Monitor Episode 9

“All units be advised… target spotted 35 km away from home headed in your direction…” the officer from the hovering helicopter informed. Vivian and I were in the same vehicle while Dominic was with Peter in the other. The police were all over the road it was almost like the Lagos roads were painted blue and red due to the intensity of the sirens, every car was on the move it was almost like we were on a chase.

“Take the next turn.” I advised

Vivian gave me a stare that suggested I was insane. I had no objection to the fact that I was insane but I just had to take care of my own mess.

“Team 3 move in now.” I ordered through our command system. I almost fell in the car because Vivian was driving pretty rough. “Why the speed?”

She pointed to the radar “Look.”

“Damn.” The teams were closing down on the house and we were still quite some way off.


“Heli H996 please report.” I requested of the command system. “All units inbound and in position.” The officer in the helicopter responded. I looked closer at the radar “Target?”

“Target location not specified, co-ordinates of last spotting on screen now.” Was the reply. I just couldn’t stop the frown.

“Ground units close to the blue marker begin an area sweep to locate the target.” I had barely finished stating the order when Vivian parked the car in the most uncomfortable way for a passenger as possible. I could only deliver a disgusting look to her before getting off the car.

I pulled out my phone and dialled Sayo. It wasn’t about something private but then I had o speak to him off the general communication channel. “We’re set.”

“Our target seems to be out of the house right now so we have little time to get what we came here for… I’m gonna need you to get every note, picture, tape or video you can lay your hands on and quick.” I briefed.

Vivian walked up to me with her gun in hand. “Would you shoot me now?” I jested.

“I would have but then I just want to know… Are you sure you want this?” “Of course… why would I get this far and no want it?” I shot back. She forced a breath out and squeezed her lips. ”Just wanted to make sure you’re still sane.”

The search was going on and a few were returning with handful of papers and some drawings a lot of stuff. ”I’m going inside… you wanna come?” I asked facing Peter. “It won’t hurt.”

The inside of the house couldn’t be more scattered. The shelves filled with papers, the whole place was rowdy, officers everywhere, boxes and all just quite the worst sight to behold for a person bent on having an extremely clean environment.

I went to the DVD rack scrolling through the discs when my eyes caught one. BOUKARI VS PACK OF LIONS it read.

I pulled it out and put it in my jacket. Then I continued my sweep. “I got his laptop.” Peter told me coming from the inner portions of the house.

“All units be advised target is headed towards the house…move out now I repeat move out now.” The voice came blasting through the comm system. “Let’s move out!” I shouted prompting all the officers to run out with whatever they had in their hand.

“All units on Shina boulevard be advised target is headed your way do not engage I repeat do not engage.” He announced again. “Sayo updates?” I requested as Vivian stepped on the accelerator harder trying to catch up with the rest of the team.

“We’re in the house no doubt. Just for his return.” He responded.

“Holy shit!” Vivian exclaimed as she swerved the car away from the path of landing of an SUV. “Units report.” I shouted through the comm system.

“Units have been engaged calling for more ground support.” A voice I supposed to be Peter’s came through.

Vivian’s swerve couldn’t guarantee our safe passage other units had stopped on the road and gunfire was apparent as well as a few roars and flying cars as well as sadly… some deaths. We had highlighted from the vehicle.

Vivian tapped me. “Regroup your thoughts.”

I took a deep breath. ”Sorry bro” “Air support move in now.” I ordered.

The helicopters and war birds moved in swiftly raining heavy fire allowing almost all the cars to make a turn and head for another way. Vivian ran into the car and I was expected to follow but no I didn’t. “Are you sure about this?” She asked through the rolled glass. All I could do was reply with a nod.

The heavy gun fire continued till every ground unit had left and by that time, he was already weakened and on the floor. “Air units disengage.” I spoke into the comm system.

The copters moved away slowly leaving me and Boukari in the center of a Lagos main road.

He groaned as he slowly stood to his feet. Snarling and roaring after he got up. The dust from the ground resulting from the gun fire was just settling and the field of view was clear enough for both of us to see.

“You see all of this that just happened? I did it. I ordered for it to happen.” I shouted trying to gain his attention. He roared in rage. He hoofed and pounced towards me then the gunshot came and he stopped… turned leaving some space for me to see who shot.

My mouth went under involuntary control and I just couldn’t keep them close. Anne had just shot Boukari in the anus. I could see the bullet strain. Boukari roared strongly and charged towards her. “Move away!” I screamed in fear but Anne didn’t show any fear and suddenly there was a drop… Boukari was in a cage. The cage slowly lifted off the ground. I looked up to see a helicopter.

“Are you just gonna stand there or would you get in the car?” She screamed to me.



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