The Open Door TO HELL Episode 1


“I’m living on a thin block of ice that is about to break… there’s a whole ocean waiting to consume me.” Ola started
The lady who sat across the room had her serious look on with so much presence you could almost think she was his mother if only her looks complemented her seriousness
“My whole life, everything I worked for, it’s all crumbling down… I need your help.”
“interesting! What exactly are you scared of? Losing everything or having nothing?”
The expression in the room was totally negating… Ola on one hand pretty dazed not only at the question but even his current situation. He always had everything under control but this one seemed to be out of hand so it was sort of a shock for the lady or rather amusing that Ola actually did need help. He never needed anyone’s help, he was the best at everything. His sports fashion firm was the best in the country, he had all the big stores and events centres as well as the hotels to his credit, he owned a pharmaceutical industry, his main stay was real estate dealings and he had one rather unexpected but still expensive car wash network all over the country. He was every man’s dream. He owned it all… fame, money, cars and he was just 27… he wasn’t new in the game either.
“Are both not the same?” he asked quite confused.
She giggled.
“You built all this right?”
He nodded the affirmative.
“Then if you lose everything you could build it all again… you’ve got it in you.”
The words seemed perfect for the situation but they weren’t the solution. Ola sighed.
“It seems you still don’t have a clear picture of what I’m talking about…”
“you haven’t told me all about it.”
Ola sighed again.
“Look, Mr Ola, if this therapy session is going to go well then I think it’s high time you started opening up to me.”
He gazed into the blue and took a deep breath
“I’m going to court.”
The therapist was dazed… not because he was going to court but because it frightened him. “Are you willing to share why or I should take my leave?”
“I was charged with child rape…”
That was huge… but she wasn’t going to show the sympathy, Ola had a record for disliking people with soft sides. Now he was weak.
“Are you guilty?”
“I’m not sure.”
The whole thing had just become more confusing than ever… something had to work…she needed to say something but she had to get to the bottom of the issue first.
“Sir! The board meeting is in 5 minutes the others are around.” His secretary informed as she peeped through the slightly open door.
Ola struggled to gather himself together. He was done whining about his predicament… there were some tough decisions to make.
“I’ll be there in a minute.” He turned to his therapist.
“Don’t move a muscle. I’ll be fine… I know it. I’ll tell my secretary to serve you something then you can leave.”
“Here’s my card, if you need my services then you could come around.” She left the card in his hand and walked out.
Ola smiled. He dropped the card on his table and made for the door.


“Ola you’re unusually late today… hope you’re fine?” Fehintola whispered to him as he took his seat beside her. Fehintola was also one brain of two behind the massive success of Ola’s firms. She had always fought out his cause and won. She was a graduate of the department of linguistics but she had a passion for business but due to financial constraints at the particular time she had to give up on it up until she met Ola who later funded her studies abroad.
“Sorry I’m late today… I had to deal with some pressing issues.” Ola stated rising to his feet.
“Marketing please your report.”
“One hundred thousand posters distributed across the country, some sponsorship partnership in the range of 50 to 80 individual firms… TV adverts though should be cut in my opinion and maybe another promo should be done I’ve got a proposal here if you may.” One lankey man in an unusual red suit stated.
“I need proper figures… range of? What’s that? Let me see the full report.” Fehintola cut in.
“Let me see your proposal.”
The lankey man passed a copy of the proposal to Ola who was behind him. Ola perused it for a while then looked up and paused.
“It’s a no.”
The lady representing the pharmaceuticals rose holding a sheets of paper she passed round as well as to Ola.
“Not all of us would have a clear understanding of what this chart means but it’s a new development in our labs. This is my proposal…” she paused to give Ola a copy.
“It’s a new isolate from Senna fistula root. Generally, the senna family contains chemicals called Anthraquinones but in glycoside forms. We isolated the aglycone and we believe that the aglycone has a totally different function from the normal laxative function of the combined anthraquinone.”
The whole board room had their hands on their chin except for Ola whose rapt attention was still present.
“We need funds to follow up our hypothesis and we hope that something positive comes out.”
“Good… I’ll go through your proposal and find something for you.”
Ola took his seat.
“This is what I like to hear… new discoveries, how we all can affect the generation in a new way. Not breeding liabilities by giving promos that less that a fraction of a million would gain from.”
Ola was clearly about to continue the meeting when one hand was raised and surprisingly it was the youngest and the newest member of the board of directors who raised his hand.
“I’m sorry to speak out of turn but your last statement did stir this up… please you said something about affecting the generation do you mean by raping young girls?”
Ola was stunned.
There was a giggle around the room.
“See, Mr Ola, My company and I are not going to be a part of this group of companies as long as you’re the head or even on this board. My sales have drastically reduced by ten percent since this issue started and I recorded my biggest ever loss. A whooping 15 percent loss.”
“I do second the motion.” The lankey man in charge of marketing said standing to his feet.
“If you’ll excuse me.” The young man stated and took his leaeve.
The whole room followed suit except for Fehintola, Ola himself and the lady representing the pharmaceuticals.



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