The Finale: The Precint – Monitor

Finale of Monitor is here at last… not the Finale of The Precinct…


The precinct continues in three weeks… please do leave your comments at the end of the post…


Ten years to after that day the events would still be remembered I could tell. It was time to make a decision… would Boukari remain a lion or would we transform him to a man once again and give him his life back. It was time to stop thinking like a cop and start thinking like a molecular biologist again.

“Call him in.” I stated dismissing Funke.

“We should be meeting Xhelenga in a bit.” I turned towards Vivian who was munching on her chips.


“When would you stop acting like a chicken and stop stealing your children’s snacks?”

“The moment my mom dies.” She giggled throwing a piece of the chips at me.

We had to get to the lab… Xhelenga was to meet us there. Funke… remember her from the news she gave about Al Hassan’s call? She was a rookie working her way up the ranks practically working her head off. The day before, I got a call from the commissioner that she was to join our squad as she had duly earned her promotion to the rank of the detective. We could do with her youthful exorbitance at least for the next case we had at hand. She was a driving expert and that was exactly what we needed as an addition to the squad.

“Welcome brov.” I stated rising to meet Xhelenga as he came in to the lab.

“Good to see you again.”

“I never thought I’ll see you again though.”

“Tough times bring the impossible to reality.” He giggled.

There was little or no time for introductions, we had to get down to business.

“What do you think the effects of the retransformation would be?” I questioned.

“That shouldn’t even be the question. What it should be is how he got to transform again. It’s only when we know how the transformation reoccurred that we can tell what repercussions to expect.”

Xhelenga had gone on to become the first professor in the department of biogenetics and molecular biology of the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

“From our investigations, it seems as though something went wrong with the transformation process at one time or the other which we believe has led to the current non triggered transformation.” Peter tried explaining. “Lies.” Xhelenga scoffed. I was stunned and so was everyone who was in the lab as well. Did Xhelenga just refer to our hard and dangerous work of going directly into Boukari’s house and the long hours spent in analysing his documents and record a waste? So because a lot of people believed he was smart he thought he actually was? I couldn’t muster up a word let alone a sentence.

“I can’t believe you weren’t a part of them.” Xhelenga continued building a frown on his facial air covered face. That statement got me thinking. Could there be something that could have happened that I know nothing about? Could I have been a part of something I didn’t know?

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t even know about it… Five months ago, Al Hassan and Giovinco… his soul rest in peace… they came to me asking if I would join them to do the transformation process again. They explained that there was two hundred million bucks in store for them. They were to participate in a competition of tamed ‘wild animals’ or so I thought…”

“So may be that was when it happened.”

“Can’t you be smart for once? I called Boukari to ask if he was sane and he himself seemed lost so I thought they were trying it on another subject.” He explained.

All this while I had beaten myself up thinking I was a part of this whole saga. It sounded like I was hearing a lie but for once I could think straight on this case. Why would Boukari turn his back at us and want to kill us all after all he started all this? It would have been stupid of him to do so but still he just couldn’t. He was always happy in the lion form, for Al Hassan and Gio to have come together? Boukari being speechless when Xhelenga asked? Could it be that Boukari himself was not informed?

“Peter! We need to go in and question Boukari… Xhelenga you might need to be in on this one as well. Funke call for the police to get Al Hassan from the hospital… he should be discharged this evening.” I ordered picking up my pen.

“Are you sure you want to go where he is now?” Xhelenga asked seeming quite unsure.

“I’ve done this before.” I smiled back.

“Do you think he’ll be able to talk to you? As a human”

“He reacts to emotions… I found out during one of my encounters with him if we can capture him in with our emotions he should be done talking before we loose him again.”

Vivian opened the door for us to go in. “Let the cage down.” She ordered.

“Wow I’ve been graced with a visit from the professor in my lonely lion cage… are you here to take me into your universities zoo?”

“Oh! I would have loved to do that if not for the fact that you’re not a lion.” Xhelenga replied taking his seat. “I want to know a few things Bouk… what did they do to you?” he added.

“Al Hassan… Gio… beasts… MONITOR.” He burst out into a roar. He hit the cage tons of times breathing hard you could feel the vibrations if you were kilometres away- that’s an exaggeration though.

“Mr Boukari!” I screamed.

He stopped and took glance at me

“Mr Boukari sir, please behave yourself, we do not like when men who are meant to be in the front line of our profession are destroying things especially not here in the precinct sir.” I added. I could almost hear the giggle.


“Do you want to shake my hand?” I asked

“I want to kill you.”

“Why?” Xhelenga asked.

“This idiot joined them to transform me without my permission or prior knowledge for their own enrichment… I had even forgiven them but when the complications came and I couldn’t retain my humanity because they didn’t do the retransformation process well.” He was losing his voice towards the end of the speech.

“I knew nothing about it… Xhelenga just informed me that such a thing happened… I was busy catching bad guys, running away from death and all while those bastards were busy doing this to you.”

“Let him out.” Xhelenga offered. I didn’t have to think twice about it.

“Let him out.”

Vivian pressed the button on the wall that caused the door to open to allow him exit. Vivian pulled out her gun loaded with the tranquilizer, Boukari ran at us… It had to be over for me, I would have died for what I had nothing to do with. Boukari stopped right in front of us.

He laughed out uncontrollably. Vivian had missed her shot.

“See their faces… this should have been recorded I’ll love to have had it in my collection… it’ll be Boukari scares the great men.”

I opened my eyes slowly, turned my head to look at Xhelenga who was also looking in my direction.

“You are such a bastard!” I shouted jumping on Boukari punching him in the spine- it was me who felt the pain- I grabbed his hair and pulled hard, Xhelenga joined me.

“Are you guys crazy, you got me scared.”

I stopped and turned to see Vivian with her gun pointed in our direction. I looked to the other side to see the bullet extension hanging on the wall.

“Wow for the first time ever, Vivian missed.”

“I’m just good at what I do.” Boukari stated hailing himself.

“Do you want to be human again Mr lion?” I asked sitting on his back.

“Who in his right senses wouldn’t.”

“We don’t know what the effects would be… I can’t guarantee the return of your full human form.” Xhelenga added

“You are an expert in this field, I trust you… no matter the outcome. Monitor please I need you to put that bastard to justice.”


I turned to see Funke retrace her steps after seeing Boukari free.

“Come in.” Vivian stated pulling her inside practically.

“What’s the update?”

“We have him in custody already… we just want to be sure you can get the warrant before 24 hours.” She stated quite jittery.

“I sure have… Boukari, the job is done.”




  1. Wow.
    Excellent ending.
    I hope they succeed in transforming him back to normal human being.
    Great read.
    Well done Ade.



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