Name:Ade Lero
Date Of Birth: 12-12-19**
State Of Origin: Ogun State
Education: Currently at The University of Ibadan.
Books/Series Authored: Native Strides(Completed),Game of lies (Completed),The Precinct (Completed) Dejected(a Novella), The open door to hell (On Story Island)
Relationship Status: Single
Hobby: Footballing, writing, reading.



  1. Hi there

    I have found your contact on the internet and I would really be interested to portrait you on my blog. My name is Janine and I am the founder of Nigerianheroes.com. This blog aims to portrait Nigeria’s everyday Heroes – people who by their talent, skill or hard work can inspire others. The goal is to promote the Nigerian Spirit not only among Nigerians but among followers around the world.

    Nigerians face many prejudices not only within their own country but also from foreigners. How often does one hear that the future of Nigeria is hopeless or that all Nigerians are scammers? This is the perception I want to change by setting examples of how hardworking, independent and strong Nigerians really are.

    I would be honored to share your story. Together we can put a more positive light on this beautiful country and its people.

    Join me on Facebook and become a part of this movement: http://www.facebook.com/nigerianheroesblog



  2. Hello dear,
    My name is Bibiana Ossai, a fellow blogger and I work with ‘Harriet Fowler’, a new public relations organisation strictly for literature and lifestyle bloggers, so as to bring them under one umbrella , also to see them through the entire process of owning a blog, getting contents out there to the right audience as well as work with them on any issues they have as a blogger, with their sites or contents. You can reach me via mail ossaibibi@gmail.com. Thank you very much.



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