The Precinct News Episode 5(The FINALE)

Finally but sadly we have reached the point where we stop a series… this is most likely the end of The Precinct

It’s been fun with DOMLAT, MONITOR and now NEWS.

The Nigerian blog awards is coming up soon… please stay in touch with us for the details




The city of Lagos is synonymous with traffic, hustle and bustle and fame amongst tons of other adjectives. Ten minutes to get to Iwaya from the third mainland bridge seemed like suicide but that’s why you have the police on your side.

“I’ve got 5 minutes to get to Iwaya I need all roads clear.” I practically screamed into the phone.

“On it!”

“Step on it!” I screamed at the driver.

I could see the bags of money being transported into the other car behind us as we sped along the bridge. Five out of ten minutes was all we needed to be at the said destination.

“I’ve arrived and your money is with me.”

“I can see you… look to your left, the cart there, use it to bring the money down the road. I’ll tell you when to stop. “

I dragged the cart closer to the car with the money bags and offloaded them onto it. Just me and my headset… no chance of calling anyone for help if anything went wrong… I could care less… Angel Daniels’ return was my priority as at then. I pushed the money studded cart along the streets of Iwaya. The hustle and bustle of Lagos had not been left out of the serene environment. One car had been trailing my walk or so I thought. Deep in my heart of hearts I wished for the ‘friend’ I had acquired to beep me.

“Stop!” His voice came in as I watched the car take a turn.

“I see you noticed my boys already… go give them the money… your lady is with them.”

I looked ahead of me and the car was waiting close to a filling station. I could see Angel Daniels being brought off the car. She looked so scared; I could almost smell the fear streaming through her veins. It aroused emotions in me and I almost dashed across to rescue her but I had to caution myself. There were protocols… protocols that were to be followed.

I looked around and smartly Fikayo had sent an undercover agent to trail me. It wasn’t me giving them the info on the situation… he was.

Slowly but steadily I proceeded to where the vehicle was parked as I watched the pretty newscaster being cuffed to the rails of the mini gate of the filling station.

“Hands in the air!” one of the thugs in suit that had come to drop off Angel stated pointing a gun at me. Obviously suspicious eyes had been flowing around and the sight of a gun… it just sparked the panic.

Quickly they grabbed me and tucked me into the car. Two other guys transferred the money into another car just behind the one I was. I stared into Angel Daniels’ eyes and her fear had turned to dismay…

The engines started and I was on my way to the unknown.

I kept looking back to see if any cars were trailing but none… I tried the sky for any birds… still none… it was finally over… Martins Coker had finally gone off the radar.

Left swerve, right turn, increased speed… BANG!

My hope came alive again… a police roadblock. Like a pre-planned formation another set of cars emerged from behind the car I was in… the police would have been forgiven if they felt it was all.

Like a flashlight… one white car flew through the road block creating space for the car I was in to run through. The driver didn’t miss the chance… we were off and a full chase was on

“Sir… Maryland… we’re on our way sir!” the thug sitting beside the driver spoke on the phone.

I kept looking out for ways to run off but a high speed chase with cuffs on… so much of a herculean task.

Just when I thought it would just be a matter of speed, guns came into the pay. Drive by shots was rained on our car and fortunately for me a bullet hit the guy on my right who happened to be with the keys to the cuffs. The other two in the car had practically sat on the window to reply the gun fire.

I leaned in slowly and reached for the keys. Silently I tried and successfully unlocked one hand. Then I got spotted by the driver through the inner mirror.

Unlucky me, they had successfully killed two policemen in a police vehicle- the driver and the shooter, and were trying to reload so they obviously needed to come in.

I forced the door one of them was hanging on open causing him to hit is head on the ground badly… there was no time to see if I had killed a man or not.

I grabbed the gun from the dead guy in the car… I had called the attention of the last shooter sitting beside the driver who started shooting at me. I hit the drivers head with the bottom of the gun causing him to pass out.

Bullets raining towards me with little to do, I jumped out of the open door as soon as the car swerved to the road side.

Police cars sped on continuing the chase of not one car but all three of their cars- they had intersected on the major road leading to Maryland… and to my surprise; each car had a legion of police cars chasing them.

One car stopped beside me… I stood as quickly as I could- though it was slow and entered.

“You are brave a little”

I looked at the driver and smiled… I could be disgusted but I was definitely grateful.

“Dominic thanks.”

“Dom… take the next turn to your left… you’ll intersect them.” Fikayo’s voice came through.

As it panned out, Dominic’s driving proved more effective than I imagined.

“Dominic, be careful with your intersection… they are at high speed… I repeat they are at high speed.” Fikayo warned.

He applied the brakes.

“If there are going at high speed, we’re gon need to take out em out at their speed. You copy.” He stated looking at me.

I smiled. I came off the car and entered the next car to our left. Dominic moved his car some distance from the intersection and I was right behind him.

“Do you copy? We need map visual. And markers on the suspects cars.” I requested.

The map popped up in the car.

Dominic steadied his engine.

“Martins return to the last turn you took, there’s another way to intersect them from there.” Anne’s voice came in.

“This is gonna be interesting.” I commented as I accelerated on the reverse and out to the intersection.

“I’m in position.” I announced as we waited for the cars to drift past.

“The second one is your target Martins, leave alpha to Dominic.” Peter instructed.



“What are you trying to do?” Fikayo questioned.

“We do have a reputation of being crazy; this is one of the evidences.” Anne replied sipping her cup of coffee.

“It’s an ambush… they’re gonna hit the cars in the rear as they speed along.” Peter added.

“These modes are unorthodox…”

“… but they are effective.” Peter cut Fikayo.


“I’m more ready than you can imagine.” I informed Dominic as I fired the engine once more. The cars came flying through… the first one flew past… my moment had come. I pushed hard on the accelerator… my car was at high speed. Just close to the intersection… as the nose of the second car poked into view from the intersection, I opened the door and flew out of the car.


The car I drove plunged into the rear of the fast moving car. The police had been warned and had given us a safe distance. They moved in quickly and secured the perimeter.

Medics had also arrived as they came to help me up and into their medic van.

“Hope you didn’t break a limb.” Dominic stated as he came towards the van.

“I guess she’ll ask the same question.” Li stated pointing to Fikayo who had arrived alongside the rest of the team.

She ran towards him and gave him a hug with teary eyes. For a while she held tight to him and suddenly she left him and gave him a quite resounding slap.

“Stay with the computers!”


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