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There is a disease epidemic in the world that no one has taken note of (at least in Nigeria). Instead of paying attention to it, this epidemic has been embraced by the youth of this country.
The Profile
Most susceptible: Females
Causes: Beauty, freshness, being cool and ultimately being on social media
Physical manifestations: The catch phrase ‘Mho_’ occurs before the name of the lady on any social media mostly instagram.


According to a research carried out here in Pharmacy School, only one lady out of a sample size of about 50 ladies, had a reason for having the ‘Mho_’ before her name because her real name is Mosinmisola. However she could not produce the meaning of ‘Mho_’ alongside the other 49.The treatment for this disease is currently under research.
Dear ladies please do abstain from all causes of this disease till a proper cure has been found.
All our…

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