Monitor Episode 6

Apologies for failing to release this sixth episode of Monitor last week… was busy with school stuff though I’m yet to be done, I was able to squeeze out this episode sorry it’s short… to compensate though I’ll be dropping something else today as well. follow us on twitter: @adeblogs like our facebook page: Story Island

“Wow!” Vivian sighed breaking the awkward silence that ensued. “Yeah! right? Wow indeed.” Anne ranted. “This is all making sense now.” Peter stated walking towards a table. “We’ve been able to understand who the killer is and why he killed. But what does ‘Monitor’ mean?” He asked. “Monitor… that was my nick then. How come I never knew?” I replied smacking my hip. “I don’t think he’s gonna stop killing.” Vivian added. “Remember the day we went to my house? The view we saw?” Vivian stated. My head dropped. “He is thirsty for more blood.” She continued.

Dominic came back from wonderland with a question. “How did ‘Monitor’ come about as your nick?” he inquired. “In the whole process, there were four processes. We took them one for each person. Gio handled any sedation process… that was usually the first process. Al Hassan was in charge of the first transformation, I was in the business of monitoring all of the processes as well as the transformed lion on the field. The reforming process was carried out by Xhelenga.” I explained. Vivian looked as though she had given up and it was evident in the way she sat.

“Who knows who’s next on his death list…” I murmured or so I thought. “I do.” Peter replied. “What?” I asked surprised at what Peter was saying. “I know who is next on his death list.” He affirmed. “How would you?” Anne inquired. “There were four processes right?” he asked facing me. I nodded the affirmative. “They were in sequence right?” He asked again and once again I nodded the affirmative. “Then it only stands to reason that he having taken out the first person unfortunately Gio would be going for the second person.” Peter explained. “How come he came to kill Gio here and why did he have to inform Martins here if he wanted to go through the serials?” Dominic challenged.

The door of the lab opened causing our heads to swing in that direction. Funke was standing there. “Sir! We just got a call pertaining to your current investigation… Sayo asked me to come over.” She started seeming confused. “Get to it.” I shot at her. She took a deep breath. “One Mr Al Hassan called to say his life was in danger and he had been attacked by a human-lion.” She replied. “Thank you.” Vivian replied. “I never miss the plot.” Peter stated adding a wink.

“I guess we need to get moving to Al Hassan’s house now.” I stated grabbing my Jacket. “Who are you referring to?” Dominic questioned. “I’m going to need the full team on this one. Dominic inclusive.” I answered locking my pistol in its porch.

*** 9 years ago ***

Okay this seems crazy but we were able to come up with the perfect plan for the mutation of a human being into a lion.

“Martins… I think he’s set.” Gio smiled. “Don’t try what you did last time out ever again.” I scolded. “What? I just wanted to have a feel on the lion vagina.” He giggled. “It was pretty hot in there.” He added. I shook my head vigorously I disappointment.

“Please we need to get this thing started quickly… the lions are drifting in faster and in larger numbers now.” Al Hassan warned. “Monitor try and record this… Boukari versus lion pack. This should be interesting.” Xhelenga teased.

“Gio! Are your syringes ready?” I questioned powering my multi-windowed computer system. “Ready!” He replied almost immediately. “Boukari! Are you?” I asked. “Sure.” He replied with a smile on his face. “Let’s get this started.” I stated. Gio injected him with the sedatives and he was moved into the mutation chambers almost immediately. Al Hassan administered the first set of mutants and quickly moved out of the chamber closing it leaving Boukari in the enclosed chamber then the countdown began. I could see from my screen when his eyes flung open. “He’s awake!” I announced. Al Hassan punched some keys attached to the chamber wall. An injection was projected into Boukari’s back almost immediately. His muscles grew, skin colour began to change. He rose to his feet in so much pain. His hands snapped in at once. I monitored his eye colour as it was an indication to when he was losing his humanity so as to kick in the next phase. Hair around his neck became overwhelmingly much, his nose grew towards his mouth and then the split of the upper lip. His legs had slowly bent in. “Next!” I announced to Al Hassan. Once again another injection was sent into the back of the raging creature in the chamber. He was hitting the walls of the chamber hard roaring loud. After a little while he was asleep as a lion.

I moved out of my station picked a chip and a headset alongside my tab and headed for the chamber. I rubbed his neck slowly causing him to wake. He snarled at me causing a bit of panic in me which I was able to subside quickly. I moved closer and he opened his mouth. I placed the chip gently on his larynx. I put the headset on. “Hey! What’s up human?” I could hear. “Fool… you scared me.” I stated pulling his lion hair. “No time for jokes lion Boukari, we’ve got a pack of lions to fight off today.” I stated. He didn’t even wait for me to complete my speech before moving me out of the way with his now over 500 pound 5ft long body. “Can’t you guys try to do something about the pain one has to go through in the transformation?” He stated hopping on to the van. “You’re the genius think.” I replied joining him. “Check out the lion sitting technique I learnt yesterday.” He said starting the technique and repeating over with explanation.



  1. Wow!
    Just reading this.
    Been so busy.
    I knew that was what’s gonna happen.
    Keep it up.
    You’re doing an excellent job.



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