Native Stride Episode 7

“Love doesn’t ruin things it supports.”
Tunde Johnson.


Episode 4

“Good afternoon to you all.”Jemimah said as she rose to give her verdict on the contributions and reports all the primary officers had relayed through out the season.”Here, we all are at the beginning of a new leadership and new rules and standards.” she said … Continue reading Episode 4

Episode 3

“You’re really early today.” the gateman teased as tunde walked past the gate.”Godd morning sir.” a nervous Tunde replied. He motioned towards the building with Physical planning unit boldly written on it not knowing what exactly what to expect. He was warmly recieved but for … Continue reading Episode 3

Episode 2

“Good morning.” Tunde panted as he ran into the waiting room at the ministry. “Good morning sir. You must be Mr Tunde Johnson.” a lady in her mid twenties whom tunde supposed as the secretary said. “yes ma’am”Tunde muttered taking a good look at himself … Continue reading Episode 2