I am really sorry that we couldn’t have the second episode of the open door to hell last week hopefully we can rectify that with a captivating episode on Wednesday



Just to add a bit of spice to the ongoing crisis in the country, I stumbled on this writing of mine… please do forgive the tone and use of language… it’s been a while since I wrote this


Inspired by Black November the movie, Oloibiri the movie, Hearts and homes a novella by ‘tomi Adesina, personal encounters and the African pain.

Why do people have to die for some bastards to get what they want? Money is indeed the root of all evil. The world never wants what is right because the human judgment is clouded by the love for pleasure. The innocent, those who are different suffer because some people see them as a threat to their way of life because they are set to change the way things go.
Why must people die fighting for the right cause? Why is it so hard for the world to see the light? Terrorism is born out of what? What is it for? When people use force to preach a message they call it terrorism. They disarm army soldiers without taking a life and yet they are called rebels but these crazy soldiers that do not think before following orders from money drunk, power ridden bastards up there team against their kindred. People we grew up with whom together we created a perfect Nigeria of our dreams. The future of our dear country slowly, gradually we demolish by our own doing because we think of pleasing the money in human forms. The Nigerian Civil war is not the only civil war that Nigerians have fought. It even is the least of all. The war that goes on on the inside of some insane Nigerians in the north east of the country who feel like normal life is a crime but abducting over 200 girls and regular bombings is the normal way of life. When Nigerians are made to destroy Nigerians by some foreign bastard who provides funds for their evil. Now, the military made of Nigerians war with these other Nigerians killing one another and yet we do not regard it as a civil war. Only if my definition of civil war is wrong.
Some idiot sits in the corner of wherever he could be and says Nigeria will break up in 2015. How on earth was that supposed to be if the fool didn’t have plans to tear Nigeria apart. How could he have said so if he had not made substantial moves to ensure that or why was the US so interested in Nigerian 2015 elections and the security conditions in early 2015 when they sent some senior officers and said they won’t send us machinery. The equipment were withheld but they gave us personnel that would never get to where people were being killed but will send them there. You know their excuse? Nigerians can’t handle the equipment. When all failed, he tried to destroy the morals suggesting to our president that gay marriage be legalized. Oh! How blind we have been. And they would rather we stay blind than we see that’s why people have to die.
When would we stop fighting each other and realize that the problem of ethnicity is now gone with the civil war? That Nigerians now understand that our ethnicity is secondary to nationality. Oh! The new Biafra, who in the world is their leader mark my words not the face of their leader, if a Nigerian is the leader then its a lie,arms and ammunition costs a lot and to import these things you need someone with his foot on the gas. The new Biafra is nothing but a blown story. When would we see that a repeat of what happened at the beginning between 1960 & 1963 is occurring but thus time not from the English but the Americans? They want Nigeria not our peace. They want our land not it’s peace.
Biafra breaks away and cannot feed themselves because all their oil is shipped out. Nigeria loses its oil and the economy crashes. They take Nigeria by ‘helping’ and then they use their military power to take over a still recuperating and yet to be stable Biafra, America owns the oil fields (At least they’re helping us.)
The whites and the blacks can NEVER live in peace. We were not made the same way. We have thicker skins and more melanin and keratin than they because we need it for our survival. Our life was made to be tough the more we run from it the more it catches us.
Africans are currently used as foolish puppets working towards their own destruction. The real weapons of mass destruction. They mess with our minds and make us feel like our own minds are inn a way less or inferior to theirs. We wear their clothes like ours is unfashionable. Well who cares what fashion is anyways we’ll define our fashion. We don’t need your cars or your crazy technology cause we can create. The only difference between us and them us the color of our skin. They’ve got 2 feet same here, 2 eyes, 2 arms, a pair if kidneys. Their anatomy and mine is the same. So why then have we accepted our inferiority? We quote them and leave the proverbs of our elders whose wisdom is enough to last a decade. What then did they bring to us when they called it education if it were not that we accepted that we are inferior to them. We had our language, our tradition, our culture and they ruined it all. They brought the sciences that they had researched and boldly tell us that we couldn’t have ever done it. The fact that we couldn’t have done it is not what I’m here to debate but maybe we don’t need it.
What good has technology brought if not harm upon harm. People are dying in the Northeast now because some bastards thought up guns and other means of warfare. Morals are decaying because of phones and social media yet we try to find positives and adjust to our inferiority. America that stands today was built on a black man’s blood. The last man to die in the American civil war was a fucking black man… A damn Negro. They took us as slaves and made us do their bidding. We still are slaves but slaves in our own country. Slaves on our land.
They give us our oil, they gave and still give us education and security in exchange for our ability to be AFRICANS. In exchange for our CULTURE, our TRADITION. They take it all away and yet we sit by and do nothing. Are Africans really that blind?






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