Monitor Episode 7

We parked the cars with speed… okay let’s take it back. We left the precinct… full team all ready to take down the human-lion Boukari was becoming. Al Hassan called me again and all he shouted was “Martins! The project!” I could hear a roar in the background more like Boukari was already at his house. – so you get why we had to get there on top speed yea?- “Your guns are gonna be useless on this one…” I started. “What!” Dominic replied in fury. ”Our main mission is to get Al Hassan out of there alive… we’ll deal with Boukari later.” I instructed strapping up in my bullet proof vest. “I hope this can protect us from his claws.” I sighed.

Vivian walked up to me strapping up as well. “Are you sure you want to go in?” she asked holdig my shoulder. “I’m not sure but it’s better dying trying to end what we started than being haunted to death by the same thing.” I replied. “Either way you still die.” Dominic added with some sarcasm. “That’s why I don’t want you to die with me… I need you at the wheels. We might have to be at top speed to get away from it.” I explained facing Dominic. “Anne… Peter… Vivian… let’s get going.” I announced as we set off towards the house.

We could see Al Hassan’s back –Well that’s because he was full human in clothes as well. – “Target locked.” Peter announced. I took a quick glance at him. “What?”

“You guys take the back door we’ll distract him from here.” Anne stated. “Be careful.” Vivian said facing me before going with Peter to the back. I could hear Al Hassan explaining a few things to it whilst begging for his life in between. I tried to listen hard but I still couldn’t put the pieces together. “We’re in position.” Peter’s voice came through.

“Burst in on my count 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Go!”

Anne burst in to the house causing a bit of panic. Boukari’s roar was loud. I could hear him pounce our way. Anne had taken to hiding and I had too. The pouncing seized and then seemed to be getting faint. I took a deep breath and then a glance at Anne. Her heart seemed to be hanging on to her lips at that moment. “Target in custody.” Peter’s voice came through the radio. Boukari roared much louder this time. “Time to go.” Anne stated running out of the house towards the car. I took another deep breath and walked out to the corridor of the house.

Boukari was headed my way, he was destroying everything in his path. “What’s the matter big guy? You want to raze this building?” I shouted to get his attention.

Anne had noticed I didn’t follow and was back. I quickly signalled to her to stop. He roared again in anger. “There’s no way I’m gonna listen to you if you keep roaring… speak to me like a human being that you are.” I stated looking him in the eye. He was startled. “You killed my best friend you know?” I stated. He looked up at me. I quickly scanned through his body with my eyes. “You made me this… All of you.” He stated with a very bassy voice. “Get him out.” I whispered to the radiophone. My eyes caught his… they looked very humane and the next moment it was entirely inhumane and then he roared. I had to snap out of reasoning as he pounced towards me but I was too late. He already had his grip on me. His claws penetrated my shirt. I could feel it scrapping my bullet proof vest.

There was suddenly a gun shot.

Boukari roared

He charged towards the window. I jumped to my feet to see Peter dashing towards the cars with a gun in his hand. There was no time to waste as I ran out towards the cars as well.

Dominic had left with Al Hassan already so it was us four- Peter, Anne Vivian and I- that were left. “Get your foot on the damn accelerator.” I shouted at Peter. My abdominal region was in pain. I quickly unbuttoned my shirt.

“Wow!” Vivian exclaimed. “His claws are really thick and sharp too.” Anne added.

“We created a monster!” I sighed.

“Thanks for saving my ass back there.” I said tapping Peter’s shoulder. “It didn’t even feel a thing.” He stated. The pain in my abdominal region was increasing. I tried to pull off my vest but just couldn’t. “Let me help.” Vivian offered. I turned so as to help her get it off with ease.

“Wow! That must hurt.” Anne exclaimed.

“You have no idea.” I replied.

“We need to get to the hospital and like now…he’s bleeding.” Vivian instructed Peter. “No! we need to speak to Al Hassan first.” I argued.

“We can do that on your behalf.” Vivian replied. “I’ll need to speak to him personally… he might hold the key to stopping this.”



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