ÁRÍWÓ Episode 5


The selection of the next Baba Lakoku was a sacred act. Only one who would enter the shrine and make it out alive could become the Baba Lakoku. Before time, it usually was a trial and error process, sometimes the selected Baba Lakoku was even not in the priests guild. Many young men were lost for the cause in those days. But since Asake, She made things easier as she could tell who it was going to be. No one disputed her judgement because she was always right. How she knew, no one could tell, who she was, remained a mystery. All they knew about her was that she had outlived about 30 generations.

Men took the courage to go to her hut but no one dared to enter. They called out from morning till eventide no reply.
Evening came and still nothing to move ahead with. The song started yet again. This time just one voice sang with intermittent scream from a second.

The men returned… worn out and disappointed. The long drawn out process of trial to find the next Baba Lakoku had to begin if there was any hope of ending this ordeal.


ÁRÍWÓ Episode 4


All the men Baba Lakoku had sent throughout the village to search for any dead bodies had returned without any news in that regard.
He more than the others was perplexed… the whole city looked to him for answers, he needed them more.
“I’ll be back!” He said leaving the whole town in the blue. He headed straight for the shrine of Iyeri Ireti close to the Iyeri river named after her… He would spend the night there. No one could leave for their houses. Sunset came and this time there were no screams… Just a song.
The song that was only sung when the chief priest passed on to immortality… Baba Lakoku had gone. He left the town at a time when he was most needed… The song came from it’s usual place. Asake’s hut. 2 voices sang sonorously. It was much beautiful than it usually was.
Baale had one choice… It was time to determine who the next Baba Lakoku was… and they needed Asake

To be continued…

ÁRÍWÓ Episode 3


Commotion in the city, the Baale’s hand was forced to call for a town meeting at the town centre… The town crier was summoned and charged with the king’s message; Every man should be present along with his family.
In a Jiffy, the town was gathered awaiting the baale. Soon enough he was around with the village chief priest. It was rare to see him, even those who went into the shrine to seek help never met him… His only time of appearing was when the time for the annual Iyeri Ireti; the river goddess they worshipped, Festival was upon them.

Baba Lakoku as they usually called the chief priests had his staff of divinition… It was believed that the chief priests proceed to immortal beings that speak directly and eventually become a part of the heirachy of gods that seek to appease Iyeri Ireti and that the staff’s colour determine his closeness to immortality.

Baba Lakoku was at his final stage… it was seemingly the last time he was to be seen… all they needed was the voice of the gods, he was as close as could mortally be.
“The deaths have siezed…” He announced much to the delight of the people.

Almost immediately, There was the scream… this time it was 3.
It wasn’t sunset and no man had seen Asake

ÁRÍWÓ Episode 2

Agbeke couldn’t stop wailing… she had become a victim as well… The sun had set with her child. The baale was more confused than sorrowful… usually when the scream was.let out, and the young virgins passed on, their bodies were always found by the large iroko tree not too distant from Asake’s hut With thier blood tracing all the way back to the evil hut.

Eniaje was nowhere to be found. She had left for Bandele’s house the day before. Bandele; the man she was bethroted to, lived some way off on the other side of the village and he had rushed over to tell the tale after being released from the trance he was trapped in by the spirit that took her from his side while he walked her home.

No one ever escaped the trap… but that night all the trapped souls and people were released…

To be continued…

ÁRÍWÓ Episode 1

Asake had just arrived from one of her very many trips to the city. She was known throughout the land for her prowess in knitting but in the city’ Asake was the woman you called ‘Iya alaso oke’

Asake could only however sell her things to complete strangers and if anyone had bought something from her and met a member of her village, she met her goods back at her stall the next morning.

Asake was always one of the last to arrive at the market and one of the first to leave. Everyday, she left before sunset.

Once she entered the village, it was customary for everyone to run into their homes… there were no children littering the streets… and there would be total silence.

Everyday as the sun sets… from Asake’s hut right in the centre of the village where she lived, there would be a scream till the sun goes down… This day, there were 2 voices


Jane blinked her eyes open, it was a few hours since she had passed out. She had no idea of where she was at the time. She scanned the room and got the impression she was in the hospital. Annie walked in with a glass of water on a tray.
“Good to have you back!” She stated.
Jane was startled again, this time it was as though she was going to run but her legs wouldn’t move. She had hurt her leg badly when she slumped. The pain got her recoiling and screaming.
“Easy on the leg woman, you got yourself hurt.”
Jane began to sob. Annie sat close to her on the bed and put her arms across her, yet again Jane tried to avoid contact.
“Why are you trying to run away?” Annie asked.
“You… You’re… You’re supposed to be dead!”
Annie was stunned. She couldn’t believe her ears. She wasn’t too surprised at all though, the slump she thought could account for trauma that could lead to a possible mental dysfunction.
“Do you know who I am?” Annie asked.
“Annie!” Jane replied.
“Sorry who?” Uche asked giggling under her breath.
“Annie Nwafor!”
Uche stepped out and after a few minutes she was back with some nurses and a doctor.
“She seems to have some cranial trauma that is affecting her memory, she’s hallucinating, she thinks she knows me, calls me Uche.” Annie stated briefing the doctor.
“Madam, how are you doing?” The doctor asked.
“I’m not fine, my leg hurts.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your leg is alright… do you know this woman?”
“Annie, Annie Nwafor, She’s supposed to be dead!” Jane replied yet again.
“Her name is not Annie, She’s Uche.” The doctor replied calmly.
“I know her from my NYSC camp, she should be dead, Annie should be dead!” She yelled out before bursting into tears. She continued her yelling forcing the doctor to ask for some sedatives.
“Hold her still.” He instructed.
“No don’t touch me, you should be dead!” She kept yelling till she went into sleep.
“Don’t worry, She’ll be fine.” The doctor said patting Uche on the back. Uche wasn’t worried about how she was going to fare, all she wanted was to get this stranger off her hands, she needed to find a way communicate with Jane’s relatives.
“I need her phone. We need to get her contacts, maybe call a family member or something.”
Uche went straight for the bag and dialled the last called number.


If anything, Mariam was getting tired of having her friend around, she was excited to see her but she wasn’t ready for all that had crept up and she had barely spent 12 hours at her’s. They were in a heated argument with her husband or rather she was trying to make peace from a heated argument that ensued between her husband and her friend.

“Tomi! This is my husband you’re speaking to like this.”

“So, When would you snap out of this… this lie you call peace? He’s using you, he’s just rubbishing your life and you know it.”

“Mariam, talk to your friend or she’s going to have to find somewhere else to pass the night.” Tunmise warned and stormed out.

Mariam’s teared eyes were full already. “Tomi, I’m warning you, stay out of this.”

“Oh! So it’s a gang up now eh? You’re such a fool, a man, a mere man is caging you in his house and ideologies and all you can do is defend him?” Tomi growled.

“He may not be perfect but I love him.” Mariam replied.

“What sort of love is that, have you forgotten what his love was like, have you?” Tomi yelled.

“What would you know about love? Two men in a 2 years, 6 months of marriage, what would you know about building a home.”

“You want to throw shades? You want to throw dirt at me? You know he married you out of compulsion…”
Tomi’s phone wouldn’t stop ringing. she grabbed it and was about to fling it away when she caught a glimpse of the caller ID, Jane was someone she had a lot of time for, she was a disciple that had succeeded in achieving her discipler’s intent or at least that’s what Tomi thought.

“Hello!” She answered the phone. “What! Where’s she now?” She dropped the call after a few moments. There was unfinished business but that wasn’t to be her problem now, she loved all her friends and she knew Mariam did too.

“Jane had an accident, she’s in an hospital, in Magodo now.” she explained to a less furious Mariam.


Mariam and Tomi arrived the hospital in much of a hurry, the receptionist was first to stall their movement.

“Who are you looking for?” She asked.

“Jane, Jane Mobolaji.” Mariam replied.

“We don’t allow visitors at this hour of the day.”

Tomi flared. “What rubbish! Are you responsible for feeding your patients? or do you intend to starve them, my friend is here and you have the right to tell me that I can’t go in?”

She was so loud that she alerted the doctor.

“Madam, please take it easy.” he said as he joined them.

“How do I take it easy when I’m being told thrash? I can’t see my friend tonight,”

“Who is the friend ma?” The doctor asked still calm.

“Jane Mobolaji.” Mariam replied again.

“Ward 4!” the doctor replied.

“Thank you.” they replied simultaneously before heading straight into the room. They barged the open and stopped in their tracks.

“ANNIE!” They both yelled.


Seven years has passed since Mariam last saw Tomi. Things had changed since they departed NYSC camp Iseyin Oyo state. They had been posted to separate parts of Oyo state buy has kept in touch despite distance and… Men.

Mariam had married to her beloved husband, things weren’t as beautiful as when they started or as she had hoped but she could care less. She was happy where she was. It was better not to think about it. All she wanted was for her little boy to be happy and grow up to be a fine young man.

Tomi on the other hand had divorced twice within the same span of time… Both men had committed the same offence… They refused to do the laundry.

8 hours on the road was worth the stress as Tomi beamed with life as the Uber she had hired pulled in front of the huge black gate of the house house Mariam lived in the heart of the Lagos Island… Travelling from Ibadan to Lagos was not as long as the traffic on the roads… She made it finally but she wasn’t eager to have some rest as much as she wanted to see her friend.

“Hello babe! I’m outside your house” she said as calmly as she could over the phone.

She gently highlighted from the car and made for the booth to pick her luggage. Mariam burst out of the gate running to give her long time friend a big hug, they held one another in the embrace for a while.
“Great to see you again.” Mariam smiled.
“You’ve done well for yourself.” Tomi replied as she released her luggage for Mariam pull along.

“Like being CEO of a major marketing company isn’t doing well…” Mariam replied.

“I never said it wasn’t… When would you change?”

“When I see my parents again.”

Tomi stared at her, she just wouldn’t believe that her childhood friend had stayed the same jovial, happy fellow she was.

Mariam had it tough growing up, her parents died when she was young and all she had was Tomi’s parents… They were sisters sort of. Her uncle thought it best for her to complete her secondary education where she was. There was no point in taking her through double psychological stress… Having just lost both parents and then having to find new friends in a new school… It was for the best because Mariam was a stark introvert… Tomi was about the only person she knew and talked to… She spent most ofher time if not all with Tomi.

“Food?” Mariam asked as she returned from the room she had prepared for Tomi.

“How can you be asking me?… I’m famished please.”

Within a few moments, Mariam was back with a steaming array of plates with various sumptuous contents.

“Where’s the man of the house?” Tomi asked as she joined Mariam at the dining table.

“He’s at work… Would be home by 6…”

“I’m not asking about Tunmise… The man… Joseph.”

Mariam giggled. “My baby is growing to a man really… The bus wood bring him home by 2.”

“You use the school bus now? After all you’ve acquired in wealth?” Tomi questioned.

“The boy needs to mix with his mates.”

“By being in the bus…” Tomi stated sarcastically.

“What’s bad in the school bus please?”

“Do you know how many other children are on the bus? Do you know how many diseases they carry? The only child you have… Would you take care of him much more?”

“Tomi!” Mariam called out.

“Whose idea was this, yours or Tunmise?” Tolu asked.

Mariam kept mute… She knew what answer would be right but she couldn’t hide her personality from Tomi… She sometimes felt that Tomi knew her more than her husband did… She actually did spend more time talking to her than she did her husband.

“Why am I asking? I trust you won’t have suggested such… He forced this on you again didn’t he…” Tomi started. “He forced it on you didn’t he?” She yelled.

Mariam knew how Tomi could get, she knew her husband better than letting Tomi get to him. “My husband and I made a decision, for what is best for my son.”

“I wonder what you’re doing with this man.” Tomi remarked.


The dark rumbling skies of the night brightened up occasionally with light that ushered in some weird thunderings. Jane had not managed to make it home through any of such nights by herself, Clement was always set to take her home but that very night, he had left for the doctor’s earlier. She stood at the bus stop as the rain gushed down her hair into her face.

She had not taken any umbrella or shower cap because the forecast on the news the previous night didn’t tell her.

She tapped her feet repeatedly on the pavement… Her fury could almost be seen as fumes in the rain. She wasn’t sure what she was angry at maybe the rain or herself. Maybe she didn’t even need a reason to be angry… All she knew was she had to get home as quickly as possible.

Her mother-in-law was to arrive that day. It was bad enough she wasn’t at home to receive her, she had to get home so late yet again.

Finally a glimmer of hope appeared in the offing, She waved her hand towards the headlight of the car speeding towards her direction. She waved pretty desperately but the car wouldn’t stop but not too far off another car came running by this time the car stopped.

“Fagba!” She stated.

The car glass rolled down slowly, she moved simultaneously away from the car…

“Annie!” Jane exclaimed and slumped

“Who killed us?”

“Who did we kill?”


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