My new year resolution

365 days ago it felt like this day would never come. Today I stand here gazing into the future hoping that what wishes I make this moment come true.  Before I make the wish, may I visit the wishes I made 365 days ago?

I gaze into my sheet of paper one which I had adorned in ink and scribbled as well as inscribed the best wishes and goals one could ever set. There they were in the paper smiling at me as the joy of the expectation renewed. Picking them one after the other I realized. The first item had not been accomplished so had my second wish, third, fourth. In fact, the only wish that had come true was that this day come.

So I set out my mind once again asking questions. A new year a new wish but why were my wishes yet to come true? All that was required of me was to wish and so did I why did my wishes stay as such? Then the wise man on the inside of me shook off the beautiful fairy and her magic wand that brought wishes to reality and said.

“Speech without action is void… faith without works is dead.”

So I unwrapped my sheet of paper and gazed once again into the future but this time with zeal and desire to work out my wishes to give the effort required to make it come to reality.





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