The Precinct News Episode 3

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Peter stood there arms above his head with his pistol in hand confused. Anne was already back to the reality of the fact that the husband of the lady they were trying to save had just tried to kill them both but what still baffled her and kept her mind racing was whether or not he had a reason or it was just fear.

Peter kept glancing at Anne whose gaze was fixed on the man in front of them who kept on clicking the trigger. For once, Anne took a glance at peter. Peter understood what her eye signals meant and slowly put his pistol back in its position and so did Anne before they both slowly approached their assailant and dropped his hand and then collecting the unarmed pistol from him. The tear drops rolling down his cheeks were as obvious as they could be… obviously for someone whose wife was kidnapped, some sort of sorrow has to be portrayed but for a man of his calibre and age? Tear drops shouldn’t even be seen… his tear glands are expected to have been dead.

“It’s okay.” Anne stated silently as she slowly lowered him to sit on the stair.

“No it’s not.”

“You can tell us anything…” Peter began coming closer to where they sat.

“Who are you? He sent you right?”

“I’m detective Peter… She’s detective Anne… we wanted to talk to you about your wife.”

He just broke into more tears. He consciously tried to stop the tears but they seemed to be winning the battle.

“Why do you think someone will take her?”

“Why do you think she will be taken?” He shouted on top of his voice causing Anne to reduce her voice.

“What do you think she could have done? One bastard takes my wife to get to me and you ask me what I think.”

His laughter after the statement was close to that of an insane fellow. The tears had their say in the laugh.

“So you know the source?” Peter probed.

“I sent them… idiot. You guys just get out… I said get out!” he screamed forcing the two detectives to retreat. He broke into futher tears… at last the tears were winning the fight and so were the detectives.

“I work for a drug lord.” Mr Daniels broke the silence that ensued and succeeded in halting the detectives as they were about to leave the house.

Though shocked, they both knew better than to show their shock but in this case, hiding your shock or emotions was a herculean task… one which they both failed. Peter’s mouth was agape- wide open. Anne was dumb and partially deaf for a while and I guess paralysed as well. She stood there staring at the door yet not seeing the door.

“I basically am a channel for the transport of the drugs in Africa and America… he took my wife.” He finally continued.

It all began to make sense… the guys with Angel said to tell him to do the job. Maybe he just didn’t do one job or he needs to do one very dangerous job or he jilted the boss over a job. They were about to find out either way.

“I am tired of this job, I want a real life…” he told.

“Why did he take your wife.” Anne asked going closer and wrapping her hand around him.

“There’s a lot of sales this period and he wants me to cart some stuff to Los Angeles next week. They’ll be coming in on Friday from México via shipping… I told him I want to quit and he’s using her as bait.” He sobbed.


I sat opposite the commissioner as he kept staring at me as though I were mad. Obviously he was shocked but I was unfazed by his earlier rants after all he got what he wanted.

“Where do you expect me to get 75 billion naira?”

I kept staring at him and that unnerved him. He jumped out of his seat, hit the table over and over again as he poured out his anger.

“Sir that was the best offer we could get. We tried to bargain a lower price but to no avail.” I explained.

“Then get me someone better to bargain!” he screamed on top of his voice.

I stared at him for quite a while silent and feeling utterly insulted. His eyes prowled the room as thoughts of getting 75 billion naira into the wrong hands fluttered his mind. The country as notorious as had been known could as well be engaged in a scandal that we knew little or nothing about. Who were these guys? What exactly was the job? We still didn’t have the answers and we were just going to serve them 75 billion? His eyes finally caught mine as they were fixed on him. It was then he got the reminder that he had not only insulted me but my team as a whole. There were no better negotiators at the precinct than we at least at that period. He needed to get some equipment into the precinct at some point and he had been bargaining for about a month before we got to know. I had gone to his office that day to request for one of the equipment as it was very important to our investigation when he opened up concerning the situation. I had asked him to forward the call when it came in next time and under ten minutes, we had gotten him a deal way less than he proposed. That was one of the things that aided our promotion to detectives.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that…”

“It’s okay sir!” I cut in smiling.

“I’ll call the inspector.”

He moved out soon after and it took him about 15 minutes to return. Apparently he was outside in his secretary’s space discussing with the inspector general. I could hear his voice go up at some point and then down later.

“We have our best detectives on this case sir!” I could hear him say and it were as though he were close to the door.

He walked in not too long after with a smile all over his face. I rose to receive the news which obviously looked like good news from his expressions.

“We’ll be getting it on Thursday.”

“That’s tomorrow sir!”

“Yes! See me before you leave so we can discuss how you’ll get it.”


I returned to the lab quite joyous and it was to continue as Anne and Peter had some good news. They finally had the gist I wanted to hear. Anne had smiles all over her face as she recounted their experience.

“He suddenly started shooting at us.” She stopped to give me a smile.

“Hope none of you got hurt.”


I moved closer to the screen where Dominic had already projected a picture as well as details of a man.

“Alberto Insigne… Mexican drug lord!”

“That’s who we’re dealing with.” Dominic stated coming closer to where I stood.

“Her husband works for him. He is to deliver some drugs to Los Angeles next week. They will be arriving from Mexico on Friday. He wants out that’s why this guy has her.” Anne explained.

“So our pretty newscaster’s husband is a drug dealer.”

“So it seems.” Peter stated from Dominic’s computer table.

“I looked up on his case file… files are coming up now.” He added swilling the chair in our direction.

I was shocked… since when did Dominic and Peter start this love? That Peter gets to use ‘the cherished one’ as Dominic loved to call his computer. I had little time for that though as the details popped up on the screen.

He had a case of murder about 2 decades before where he was discharged based on insufficient evidence. He had also been to court several times for drug trafficking but had not been convicted due to insufficient evidence. He had other crimes ascribed and attached to him and according to what was before me on the screen, he had served his charges… one was community service, another a short jail term, another was a hefty fine. I just got tired of reading his case file.

“This guy’s a bitch.”

“Sure is… only God knows why someone will work with him.” Peter snuffed

“My question is are we gunning for this guy?” Anne inquired.

“No! our case ain’t him but if he interferes which I don’t think he should but these bastards that do all these shit can’t be trusted.” I stated.

“You still haven’t said a word that makes sense.” Dominic humoured. He might have slightly insulted me but that was the truth. I had only stated my thoughts not the answer to the question. No man easily accepts that he is wrong so I put up the defence mechanism.

“I said no… that’s what I started with. Our mission is to get the lady back.”

“The press will ask who was behind the kidnap.” Anne retorted

“They do not need to know.” I replied.

“It’s a secret she’ll love to keep.” Vivian finally spoke. Immediately she grabbed her keys and walked out.


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