Monitor Episode 8

“What are you thinking?” She continued. The way in which she spoke confused me. “After the last encounter, you want to walk into his territory head on again?” She added getting a bit aggressive.

“See, I never knew you were this caring when it came to me but this is the only way we can know what happened.” I replied. She looked me in the eye. I could read the fear in her jittery blue eyes. “When we left Kenya… together… as a team, Boukari was totally human. What happened that he now is a quarter of a lion? I can’t say.” I explained.

“And you think walking into his territory would provide the answers?” she asked looking disgusted

I nodded.

“This sounds like the most insane reason to go into such a dangerous place but knowing Boukari, he keeps records of almost everything that happened in his life through pictures and writing.” I stated. Peter stole glances at me. Dominic was shaking his head. I looked at Vivian. “Who’s in?” She asked. I smiled before raising my hand.

“Look, you guys might be insane together but I, I’m perfectly okay. There is no way I’m going to his house with you.” Anne said adamant. “This is sure a crazy idea but first, let’s say we were in how do we plan on getting in, getting what we want and getting out safely without losing anyone?” Peter inquired and I was surprised. Peter never always loved the crazy life threatening missions but to see and hear him at least interested was quite interesting. “Okay… we’ll need the swat teams on this…”

“What for?” That guy isn’t affected by a bullet… he’s just the lion form of Hulk.” Peter interrupted. “Would you let me finish.” I stated. “He isn’t affected by a bullet but a lot of it would slow him down.” I continued. “This might sound stupid but we would need the helicopters as well. He destroyed the house after we left, if he goes berserk again he can only attack the units on ground but air support can help save a few.” I explained. “I obviously can’t guarantee the safety of everyone.” I added.

“You see? Crazy!” Anne objected.

“Anne, give him a break. We are trying to save someone here.” Dominic stated trying to calm the raging storm in her. “Save who? Or it.” She hissed.

“How do you intend on getting the swat and all on this case?” Peter questioned again.

“Are my being interviewed here?”

“No I just want to be sure you know what you’re doing and how you want to go about it.” Peter replied taking a seat. “I’ll try and get across to the commissioner hopefully he’ll give in and if not, I’ll go in myself and alone too.” I replied. There were a few sighs and then the most awkward silence ensued.

“Who’s in?” Vivian asked. I looked around and Peter and Dominic had their hand in the air. Everyone except me the moment before I joined them was staring at Anne.

“You guys go ahead with your crazy idea… count me out.” She stated grabbing her phone from her desk and walking out.

“I’ll go see the commissioner.” I stated before walking out.


Lucky days are hard to come by but that was one. The commissioner was always busy but he was really less busy that day. I walked into his office expecting his secretary to give me the usual “He’s at a meeting.” Or “He’s out of the country.” But to my major surprise he was sitting right there in the waiting room watching the TV.

I greeted. “Hello sir.”

“Martins!” he exclaimed like he was surprised to see me. He turned quickly.

“What a week!” he started. “The shipment of new arms and ammunition for the force arrived and we just got our share.” He stated. “Wow! That’s great.” I replied.

I was about to discuss the issue that brought me to his office nut he seemed too lost in what he had to say to listen. He had already asked a question before I could even get to inform him.

“How are you Martins?” “Very fine thank you sir… we actually have this case we are working on.” I replied.

“A case that I do not know about? When did you start approving cases yourself?” he remarked getting quite serious. I couldn’t muster up any answer at least one to speak.

“What is it about?”

I was quite shocked but a part of me knew he had been playing one on me. “A friend of mine is turning into a lion… I don’t know how that sounds but it’s true. The only way to get him back is to know what happened to him… I know the genesis of the mutation but not what occurred in the transition.” I explained

He just kept staring at me. “When would you stop dealing with weird cases?”

“What can I help you with?” he asked. “I need to get inside his house but the little units can’t withhold his strength.” I replied.

He just kept staring. “You’ve not made a request.”

“We’ll need swat and air support on this one… I can’t guarantee safety of everyone.” I stated hoping for a positive reaction.

He continued the stare, his lips began to move towards his ears and his hands towards his phone. He touched his phone’s screen for a bit and then he was on a call. “Whenever you’re ready.” He stated after he dropped the call.

“I’ll just go get the rest of my team.” I smiled.

“All units moving out to 653 A 45 degrees south 4500 kilometres… co-ordinates are on screen now.” The lady blasted through the speaker and the whole precinct was on its feet again. I walked down the hallway and I could see Sirens in the air, monitor cameras and screens coming up in the interrogation room, pilots strapping up, swat unit police cocking guns and getting loaded and then the lab.

“Are we set?” I inquired.


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