctor wants to see you.” She said facing mom. “I’ll be right back.” Mom said facing me.

“What happened to you Grace? Why did you not call that you were going to leave me at Emmanuel’s place?” I asked Grace as soon as she sat beside me. She was dumbfounded. “You made me visit the police station.” I continued. “How on earth would you not tell me about Darren?” I continued my ranting. Grace’s face lit up… It was like she could now understand where all I was saying came from. “Wait! Slow down babe.” She finally broke. “We never went to my boyfriend’s house and Darren was never a ‘thing.’” She said looking at me with some disgust. I swallowed. I felt some pain in my waist making me groan.

“You asked mom a question… can I answer it?” Grace said after a long moment of silence. “Yes!” I replied. “You slumped during the inter hall race. We had to rush you down here. You’ve been out for the last two months.”



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